The 3 Lewis Howes Books You Must Read

The Books you need for your personal-growth. As You Are Born for Greatness. 

Lewis Howes is one of the most underrated authors and entrepreneurs you will come across. 

Not many know about this secret gem. But once discovered, one can hardly go back. 

If you are a beginner in the Howes world just like I was, then let me give you a short introduction. 

Lewis Howes’s life wasn’t a bed of roses. Losing his father at a young age, he saw life’s real hardship. He is also a former football player but an injury made him lose his career. 

But life didn’t stop there. He got up and searched for inspiration. He interacted with various mentors and knowing their struggles made him stronger. That’s how he started his podcasts. 

Lewis Howes teaches us how life doesn’t stop for anyone. It goes on and on. But it is in our hands how to make use of it. 

Even though he wrote only 3 books, they are powerful enough to render new perspectives.

Hence, below I have listed all the books of Lewis Howes. And why should he be read at all costs. 

1. The Mask of Masculinity (2017)

Lewis Howes reveals in “The Mask of Masculinity”, the ultimate vacillation of Material Mask. That is above all a man that pursues wealth. 

The whimpering vulnerability behind a Joker and resolute masks of people who never show any real feeling. 

He educates males on how to push past their boundaries and tells women how to better comprehend their lives.

It’s not simple, but if you’d like to love, to be loved, and to have a good life, then all contemporary people have to make a voyage of self-discovery.

Get the book here: The Mask Of Masculinity

2. LinkedWorking (2009)

This Lewis Howes book opens the door to extraordinary chances, a world of new relationships, and a multitude of possible successes. For those who are can use the power of this Internet phenomenon.

The important thing is just to address this online experience as you interact in the actual world. 

In “LinkedWorking”, our network specialist and a LinkedIn guru are joining forces to demonstrate how you can take advantage of amazing possibilities. 

Identify links on LinkedIn that produce extra outstanding relationships for you. 

Conduct specific LinkedIn activities that produce unmatched achievement for you. 

And get much more from your knowledge on LinkedIn.

Get the book here: LinkedWorking

3. The School of Greatness (2015)

The “School of Greatness” provides you with the tools, assets, and technology needed to realize your potential. 

This Lewis Howes book is the perfect foundation for personal growth. 

His teachings and his personal experiences anchor each chapter to show you how to build a vision. 

And build devotion, conscientiousness, pleasure, and passion for objectives. It is a value he has gathered from his grandeur.

His lectures and practices show that everybody can succeed and that in our daily life we can all persevere.

Get the book here: The School of Greatness


Three books and yet powerful. My personal favorite is LinkedWorking since it helped me a lot with networking. 

As you will read, you would know how much they are related to real life. And how you can amp up your resume with his tips. 

You can also head over to Lewis Howes’s podcasts where he interviews various personalities. 

As he quotes, “You were born for greatness”. And surely, we all are. 

Contact Lewis Howes on his official website if you want one-on-one interactions.

Happy Reading! 


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