8 Best Mike Dooley Books You Must Read

“I Grew Up Questioning What Life Is About”

When I speak about Mike Dooley, I am talking about a calm person.

When one sees him, he/she/they feel so inspired to achieve their goals in time. 

Yes, that’s the kind of power Mike Dooley holds upon people. 

In fact, Mike Dooley’s journey is equally inspiring as well. He saw life as something to gain knowledge and lessons from. 

He took the time to know what he wanted to do in his life. He asked questions regarding life. Dooley waited to discover the unexpected. 

Dooley is a New York Times bestselling author, metaphysical instructor, and author of “Notes from the Universe,” which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

His books have been translated into 27 global languages. 

TUT’s Philosophical Adventurers Club currently has over 1,000,000 online subscribers. He was one of the highlighted professors in Rhonda Brynes The Secret, the worldwide sensation.

While motivating crowds in 156 locations in 34 countries on six continents, Mike is also living his teachings.

8 Mike Dooley Books You Must Start Reading

Below I have listed down the best Mike Dooley books you can ever read. No doubt that these are absolute global hits.

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1. Notes from the Universe (2007)

The Universe might give you the general standard of full control over your life.   

Notes from the Universe”, written by Mike Dooley, a communicator of the Universe, is a compilation of powerful, essential insights that may be read from beginning to end or randomly.

This Mike Dooley book mainly talks about how to live a fuller life than they ever imagined. Hence, there is no stone unturned for author Mike Dooley. 

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2. Infinite Possibilities-10th Anniversary Edition (2019)

Second, in the list of books by Mike Dooley is “Infinite Possibilities”. 

New York Times bestselling author, instructor, and lecturer offers a special 10th-anniversary version of the contemporary masterpiece. That has even more nourishing advice for leading an affluent, joyful life. 

“Infinite Possibilities” explains our actual divine aspect and what it requires to attain true pleasure and satisfaction in an evident and skillful manner. 

This is “the perfect book at the perfect time” since it is both witty and intellectual.

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3. Leveraging the Universe (2012)

Leveraging the Universe” is about how to use the presents of an idea, utterance, and declaration to leverage an unlimited grace. 

It is based on the author’s personal journey from dread to wealth. 

The Mike Dooley book demonstrates how you may start from anywhere, get momentum, and shoot forward more to success.

As Dooley explains in seven simple stages, from comprehending reality to matching your beliefs with your aspirations, you can get started right away to chart a road for enduring success.

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4. Manifesting Change (2011)

A series of experiments, tales, and parallels explain how your emotions, thoughts, and actions affect the sequences of activities that will, or will not, cause changes in life.

What you want, why you desire it, and how to go about achieving it will be clarified in this book. 

Using this entire guide to building the dream life, set life’s magic in movement and expedite the arrival of everything you’ve ever wanted.

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5. Playing the Matrix (2017)

The fifth in the list of Mike Dooley’s books is this brilliant, scientific book. 

So that you may intentionally create the improvements you desire, “Playing the Matrix” explains how manifestation works, including your involvement in the formula of actuality creation. 

As soon as you start functioning with the Universe rather than against it, you will be blown away.

This book teaches us:

  • How to prevent inconsistencies and self-harm.
  • How to feed your ambitions with enthusiasm while avoiding clinging to trivial details and results.
  • How to attain clarity in goal and purpose.
  • Plan and execute your ideas without becoming bogged down in the “cursed hows”.

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6. Choose Them Wisely (2010)

There are more inspiring messages from “the universe” in “Choose Them Wisely”, but they have been extended.

Even more knowledge and clear examples of how to implement these principles to daily life may be found in each discourse.

Every reader, regardless of their degree of self-development, is welcomed by Mike Dooley’s chatty and friendly tone.

“Choose Them Wisely” is a joyful and humorous guide to living a richer and more fulfilling existence.

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7. Totally Unique Thoughts (1998)

This small paperback contains all of the poetry about life, hopes, and pleasure that featured on TUT’s t-shirts and presents in the early days of the organization.

His cool mother and brilliant brother contributed to this collection of Mike Dooley’s early works.

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8. Life on Earth (2018)

Throughout “Life on Earth”, Mike writes in a notebook about his thoughts at key moments in his life and asks himself what’s on his psyche. 

This broad conversation, including one of today’s most recognized New Thought leaders and truth theorists, enhances our perspectives on vital truths by addressing subjects such as:

  • Where as well as how to see through “illusions” of existence on earth.
  • Understanding natural disasters and man-made catastrophes Conscious living.
  • Conscious creation & self-discovery.
  • “Past Lives” and the development of consciousness.

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You must be wondering why I should read Mike Dooley’s books? 

One thing I can bet on is that these are absolute gems. 

Mike Dooley has uncovered the secrets of the universe and how it can heavily impact our lives. 

We can learn a lot from our surroundings and take lessons from even the simplest things. It is not the school textbooks that form our personalities. Rather we gain knowledge from nature. 

Mike Dooley’s best books will help you discover the hidden potentials and what you can do with your own power. 


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