The 10 Best Dave Ramsey Books You Must Read

Every time I get to talk about Dave Ramsey, I become super-excited…!

I have written a lot many articles on Dave Ramsey and you should definitely check them out. 

But in case this is your first article, then let me give you a brief introduction about this great author and financial adviser. 

He is the man who started Ramsey Solutions, your go-to website for everything finance. 

Dave Ramsey began his career in 1992 on a single Nashville radio station, where he gave realistic solutions to life’s tough economic questions.

Currently, he has a total audience of 18 million weekly listeners. 

It is possible to listen and watch the show on YouTube or your favorite podcast app at any time

You must be wondering, but still, why should I listen to some random man giving out economic jargon? 

Let me tell you. 

Dave Ramsey worked his way out of bankruptcy and tens of millions of dollars in debt more than two decades ago. 

With what he’d learned, he went on to teach people how to handle money according to God’s and Grandmas.

About 6 million individuals have benefited from Financial Peace University since its inception.

10 Best Dave Ramsey Books Everyone Must Read

Below there are the 10 best books author by Dave Ramsey. You must add to your collection. You can also check the books recommended by Dave Ramsey.

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1. The Total Money Makeover (2013)

The number one on the list of Dave Ramsey’s books is “The Total Money Makeover”. This is one of the bestsellers and best personal finance books.

The book tells you that taking charge of your finances is possible! 

Learn how to master finances from America’s favorite finance expert, Dave Ramsey. 

Most of the crazy get-rich-quick scams and fiscal diet fads have been exposed to you by now. 

This is the easiest, most basic way to radically change your money habits. Moreover, it’s based on actual results, not on fanciful ideas.

The contents of this Dave Ramsey book concentrates on:

  • Create a strategy for paying off all of your debt, including your vehicle, your house, and everything else.
  • The 10 most hazardous money misconceptions to be aware of.
  • You should have an emergency fund and a retirement fund that is large and fat. 

Get the book here: The Total Money Makeover

2. Complete Guide to Money (2015)

Including budgeting, saving, getting rid of debt, and investing, “Complete Guide To Money” is a comprehensive guide to Dave’s money teachings from A to Z. 

If you are worried about money and don’t know where to start, then this book is for you. 

And you’ll also discover all about coverage and financing choices as well as how to promote and bargain search. 

Get the book here: Complete Guide to Money

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3. EntreLeadership (2011)

There’s no better way to build your business than by following “EntreLeadership” realistic, step-by-step instructions.

This book has been tagged as one of the most inspiring on the Dave Ramsey reading list. 

Dave Ramsey reveals his entrepreneurial playbook to show you:

  • Motivate your team to take responsibility for and enjoy what they do.
  • Create a unified team. 
  • Eliminate any form of slander.
  • Manage finances so that you can achieve success.
  • Reach all goals.

Get the book here: EntreLeadership

4. Smart Money Smart Kids (2014)

‘How to raise money-savvy children in a debt-ridden society?’ is the topic of Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze’s book.

Dave Ramsey, a financial guru and best-selling book, and his daughter Rachel Cruze provide parents with the tools they need to teach their children how to succeed financially.

This book covers no vague tips and is totally based on common sense. 

You will learn how to change a few aspects of yourself and the family to gain financial freedom. 

Get the book here: Smart Money Smart Kids

5. The Legacy Journey (2014)

When it comes to the majority of people, wealth is viewed as the inevitable outcome of hard effort and smart money management.

Wealth is considered by some as the ultimate, unforgivable sin. 

What to do with the God-given resources has left many pious men and women perplexed.

Dave Ramsey reveals God’s viewpoint on money and your individual / family legacy and how he wants to use you to promote his kingdom mission across the world.

There are many ways to live and create a legacy.

Get the book Here: The Legacy Journey

6. Financial Peace Revisited (2002)

This one among all the Dave Ramsey authored books, will actually bring your long-termed yearned peace.

The revised techniques and practices from the #1 New York Times best-selling book and money guru will help you get your finances in order.

Ramsey has revised his techniques and philosophy in this new version of Financial Peace so that even more readers can see:

  • How to utilize the idea of satisfaction to drive investment decisions.
  • Financial Peace is a guide to individual power, financial stability, and a fresh and vital family situation that will last a lifetime.

Get the book here: Financial Peace Revisited

7. The Money Answer Book (2010)

If you’re looking for an easy-to-understand guide to common financial concerns, this is it.

Over 100 of The Dave Ramsey Show’s most frequently asked topics are addressed in this collection of answers to questions.

Topics range from budgeting to retirement savings to personal purchasing to preparing for education and charity giving.

Get the book here: The Money Answer Book

8. The Great Misunderstanding (2011)

I would like to specify that this is not one of those Dave Ramsey’s books. This is an audio CD. 

But I would guarantee you that “The Great Misunderstanding” is nothing short of a book. 

In this 60-minute CD, Dave shows how God provides us precise rules for handling money.

  • Reasons why God desires His people to donate.
  • Learn how to be a competent land manager.
  • How to handle money according to the Bible.
  • Teaching your children to be generous. 
  • In what ways should we support good causes…!

Get the book here: The Great Misunderstanding

9. How to Have More than Enough (2000)

Dave Ramsey’s “How to Have More Than Enough” shows readers the way to genuine prosperity.

 Fewer gimmicks and fast fixes are omitted in Ramsey’s strategy for obtaining financial and familial security.

With the help of his easy-to-follow worksheet, readers can track their development and make an honest assessment of where they are at.

Get the book here: How to Have More than Enough

10. Cash Flow Planning (2008)

Yet another audio CD for your enriching Dave Ramsey experience. 

In Dave Ramsey’s book, he explains how to live on less than you earn while still paying your bills, paying for leisure, and having money left at the end of the month.

Understand how to plan the way hundreds of other families have, the Financial Peace method, and you’ll never feel constrained by one again.

Get the book now: Cash Flow Planning


For me, finance is a very sensitive issue. One wrong step and you are done for life. 

That’s why I choose to listen to the experts rather than experimenting on my own. 

And for me, no one has been as good as Dave Ramsey. 

Dave Ramsey’s books will take you on an enhancing economic voyage and will break down the tips in easy words. 

Whether you are a family person, or a college student, or even a high-schooler having their own financial freedom, books written by Dave Ramsey are your go-to guide. 

You won’t have problems understanding. The only problem you might have will be with the technical terms. But there’s the internet to always help you…!


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