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Here in this article, I have made a complete list of Russell Brunson books.

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A Complete List of Best Russell Brunson Books

While doing the research. The main purpose I had in my mind was that you should not miss any single piece of a publication that is authored, written, or contributed by Russell Brunson. Here you will find all the books written by him.

  1. Dotcom Secrets
  2. Traffic Secrets 
  3. Expert secrets
  4. Unlock the Secrets
  5. Network Marketing Secrets
  6. The Funnel Hackers Cookbook 2017
  7. 30 Days book- Clickfunnels 2018
  8. 108 Proven Split Test Winners

Alongside that, you will also find the books for which he was the contributor.

…before we dive into the complete list. Let me give you a brief Intro about Russell Brunson and his company.

Who is Russell Brunson? What does he do? And What is his Net Worth?

Russell Brunson is one of the most successful digital entrepreneurs of our time. He is an American entrepreneur and marketer. Russell is best known for his Saas company “ClickFunnels”.

He is also popular for his books and charismatic sales technique. Which he has shared in his books.

His company is the fastest growing software company in the world. Which he started without any venture capture or funding.

Russell Brunson Net worth is $40 Million  as per the recent updates…

…this guy will inspire you to take action. Now let’s check out the list of the books. 

Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets is the first book written by Russell. After he has launched the Clickfunnels. Over time this book has sold more than 250,000. Also been the best selling book on Amazon and A USA Today.

It is not as easy and simple as it looks in numbers. Russell started his company with his business partner Todd Dickerson under a basement office in Boise USA. 

At that time he had two competitors Lead Page and Infusion software. They launched their company with the funding of 38 million and 127.9 million respectively.

Where Russell started his company without a penny of funding. This is how the journey started, and it is growing insane. Clickfunnel is the fastest growing software company in the world. And has generated 50 million revenues and is still growing.

In this book, he has provided the guideline, a playbook for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Who want to :

  • Grow there company online 
  • With sales funnels

Russel has shared the secret to generate leads for your company and sell products and services online. Where he has shared thousands of his split tests.

Don’t miss the potential customers. Implements these steps, processes, frameworks, funnels, and scripts now. So you can generate the profit that you always wanted and grow your company online.

You cannot AFFORD to miss this book. If you are an entrepreneur or want to be one…!

…Now let’s check his second book.

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets was the second book of Russell Brunson. It took him 2 years to write this book. Russell shares everything in his book. How he generates traffic for his company and what to do if you fail.

This book is the underground playbook that will fill your website with your dream customers. Russell reveals all the direct marketing techniques to generate traffic for your websites. That will push you to be ahead in the trend and use the secrets that most people don’t know about.

Are you waiting for your customers to visit your website? Don’t do that, execute the evergreen strategist now to bring an abundance of traffic. And you focus on changing their life by your product or services. 

This is the New York Times Best Selling Books, sold over 150,000 copies worldwide.

Don’t miss the “Traffic secrets book”. If you want to boost your website’s traffic now.

Expert Secrets

Russell has shared the secrets that will help you to become an expert in your online business. “Expert Secrets” book is the underground playbook that will help you to convert your online visitors into lifelong customers.

Here you will read the step by steps process you need to create a sales message that will attract your dream customers.

Learn storytelling techniques now. That will help you to find your potential and become a leader. Be the person that changes the lives of other people.

This book has sold over 250,000 worldwide and is still growing.

If you want to be the expert who is the best example of an entrepreneur. Then, do read this book now.

Unlock the secrets

Russell has everything to make you pursue the path of online business. Now when you have built your funnel, generate your dream traffic. It’s time to take it further ahead.

This book is the underground playbook that will help you scale your company to “Two Comma Club” and beyond that.

This is a workbook that will help you set up your business from scratch. If you already have any business. It will help you fix it up. 

It has a lot more than you think. There are nugget strategies that will grow your company to another level.

When you finished reading “The Secret trilogy” books. You will be damn curious and excited to start your new business and implement the step by step strategy. These all new found secrets. That will help you to move your first steps forward in your business and life.

Network Marketing Secrets

Have you wondered how big companies build their network marketing teams? Here in this book Russell has shared the secret marketing strategies to get the correct people into your downline.

In this book, you will find the various secrets for growing your network marketing teams. Doing that will help you to talk to only those people who are interested in your products.

They will find and ask you to sign up with your business.

Network marketing Secrets tells you the hidden “funnel Strategies”. Don’t miss it…

These are the main books of Russell Brinson. That you need to read now…

Other than these books there are few old books that I have found during the research and would love to share them with you guys…

Check out the other books written by him at some point in time.

  • The Funnel Hackers Cookbook 2017
  • 30 Days book- Clickfunnels 2018
  • 108 Proven Split Test Winners

Few books for which he has contributed as a co-author:

  • Automate Your Traffic, Funnels And Follow Up With The World

The books forwarded by Russell Brunson are:

The Secrets of Russell Brunson

As I told you in the introduction section, I will share some secrets that will inspire you to take action. 

Though Russell’s books are full of secrets and reading any of his books will inspire you to take action right now. 

I got inspired by him long back when I came to know about clickfunnels, his initial stories, and how he started everything. 

… but this one secret made me even more connected with him. When I came to know about it while researching Russells Brunson books

That is…

He and his co-founder have contributed by being an executive producer of a documentary film “Operation Toussaint ”. This movie is based on human trafficking. Must watch guys …

This shows how grounded a person he is. And he has a clear purpose to change the lives of others. Which he is doing indeed…


Now you have got a complete list of Russell Brunson Books. It’s your turn to get these books. Read it and execute the secrets in your online business. 

Apart from his books. There are many things you would like to know about him and his company. I have solved all those questions in the FAQ section.

A quick summary of what you have read in this article.

  1. Dotcom Secrets
  2. Traffic Secrets 
  3. Expert secrets
  4. Unlock the Secrets
  5. Network Marketing Secrets


What is the secret trilogy?

The Secrets Trilogy is the bundle box of four books. That includes “Dotcom Secrets”, “Traffic Secrets”, “Expert Secrets” and “The Unlock Secrets”. 

You can get this bundle for free just by paying the shipping amount only… Check it out now.

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