Russell Brunson Success Story That Every Entrepreneur Must Know

The Secrets & The Life-Changing Lessons For All The Aspiring Entrepreneurs…


Yes, you…

…can be the reason for other’s happiness…

You can bring the change…BECAUSE you have that inside you to be an entrepreneur.

It’s well said that “An entrepreneur will change the world”.

Everyone has some role to play. 

What is your role? 

Do you know your purpose in life?

… If yes, you are at the right place. If not, then by the end of the article you will find your purpose. Or the Glimpse of it for sure.

The Secret of your success is your purpose in life.

Everyone has their own story and you will find some lessons to learn from them.


Russell Brunson’s success story is different. It is going to impact your life, your business, and the way you see an entrepreneur. He is going to help you to take action right now.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the person who have popularized the concept of a sales funnel. He is best known as a co-founder of “ClickFunnels”. He has impacted the lives of over 1 million entrepreneurs. 

He is one of the best marketing legends of our time. He has sold more than 4,000,000 copies of his book. 

His company has more than 100,000 users worldwide. Where he helps entrepreneurs and business owners to give their products, service, and message out to the marketplace.

It might surprise you that he took his company from $0 to $1,000,000 in just 3 years, without any outer investment.

…Let’s check the secrets behind his huge success.

Nothing happens over the night…

Let’s see where and how it all started…?

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Early life 

Who knows the boy collecting the junk mails at the age of 12 years will become the legendary online marketer. Marketing and sales were his real entertainment, he used to watch TV and listen to the radio for commercials. 

You can say that was the plowing of seed. In his time he has learned a life-changing lesson from his dad. Which you can say is one of the reasons for his success. 

What was that message? You will find that one business lesson along in this article that changed Russell’s life.

Russell took every business opportunity which came across his way. As a challenge to study the art and science of direct response advertising.

In his school days, he became a wrestler & was a state champion. He continued to do wrestling in his college also. Which taught him the lesson of competition, hard-working and winning. Where he became one of the top 10 wrestlers nationally.

Russell once said, “If I would have still been doing wrestling, I could have never been an Entrepreneur”.

Everything happens for a reason…

… lets checkout why he left wrestling and how he started his online marketing career.


It was the year 2003. When Russell got his first online marketing success by selling software called Zipbrander. This software role was to drive traffic to the website and also help increase backend profits.

The creative mind did not stop and in 2005 he created another product selling “How to create a potato gun”. It was an informational course and he also provided the option of purchasing potato guns along with the course as an upsell. 

This product launched him into the world of internet marketing. It was that time when he quickly became the top marketing mind in the world. Before graduating from his college he had made his first million dollars selling this product.

He has sold everything online that came across his way. From books, coupons, supplements, technology services, software, and whatnot? He has reached the top level rank in many network marketing companies. Where he has won Ferrari and generated 1.5 million leads in 6 weeks.

It was all going well until one day he faced the limitation of technology in one of his websites. That was the time when he brought the idea of sales funnel into life. And started a software company with his business partner Todd Dickerson. Which is famous as “Clickfunnel”. They launched this company in October 2014.

Russell and his teammates took Clickfunnel from $0 to $1,00,000,000 in just three years without any external capital investor. At the current time, the company has 1,00,000 users worldwide.

This is huge … Isn’t it? 

Without any external investor. Pure hard work, dedication, consistency, and his online marketing experience.

Are you curious to know how he met his business partner Todd Dickser and how he started Clickfunnel?

What was the secret behind starting the Clickfunnel? 

… Let’s find out that secret from Russells Brunson story.

He met his love of life in his college and then everything started…

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Personal Life

Can your personal life be the driving force to your success?

Clickfunnel started with a clear purpose to impact others’ lives. Russell’s story made him think to take the step…

Before we dive into Russell’s personal life let’s check out this video…

Russell Brunson got married to the love of his life Collette Brunson. They met each other in college and since then they are together. He is a family man and you must have known till now about him. They have 5 children and live in Boise Idaho. 

How was his personal story? Did you get that secret and the driving force that forced him to start Clickfunnel? 

Yes, it was to help others. It was to spread a message of knowledge, information, happiness into the world. Many people are serving and bringing changes to the world. Being an entrepreneur or doing business for betterment.

When such people fail to get their message out in the world. Then comes the sales funnel legend. Who helped them to spread their message by his software Clickfunnel.

If you have a product that can solve others’ problems. Clickfunnel is the best option for you to sell your products.

Till now Russell Brunson and his team have affected millions of entrepreneurs. Watch a few of Clickfunnels success stories… AND yes you can also be one of them.

Life-Changing Lessons from Russell Brunson

So now that you know about Russell. Did you find the secret behind his success? I hope so, if not here are a few messages that changed his life. 


If you implement these lessons in your life. You may find your purpose that will lead to your success.

Are You Proud of it (First business Lesson)

This is the first life-changing business lesson Russell has got from his father. Whatever you do, either any task or a business. Just ask this question to yourself after finishing the task. Are you proud of it…?

This question will help you know whether you have given your best or not. 

…Why don’t you check this video for more clarification?

Good is Enemy of Great

It was the time when Russell was writing his second book “The Expert Secrets”. The copy was completed and he said it is a good book. But his mindset was that “good is the enemy of great”. 

His purpose was to write a great book. So he rewrote the book and this time it was a great book. And yes this time also he asked himself am I proved of it… and he didn’t stop until he got proud of it.

The lesson here is, always strive for great results and you will end up producing amazing outcomes.

Have Faith( For Every Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

To all the entrepreneurs there is a life-changing message for you from Russell. Before having anything first have faith in yourself. Have faith in your business, in your product, in your ideas, and all the different things.

Entrepreneurship is when you don’t know the future but you have to do it in faith that everything is going to be the best. If you come to know everything ahead of it then that’s not entrepreneurship.

Here’s the big lesson: have faith first…!

Shift Your Mindset from money to Serving others (bringing impact)

What is your purpose behind doing business? Is it just about money? Then you have to change your mindset.

Don’t keep on thinking about money money money… shift the awareness and your purpose how to change the world. How to serve society, how to impact others’ lives. When your purpose is bigger than anything else then money will start following you.

Check out this video and it will change your mindset to be successful.

These were the few most life-changing lessons from Russell Brunson.

There are many more things you can learn from him. For that, you can follow him on his social media and other platforms.

Russell Brunson is available on 

… so what is the purpose of Russell Brunson for being an entrepreneur and running such an amazing company.

Yes, you got the answer. “To bring impact to other people’s lives”.

Here what Russell says “Entrepreneurs are the only people that can change the planet”.

There are Many reasons that will force you to learn from Rusell but the best thing that will help you find your purpose in this journey to success is. How he is giving back to society.

How Does Russell Brunson Affect other People’s Lives?

Russell’s sole purpose in life is to bring impact to others’ lives. Where running Clickfunnel is to have a Mass movement. His purpose is to help others. To serve society and help the entrepreneurs to change this world.

… Let’s check out a few of his works that will inspire you to take action right now.

Village Impact

Every time any funnel goes live on Clickfunnels they donate $1 to build schools in Kenya. Village impact is a nonprofit charitable organization. Earlier it was known as “World Teacher Aid”. 

Their donation helps underprivileged children in Kenya to have proper food and education. Till now they have donated & $2,00,000 to Village impact. 

You need to check out this video below to get more inspiration.

Operation Underground Railroad

Russell has inspired me in many ways and this is one of the reasons. 

He and his team have contributed to eradicating child sex trafficking and modern days slavery from the earth. 

Clickfunnel and funnel hackers community has helped the organization “Operation Underground Railroad”. Who is fighting to save children from sex trafficking and slavery?

This organization is led by Tim Ballard. He is a high ranking officer in the government. He has worked for many operations overseas. This time it was about to save children. Who was sold for sex, labor, and organ harvesting?

Along with this process, they have made a documentary known as “Operation Toussaint”. Which tells the complete story of how they rescued these children.

I bet you will feel inspired to do and act now with a clear purpose in life.

Watch the complete film now…

Russell Brunson and his business partner have been the co-producer of this movie.


This was all about Russell Brunson and I hope you must have found your purpose till now or you have got any idea. That which direction you have to head.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who have the vision to change the planet. Then you can learn from Russell Brunson Success story

I stumbled upon Clickfunnel by chance… BUT it was a good choice to follow Russell and even a great choice to make him my MENTOR

Now it’s your turn to find your purpose, write it down and take action right now.

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