The 5 Best Simon Sinek Books You Must Read

Believe In Yourself To Make Your Future Bright

Simon Sinek Quote greeted me with an astonishing message…

“To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, each of us can change our world for the better.” 

Well, Simon Sinek is one of a kind. Why? Because he’s one of the most optimistic authors I have ever come across. 

He not only believes in positivity but also has a bright future. Simon Sinek believes we all have the ability to build it together. He even figured out the communication patterns of great personalities. 

So, you can now understand that when a person can figure out such a great secret, then what kind of words he can put down. No wonder he’s the best-selling author. 

That’s why I am here to give you a list of the best Simon Sinek books you can ever read. 

This visionary thinker surely has curated a lot many great words. 

1. Start With Why (2011)

Start With Why” demonstrates that leaders who have played a major role in the world all have the same way of thinking, acting, and communicating. 

This strong notion is called The Golden Circle by Sinek. It gives a foundation for building, moving, and inspiring organizations.

And that everything begins with “why?”

There were not many people like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers. But all began with “why?”.

Get the book here: Start With Why

2. Leaders Eat Last (2014)

Simon Sinek found that certain teams believe so strongly. That they lay their lives one online with the other in their work with companies. 

Other teams are condemned to infighting, disintegration, and failure, regardless of what incentives are given.

Why is that so?

In a discussion with the General Marine Corps, the solution became obvious.  

Officers eat last”, he said. 

Great leaders sacrifice their comfort. And look for others under care. 

And this book perfectly pulls out the aspects of leadership. 

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3. Together Is Better (2016)

This wonderfully illustrated book will motivate more people to seek help. As well as assisting others and finding a delightful transformation narrative of their courage.

This lavishly illustrated tale, filled with motivational quotations, recounts a wonderful narrative of 3 youngsters. 

They take a trip to a new park and stand up for the truth. The narrative is a metaphor for anybody who wants to change or question how their ambitions may be pursued. 

Get the book here: Together Is Better

4. The Infinite Game (2019)

Simon Sinek offers a foundation for leadership with an unlimited attitude in this startling book. 

On the one hand, no one can withstand the passing pleasures of a promo won or a competition, yet these benefits swiftly go.

We shall dedicate ourselves to a vision of the future world in the pursuit of the “Just Cause.”

While we do not know the exact shape of this world, trying to achieve it provides purpose to our work and our lives.

Get the book here: The Infinite Game

5. Find Your Why (2017)

Find Your Why” continues the path of “Start With Why”. 

It tells you how to use significant ideas from Simon Sinek. So that you can discover greater motivations. 

“Find Your Why” enables you to answer many key questions with comprehensive activities, pictures, and actions at every level of the process.

Whether you are just starting your first job, a team leader, or CEO of your firm, the tasks in this book will assist you and your colleagues. So that you can find a way to long-term accomplishment and growth.

Get the book here: Find Your Why


Books are not the only way to reach out to Simon Sinek. You can also join his live classes or listen to podcasts. 

His Ted Talk became so popular that it was subtitled in 47 languages. 

If you are an entrepreneur, Simon Sinek’s books will be a great help to you.

He wrote a few, but he wrote powerfully. His words will make you achieve your unfinished goals. 


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