Tony Robbins Net Worth 2022: Bio, Age, Wiki, Wife, Income, Quotes (Updated)

What is Tony Robbins’ Worth? (Latest Report)

Net Worth$500 Million
Born February 29, 1960
Origin of CountryLos Angeles, California, U.S
Source of WealthMotivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Last Update2022

As of 2022, Tony Robbins has a net worth of $500 Million. He is an American motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is one of the most famous self-help and positive thinking motivational speakers in the world. 

He is best known for his coaching, seminars, and self-help books. He is the author of many books including “Awaken the Giant Within” and “Ultimate Power”. 

He has worked with many successful people in the world to bring change in their life. Few of the famous people are Leonardo DiCaprio, Ophrah, Pit Bull, Justin Tuck, Bill Clinton, and many more.

…Let’s check out Tony Robbins Inspiring Story.

How Was Tony Robbins Early Life & Education?

Tony Robbins real name is “Anthony J. Mahovoric”. He was born on February 29, 1960, in Los, Angeles, California. His parents got divorced when he was 7 years of age. He is the eldest along with the two other siblings. 

Tony’s mother had remarried more than once. Later she got married to Jim Robbins. Who later adopted him. Tony was 12 years old at that time.

The home environment during his childhood was very disturbing and abusive. Due to which he was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. His family was struggling for money. He worked as a handyman during his school days to support his siblings. There was always tension and chaos in the house.

Tony was tired of his life, he decided to leave his home when he was 17 years old. He never saw back again. 

He struggled and managed to find a job and worked as a janitor to support him. He didn’t go to college.

How Did Tony Robbins Start His Career?

Tony Robbins started his career as a promoter for the seminars of Jim Rohn. He was 17 years old at that time. This was the turning point of his life that launched his career path. Before this, he has done many workers to stay alive.

After a few years in early 1980. He met John Grinder co-founder of Neurolinguistic Programming and they both partnered in business. Where Tony taught Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP both.

Later in 1983. Tony learned the firewalk and introduced it to his seminars. Which was a huge success.

In 1988, Tony launched his first infomercial that sells his power self-Help Audiotapes. This audiotape reached 100 million Americans by 1991.

He began his Leadership Academy Seminar in 1997.

Later he founded Robbins-Madanes Center of intervention with Cloe Madanes. In this organization, they train life skill coaches for helping individuals and families dealing with addictions and other issues.

In 2014, along with a group of investors, Tony launched Major League Soccer. Now it’s known as the Los Angeles Football Club.

Tony has also purchased Team Liquid. That is an esports pro-gaming organization.

He is the author of five books out of which four have been on the bestseller list. His latest book is released in 2020, “The Path” with Peter Mallouk.

Tony Robbins’ Personal Life

Tony got married to Rebecca Becky Jenkins in 1984. They met each other at one of the seminars. Jenkins had three children from a former marriage. Robbins later adopted those three children. They got divorced in 1998.

Tony fathered a child from his former girlfriend Liz Acosta in 1984. His son from Liz is also a successful trainer.

In 2001 he got married to Bonnie Saga and now they live in Manalapan, Florida.

Tony Robbins Books

Here are the books by Tony Robbins.

  • Ultimate Power
  • Awaken The Giant Within
  • Giant Steps
  • Money: Master the Game
  • Unshakeable: Your financial freedom playbook co-author with Peter Mallouk
  • The Path co-author with Peter Mallouk

Tony Robbins is Available on 

5 Tony Robbins Famous Quotes

“Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem and 95% time on the solution”.

Tony Robbins

“What makes us happy is not what we get it’s who we become”.

Tony Robbins

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Tony Robbins

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”

Tony Robbins

“Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.”

Tony Robbins

Inspiration Lesson from Tony Robbins

Now that you know about Tony. Let’s take away some of the motivational lessons from him.

Be Hungry

What does it take to succeed? It is how hungry you are to have something. There are so many smart and intelligent people around you. It’s the hunger that will keep you ahead. 

Raise Your Standard

The only thing that can change your life, change your business, change your relationship is that you must raise your standard. It might sound boring but it’s the truth. It means. We don’t get what we want we get what we have to have.

Master One Thing

Mastery is the key to success. Get your hands on one thing. Do that everything else will be easy to do or useless. Find out your strength and focus on that one strength you have to take a long journey of success.

Use Fear

Ask yourself what you are afraid of and use it as a weapon to succeed.

Learn From Failure

Failing is good. Every time you fail, learn something from it. Ask yourself the question: what was the reason behind your failure? And don’t repeat the mistake.


Tony Robbins is one of the leading personalities in the motivational Industry. He has changed the lives of millions of people across the world. 

Now that you know about his journey and how he is impacting others’ life. You as an individual can achieve your dreams and impact others also you enhance their life.

Tony Robbins has outstanding motivational videos on youtube. You can listen to them to stay motivated and take the action right now. 

You can read his books to get inspired.

According to the latest updates, the net worth of Tony Robbins is $500 million…!



Here are some of the question general asked about Tony Robbins such as, Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Age, Wife and so on…

What is Tony Robbins Age?

He was born on February 29, 1960. He is 61 years old.

Who is Tony Robbins Wife?

In 2001 he got married to Bonnie Saga and now they live in Manalapan, Florida.

Where Does Tony Robbins Lives?

He currently lives in Manalapan, Florida, USA.

What is Tony Robbins Education?

He went to Glendora High School for his studies.

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