Russell Brunson Net Worth

What is Russell Brunson’s Net Worth?

Net Worth $40 Million
Born March 3, 1980
Birth PlaceProvo, Utah, U.S
Source of WealthEntrepreneur, Internet marketer, Speaker & Author
Last Update2020

Russell Brunson’s Net Worth

His Net Worth is $40 million As per the recent update.


Russell Brunson is an American Entrepreneur, Internet marketer, speaker, and author. He is best known for his software “Clickfunnel”. He is the one who has discovered the concept of sales funnel in the digital era.

Brunson is the author of USA Today and Amazon bestseller books “Traffic Secret”, Dotcom Secret, Expert Secret, and more. That has sold over 2,50,000 copies worldwide. 

His software has impacted more than 1,00,000 entrepreneurs around the world to power their business.

… Let’s Check Russell Brunson Success Story.

Early Life

Russell Brunson was born on March 3, 1980, in Utah, U.S. He has three siblings including him. His family moved to Sandy, salt lake when he was a child. There he has spent his childhood.

He has been fond of collecting junk mails since the age of 12. He used to watch television and listen to the radio, just to see the commercials. He was that much interested in marketing, sales, and advertising. 

The time when he was in high school. He was a regular participant in wrestling. He has won a state championship wrestling and become the state champion. In the following year, he was 2nd place in all America. 

After joining his college he continued his wrestling. Where he has learned the lesson of hard-working, competition, and the art of winning. He graduated from the college as a top 10 wrestler nationally.


Russell Bruson was passionate about sales and marketing. He got started with listening to top marketer’s audio and reading stuff related to direct response marketing. He started collecting and reading material from all the direct mail experts like Dan Kenney and Claude Hopkins.

He tried and failed in many internet businesses. 

He got his first success as an internet marketer in 2003. By selling software called ZipBrander. This is a software that brings targeted traffic to your website and increases backend profits, all automatically.

After two years in 2005. He has created another product selling DVDs of “ How to Create a Potato Gun”. It was an informational product, an instructional course. In that course, the buyer has the option to purchase a potato gun kit as an upsell.

This product helped Russell to enter into the world of internet marketing. Till the time he graduated from college. He had made 1 million dollars from selling his products online. Now he has become a known personality in the marketing world.

He has sold everything that came across his way from supplements and shakes, to book, coaching, t-shirt, specs, consulting, coupons, and software. 

He has also become the top marketer in many networking companies. Where he has generated 1.5 million in six weeks. That led him to win a Ferrari.

Then he purchased a website that had some technical error. After a lot of effort and try he failed to solve that error. Then he took his last chance and it was the coincidence that he met Todd Dickerson.

Later looking at the technical difficulties, cost, and long process to design a sales funnel. Russell has come up with a software called “Clickfunnel” to make the sale process cost-effective and time-saving. He launched the software together with his partner Todd Dickerson.

Russell launched the Sales Software in October 2013. In three years only the company has made $100,000,000 of sales. They have customers from 175 different countries.

Now Russell Brunson and his team are unstoppable. Clickfunnel has more than 100,000 active users and is growing on a rapid scale.

Personal Life

Russell Brand’s son got married to Collette Brunson. They met each other in college, since then they are together. You can say Russell is a family guy. Who got married to his college sweetheart.

They have five children. You can find Russell sharing his family time pictures and video in his Instagram stories. They live in Boise Idaho

Russell Brunson Books

Here are the Russell Brunson Books.

  • Traffic Secrets
  • Dotcom Secrets
  • Expert Secrets
  • Unlock the Secrets
  • Network Marketing Secrets 
  • And more

Russell Brunson is Available on 

5 Russell Brunson Famous Quotes

“Find your voice & your audience will find #you”

Russell Brunson

“Focus on your weaknesses & find the right Mentor to #strengthen them”

Russell Brunson

“Your failures are Strengthening you for your bigger mission.”

Russell Brunson

“When you have the freedom you can change peoples lives”

Russell Brunson

“People want to be part of something bigger than themselves and it’s your job to create that vision”

Russell Brunson

Inspiring Lesson from Russell Brunson

Now that you know about Russell. Here are some of his life and marketing lessons.

Get a Mentor

Surround yourself with high performers. Find mentors who will help you to achieve your dream. The mentors help you in many ways from saving your time and energy. To show you the correct path to success.

Never Stop Learning

Learning should be a lifelong process. If you stop upgrading yourself you will be left behind. Whatever you are doing? Or whatever you have achieved? Never stop, keep moving, and keep learning.

Become a Regular Tester

Experiment or you call it testing is the key to success. It is the measuring tool to maximize the success rate. 

Be Patient

Things never happen over the night. To build an empire it takes lots of hard work and time. Set your dream and start reverse engineering it until you achieve it. Be patient. It will help you to continue the journey.


Russell Brunson is one of the genius marketers, who is a sales funnel. His books are one of the best books in online marketing and sales. If you want to sell anything on the internet.

You should follow him and you must read his book. That may be your life-changing move.

Russell has very well said, “ You are just one funnel away”. It means you are just one step away from your success. Keep hustling, testing, and taking action.

Net Worth of Russell Brunson is $40 million as per the current updates.

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