The 10 Dave Ramsey Recommended Books You Must Read

When the personal finance expert recommends, you gotta read ‘em.

Who is Dave Ramsey…?

If you are into podcasts and motivational speakers, you might have already heard his name by now. But if not… Then Continue Reading…!

Personal financial guru Dave Ramsey is an officially recognized bestseller author and presenter of The Ramsey Show. He’s heard by at least 18 million people each week. 

In addition to Good Morning America and CBS This Morning, he has been on Fox News and CNN, and Fox Business, among many others.

 In the years since 1992, Dave has been helping individuals take knowledge about financial futures, develop wealth, and improve their lives. 

Ramsey Solutions, a firm he founded, is also led by him as CEO.

I believe that a great personality has always been inspired by great words. And Dave Ramsey believes the same. That’s why he has got a list of recommended books.

I am pretty sure that these books helped him with his journey and framed his personality today.

Hence, I brought the same list taken from his guidance and jotted down the reasons why you must read these 10 best books. 

Below, I have mentioned the best books suggested by him. That everyone must read for holistic well-being. You also must check out Dave Ramsey books. He has authored some of the best Personal finance books.

1. Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander (2003)

The first one on the list of Dave Ramsey recommended books is “Rhinoceros Success”.

Achieving success is difficult but the next morning you could wake up as a “rhinoceros”.

  • Smash your way to the top of the heap.
  • Achieve your goals with boldness.
  • Be the happiest you have ever been.
  • Consider making your life a thrilling experience.
  • To succeed, you must be persistent and tenacious.
  • Never again be concerned.
  • Successfully pursue the world’s most lucrative pastime.
  • Improve your economic, job, physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Get the book here: Rhinoceros Success

2. One Question by Ken Coleman (2018)

As a professional interviewer with accessibility to today’s finest minds, “One Question” enables you to look over the shoulders of an expert interviewer who asks carefully designed questions and gathers responses that are sure to amaze, educate, and excite you.

  • Where does Tony Dungy stand when it comes to attaining success while retaining your moral compass?
  • When it comes to teaching a professional attitude to our kids, what advice does Malcolm Gladwell offer family members?
  •  What advice does President Jimmy Carter have for us as we go forward as well as remake ourselves?

Get the book here: One Question

3. Quitter by Jon Acuff (2015)

How to transform your career into a paradise without converting it into horror in this intelligent and humorous book.

As the title suggests, “Quitter” explores how it’s feasible to not just endure, but actively thrive amid the strain between a day job and a fantasy life.

Acuff tells us all why we wouldn’t have to join the “I’m, but” age with his wit and knowledge garnered through a dozen years of cubicle existence.

Get the book here: Quitter

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (1936)

In this well-researched guide, you will learn how to deal with these common issues in a way that makes achievement seem effortless. 

You may learn how to extend your social network, improve your skill set, and find methods to express yourself more clearly. 

Build mental fortitude to overcome any obstacles you may encounter on the road to success. The possibilities are limitless.

Get the book here: How to Win Friends and Influence People

5. Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson (2002)

The fifth on the list of books recommended by Dave Ramsey is this witty worded book. 

Who moved my cheese?” is an allegory that illustrates deep realities. There are four people living in a maze and searching for the cheese to keep them alive and joyful. 

You may think of cheese as a symbol of what you want out of life.

We use the maze to find what we’re looking for, whether it’s the company we work for or the people we live with.

This book has the same concept as in “Waiting for Godot”.

Get the book: Who Moved My Cheese

6. Debt-Free Degree by Anthony Oneal (2019)

This Dave Ramsey recommended book will be particularly useful for college students. As well as the parents planning to send their kids to college any time soon.

Anthony ONeal educates parents in “Debt-Free Degree” how to send their children through school without incurring debt, even if they haven’t paid for it beforehand. 

 In addition, he demonstrates to parents that:

  • What parents can do to educate their children for university.
  • Choosing classes for high school.
  • Taking the ACT and SAT when you’re ready.
  • The proper method to visit a college.
  • Choosing a major.

Get the book here: Debt-Free Degree

7. Everyday Millionaires by Chris Hogan (2019)

Every day people are prevented from reaching financial freedom because of millionaire misconceptions, which Chris Hogan debunks. 

More than 10,000 billionaires in the United States were questioned by Chris, Ramsey, and latter’s his research team, in order to learn how they became wealthy.

Millionaire status does not require a large inheritance or a high-paying profession to achieve.

Most of the things you need to become a millionaire may be found in your everyday life. 

Believe it or not, you’ve got a shot at becoming a billionaire.

Get the book here: Everyday Millionaires

8. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller (2017)

Donald Miller, a New York Times best-selling author, teaches readers how to drastically enhance how they interact with consumers.

And develop their enterprises using the seven fundamental characteristics of compelling tales.

In his narrative brand method, Donald Miller has found a solution to the issue that business executives have in describing themselves.

As the greatest competitive edge, this new approach for engaging with consumers reveals the key to assisting their customers to realize the persuasive benefits of adopting their goods, thoughts, or solutions.

Get the book here: Building a Story Brand

9. Good To Great by Jim Collins (2001)

Jim Collins believes that excellent to great can and should occur after a five-year study effort. 

There are several tools that enhance any company to go from excellent to great, while other organizations remain simply good.

To the modern person, his results are unexpected, if not outright stunning.

A business book packed with essential concepts that reads like a fast-paced thriller, “Good to Great” accomplishes this uncommon distinction. 

A number of business experts consider it to be one of the most essential books ever published.

Get the book here: Good To Great

10. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey (2013)

The last one on the list of Dave Ramsey book recommendations is the best-seller of all time. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” has fascinated people for 25 years.

In summary, it has changed the lives of millions of individuals of all ages and professions throughout the world.

On the occasion of Stephen Covey’s 25th anniversary, this treasured classic pays homage to his ageless wisdom and urges us to pursue a life of great and lasting meaning.

Get the book here: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


To achieve the current position, Dave had to fight his way out of bankruptcy and thousands in debt. 

The battle quickly grew beyond Dave’s abilities.

In order to spread Ramsey’s good news, he has assembled a team of America’s best experts on finance, industry, and lifestyle.

Hence, there must be something in these books that he highly recommended to his audience. 

I have yet to read all of them. So, if you start with the list, maybe we can have a socially distanced reading session.


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