Mike Dooley Net Worth

What is Mike Dooley’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$20 Million
Born February 7, 1961
Age58 Years Old
BirthplaceUnited State of America
Source of WealthAuthor, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Last Updated2021

Mike Dooley is an American non-fiction author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has made an estimated net worth of over $20 Million. He is the New York Times best-selling author, metaphysical teacher, and the creator of “Notes From The Universe”. 

He is best known for teaching the concept “Thoughts Become Things”.  His books include, “The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU”, “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams” and “A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe”. It has been published in 27 languages worldwide.

He is the featured teacher in the book “The Secret”. He is the founder of the TUT Philosophical Adventure Club. 


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Early Life

Mike Dooley was born on February 7, 1961, in Orange, California. He grew up in Orange and went to the local school for his studies.

Andy Dooley is his brother and co-founder of the TUT company. He attended the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting.


He started his career as an international tax specialist for Price Waterhouse Coopers. For which he worked in Saudi Arabia, Florida, and Massachusetts. 

Then in 1989, he founded TUT enterprises, along with his brother Andy Dooley and mother Sheelagh.

They started by selling T-shirts and gifts from a small chain of stores in Japan. At that time the store name was “Total Unique T-shirts”. 

After 11 years of successful business and selling 1 million Total Unique T-shirts. They shut down the operation and launched “TUT”, a Philosophical adventure club for understanding life and living the adventure of life. Now TUT stands for “The Universal Talks”.

His adventure club has more than 1000,000 online members. He lives what he teaches. He has inspired audiences all over the world, including 157 cities, 35 countries, and 6 continents.

He has written several best-selling books, which have been published in 25 languages. 

How Does Mike Dooley Make Money?

His major source of incomes through which he has accumulated a net worth over $20 million are as follows:

  • Earnings as an Author
  • Entrepreneur
  • Speaker
  • Memberships
  • Events
  • Online courses & products

Mike Dooley Social Media Profile

Mike Dooley Books

These are some of the Mike Dooley Books.

  • Totally Unique Thoughts
  • Lost In Space
  • Dreams Come True, All They Need is You
  • The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You.
  • Your Magical Life.
  • From Deep Space with Love
  • And many more…

Mike Dooley Famous Quotes

“Letting go isn’t giving up. It’s understanding that the best is yet to come.”

Mike Dooley

“Dreams come with built-in challenges; challenges come with built-in dreams.”

Mike Dooley

“Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!”

Mike Dooley


Mike Dooley is a best-selling non-fiction author. He has authored several books. He is the co-founder of TUT enterprises.

He is famous for “Notes From The Universe”, a newsletter.

Also as per the recent updates, the net worth of Mike Dooley is $20 million…!



Here are a few of the questions that are frequently asked, related to Mike Dooley.

What is the Mike Dooley Age?

He was born on February 7, 1961. He is 58 years old.

Who is Mike Dooley’s Wife?

He got married to Marisol Dooley in 2013.

What is the Mike Dooley Podcast?

Mike Dooley Podcast’s name is “Spiritual Tune-ups with Mike Dooley”.

What is the Mike Dooley Blog?

His blog name is “The Universe Talks”. That is tut.com. 

Who is Mike Dooley Brother?

Andy Dooley is his brother. He is also a co-founder of TUT Enterprises.

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