The 10 Best Seth Godin Books Every Marketer Must Read

The Marketing Skills You Need To Boost Your Growth

If you are embarking on the marketing journey, then you have to kick start it with something good. 

Apart from practical skills, one also needs to hear some wise words said by some wise people. 

And what’s better than a set of books written by great thinkers. That’s why I am here to talk about Seth Godin. 

Apart from being an alumnus of Tufts University and Stanford Business School, Seth Godin is also a serial entrepreneur. So, you know how well he knows the market. 

He leads the worldwide workshop altMBA. He also created two startups, Squidoo and Yoyodyne. In 2013, Godin joined the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame with just 3 professionals. He was also invited to join the Marketing Hall of Fame in May 2018.

I guess you now know why I am asking you to read his books. Below I have listed the 10 best Seth Godin books that every marketer must read. 

So, take out your notebook & pen and start jotting down the important points. 

Let’s get started. 

1. This is Marketing (2018)

No wonder this is one of the best books of Seth Godin. It will bring a new perspective to marketing, sales, and advertisements. 

In a concise, approachable, and timeless package, Seth Godin provides the essence of his marketing expertise.

“This is marketing” demonstrates how you can operate your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a techie, or a CEO, or just a marketing employee. 

This resource will enable you to redefine how it is sold to the public, regardless of what your product or service is. 

Seth uses his unique combination of insight, and compelling examples to show you the varied aspects.

Get the book here: This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See

2. All Marketers Are Liars (2012)

Next on the list of Seth Godin books is “All Marketers Tell Stories.”

This book will catch your attention. Let me tell you why. 

Seth Godin has educated hundreds and thousands of marketers and researchers all around the world. Top marketers do not speak about characteristics or benefits.

 Rather, they convey a tale—the one, whether it’s true or not, we would like to hear.

“Stories help to comprehend the world”, Godin writes. “The only way we know about stories is to disseminate an idea. No storytelling had been invented by marketers. They have only made it perfect.”

Get the book here: All Marketers Are Liars

3. Purple Cow (2005)

Probably the best marketing book by Seth Godin.

Godin advises, via his book, that the traditional maxim of marketing through TV or banner ads no longer works.

With consumers increasingly informed, brand success involves developing outstanding goods. And these goods should be able to be unique amid the crowd.

Purple Cow” employs a purple cow’s simile, which attracts the public’s attention. The book might assist you to understand contemporary marketing concepts.

Get the book here: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

4. Permission Marketing (2007)

Traditional publicity is predicated on the goal of distracting our attention from anything we undertake.

Seth Godin describes this as a marketing interruption and it does not work anymore for corporations. 

Permission Marketing” provides customers with reasons to embrace advertising willingly. It allows firms to form long-term client connections, build trust, and boost brand recognition. 

As well as significantly enhance the opportunities for sales.

Get the book here: Permission Marketing

5. Unleashing The Ideavirus (2001)

Seth Godin maintains that the information is best transmitted by the customer to the consumer rather than by the company to the customer. 

As opposed to traditional Marketing Strategy that attempts to compute, measure and manage information diffusion.

Godin calls this strong customer-to-customer conversation the virus. And gladly creates an environment for marketers to replicate and disseminate ideas.

It provides a “recipe” to develop your own Ideavirus. As well as understanding the main factors in the effective propagation of an Ideavirus. 

Get the link here: Unleashing The Ideavirus

6. Tribes (2008)

Seth Godin claims in this interesting book that anyone can begin a revolution. Bringing together a tribe of similar-minded individuals and doing wonderful things.

Everywhere exists a tribe. All longing for connectedness, significance, and progress. But hardly people care to lead. 

His book is for individuals who don’t want to be a part of cattle. But they would like to pursue a new and fascinating job instead.

There is a tribe of colleagues or clients, investment people or readers, who are simply waiting for you to connect with one another. 

Get the book here: Tribes

7. The Dip By Seth Godin(2007)

The famous author’s classic bestseller shows winners who are the top sellers, ‘should be on the list of entrepreneurs’. 

Seth Godin said that it is their capacity to give up the Cul-de-Sacs while keeping driven at Dips that distinguishes great entrepreneurs from everyone else.

Without selecting your shots extremely carefully, you cannot be number one. “The Dip” is a brief, fun book that can assist you. It will change your thinking on accomplishments forever.

Get the book here: The Dip By Seth Godin

8. Poke the Box (2015)

Poke the Box” is the passionate cry of Seth Godin to motion for everyone too frightened to attempt something new. 

This Seth Godin book is an absolute classic. Why is that so? 

  • It pushes the readers to take on dares. 
  • This book may be a life-changer for you. 
  • This book is for the amateurs who want to do great in life. 

Get the book here: Poke the Box

9. Linchpin(2018)

Seth Godin demonstrates how you can make a huge impact in this engaging, affordable, and deliberately packed book. And make yourself essential while you’re in the process.

Seth Godin contends in his most compelling book, that it is more vital than ever to be an integral pillar. That’s why “Linchpins” are the main building components of big companies. 

Godin explains that conquering the concerns that hold most of us back is the key to becoming indispensable.

Get the book here: Linchpin

10. The Icarus Deception (2012)

In this Seth Godin book, he pushes people to discover the courage to see their job as an art form.

The security area has shifted. Compliance doesn’t provide comfort anymore.

But the great news is that innovation is limited and precious. 

To be an artist is neither a genetic movement nor a particular skill. We can all take this approach. 

It’s that starvation to grab the fresh ground, communicate and function without a guide. 

Seth Godin’s book tells us how we can achieve this and why it is essential.

Get the book here: The Icarus Deception


So, did you take down the notes? Surely you did. 

What did you think after reading the descriptions? Aren’t they compelling enough?

These Seth Godin books are the practical guide books for every kind of marketer. Especially, when you are going for the actual field.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab these books now and start highlighting the important points. 

Happy Reading!

List of 10 best marketing books by Seth Godin.

  1. This is Marketing
  2. All Marketers Tell Stories
  3. Purple Cow
  4. Permission Marketing
  5. Unleashing The Ideavirus
  6. Tribes 
  7. The Dip
  8. Poke The Box
  9. Linchpin
  10. The Icarus Deception

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