The 10 Best Bob Proctor Books You Must Read

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If I talk about Bob Proctor’s early life, it wasn’t very impressive. Being a high-school drop-out, he didn’t have choices and hence commenced working at the fire department in Toronto. 

So, what changed his life? Just one book. And is “Think and Grow Rich”. And this was the very first book he ever read at the age of 26. 

Quite ironic for someone who publishes best-selling books. 

That’s when he decided to pay off his debts by cleaning floors and found ways to earn money. 

With no formal schooling or prior business acumen, Proctor went on to create his cleaning firm. He claimed that this business made him $100,000 during the first year. 

After reading this book, he decided to study more about the topic.

That’s why all of Bob Proctor’s books deal with well-researched business and life strategies.

10 Best Bob Proctor Books That Will Change Your Life

Just the way a book changed his entire life, I believe the same. And I highly believe in Bob Proctor’s books

Therefore, below I have prepared the 10 best books written by Bob Proctor that you must read. 

You never know which line might change your entire life. 

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You Were Born Rich (1996)

The first on the list of the best Bob Proctor’s books is this best-selling book. 

There’s no one else who can compete with Proctor in terms of systematizing life. He’s the greatest of the best, hands down. 

In the same way that Imelda Marcos collected shoes, Bob Proctor collects ideas. A series of thoughts are arranged in a beautiful pattern, with one flowing logically to another.

Get the book here: You Were Born Rich

It’s Not About the Money (2018)

If you want to attract success, this book will teach you that you should stop chasing money and let it flow toward you.

To provide the outdated rules of attraction a new viewpoint not found in other popular explanations of these concepts, the author uses straightforward language and applies them to an ethical paradigm.

You will learn how to achieve peace in both your work and personal life. 

And how to eliminate negative thought habits. 

You will also learn how to maintain riches while directing them productively.

Get the book here: It’s Not About the Money

The ABCs of Success (2015)

If you’re looking for the combined knowledge of a century’s worth of success thinking in a single, approachable volume, “The ABCs of Success” is a must-read.

Among all his books, this sure will change your way of thinking. 

More than just a book about achievement and appeal, Proctor offers insight into more than sixty-seven distinct themes that are vital for everyone who wants to make their goals achievable.

Get the book here: The ABCs of Success

Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life (2021)

In order to improve your life, you must first alter your perspective on life. There are challenges, but the effort is worthwhile and the rewards are long-term. 

As a result, Bob Proctor will demonstrate his tried-and-true ways to you.

A decade’s worth of research, practice, and coaching is distilled into this book.

  • Distinguish between a paradigm and how it influences everything you do.
  • Your paradigms will be identified for you.
  • What is a Paradigm Shift?
  • Your financial, health, and lifestyle will improve when you shift your worldview.
  • Guidance on replacing an old paradigm with a new one, which will free up your time to live the life of your dreams.

Get the book here: Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life

Thoughts Are Things (2015)

The fifth book on the list of Bob Proctor books is “Thoughts Are Things”. And let me tell you, I couldn’t agree more with the title. 

Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid’s “Thoughts Are Things” is fantastic, inspiring work.

Napoleon Hill Foundation-authorized authors Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid explore the mechanics and philosophy of thought. 

 And how thinking is essential to living a productive and meaningful life. 

Authors illustrate how we may think to live in “Thoughts Are Things” through interviews with neuroscientists, cardiologists, spiritual gurus, and business executives.

Get the book here: Thoughts Are Things

12 Power Principles for Success (2019)

Over the course of his long career, Bob has acquired and perfected these key concepts through a combination of focused study, intense application, trial, and error. 

I invite you to follow Bob as he walks you over his 12 success principles. Apply them to your own life immediately. 

Even before you get to the end of the book, it will have an influence on you.

Get the book here: 12 Power Principles for Success

The Art of Living (2015)

“The Art of Living” provides extracts from Bob Proctor’s most popular course, Matrix, and exposes this wisdom to a broader audience.

Bob Proctor’s teachings on living an amazing life are presented in this book, and readers will become his students.

Get the book here: The Art of Living (Prosperity Gospel Series)

Become a Magnet to Money (2008)

Become a Magnet to Money” on the  list is for those who wish to go beyond the knowledge of the soul.

An instant classic for searchers of Truth, this book is a must-read.

Especially those who are serious about manifesting success and wealth into their lives. 

And who want to explore their Divine Nature as well as the voyage of their souls.

Get the book here: Become a Magnet to Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness

Contact Capital (2008)

It’s a great small book, and it’s altered the way I look at my connections. 

It helped in making the most of what I already had and how to be resourceful.

It’s a new economy, now thanks to technology, which has allowed us to make use of the contacts on our phones for financial gain. It’s a paradigm changer.

Get the book here: Contact Capital

Distinguishing Marks Of A Leader (2005)

When does ordinary performance become outstanding? 

Note that the top 20% of salespeople acquire 80% of all business, leaving the other 80% to scrounge for the remainder. 

Mark Leader along with Bob Proctor set out to find out what made the two groups different.

Get the book here: Distinguishing Marks Of A Leader


So, why should you read Bob Proctor’s books?

Because he has seen it all. From figuring out his life to being a business coach, his journey means a lot. 

His experiences and life lessons are worth treasuring. 

When you read the books of Bob Proctor , you won’t feel that he’s being pretentious. His words are real, so is his advice. 


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