Jordan Belfort Books You Must Read

If you are a businessperson, Belfort’s books should be on your reading list

No wonder Jordan Belfort is called the real “Wolf of the Wall Street”. 

If you have drooled over DiCaprio in the movie, then Jordan Belfort will inspire you first-hand. Surely, he did the deed for me. 

Not only is he an author, but a teacher who teaches you about marketing. If you ever visit his website, you will see rows of various courses.

When it comes to testimonials, in fact, Leonardo Dicaprio has one. No, I couldn’t believe it either. And there’s not one complaint about his teaching strategies. Why should there be one? He’s already a genius. 

But I know, it’s not always possible to afford his training. And that’s when his books come in handy. Well, you might not get the first-hand experience, but in the end, they are still his words. I felt like he was talking to me directly. And I am sure you will feel the same. 

Hence, I have prepared a list of Jordan Belfort books just for you. So, you don’t need to hunt for recommendations. 

Even if you are not a businessperson, still Jordan Belfort’s books will give you enough life and financial lessons. 

1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2007)

Till now I have kept this a surprise for you. But the film “The Wolf of the Wall Street” is adapted from Jordan Belfort’s book. 

Yes, even I was astonished when I read about it. 

This book needs no introduction though. But since I am here for the recommendation, let me describe the book for you. 

This book is extremely special since the story is inspired by his own life. 

In the 1990s, he was one of American finance’s most notorious names. A superb bagpipe that took his joyful bunch on a wild excursion out of the Wall Street canyons. And in a huge Long Island office.

It is a unique narrative of covetousness, might, and excess that none can invent. This is a story of an ordinary person who got hundreds of millions from hot Italian ices at seventeen. 

As I said, this book needs no introduction. 

Get the book here: The Wolf of Wall Street

2. Way of the Wolf (2017)

The previous book by Jordan Belfort illustrated how anything can be sold to anyone. Now he shares his “Straight Line Sales and Persuasion System.” This is scientifically demonstrated to enhance the power of a person to influence and convince anyone or a group of people.

In every company environment, this can be done.

The Way of the Wolf,” tells readers how to build themselves in the way they desire to affect the world.

There is no one like Jordan when it comes to training salespeople. And this training is for all-amateur or pro. When it comes to sales training, no one reaches his league. 

Get the book here: Way of the Wolf

3. Catching the Wolf of Wall Street (2009)

The continuation of The Wolf of Wall Street in The New York Times relates the factual narrative of the dramatic flameout and detention of Jordan Belfor for stock fraud.

This stunning tale brings us through a story worthy of The Sopranos. From the FBI raid on his mansion to the agreement he had made with his closest colleagues and friends. And to the knowledge that he ultimately found.

The Wolf confronted his greatest difficulty: his ruined kingdom, not to mention his marriage. How to cross a gauntlet of courts and attorneys. To halt his children and the wife from saving himself.

This book by Jordan Belfort is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Even though these are not literal tips, but indirect messages for sure. 

You won’t be bored while reading this. 

Get the book here: Catching the Wolf of Wall Street


Even though Jordan Belfort has written very few books, they are very powerful. What makes the books more interesting is their real-life touch. 

It’s not some point-wise tips, chapters after chapters. But rather an amalgamation of fiction and non-fiction that will keep you entertained. 

By any chance you are a salesperson, then these books should be on your reading list. Even if you are not, then too these should be on your list. Because who doesn’t want to know stories of faraway people. 

List of Jordan Belfort’s Books

  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2007)
  • Way of the Wolf (2017)
  • Catching the Wolf of Wall Street (2009)

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Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jordan Belfort in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”.

PS: I wrote this article to find you the best books that will add more value in your success. Especially to all the aspiring entrepreneurs and business people.

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