The Best Rachel Hollis Books You Must Read

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Are you tired of the mundane non-fiction books, with the same tips? 

And looking for a change? 

Then, you are at right place…!

I was searching for some fun reading. That’s when I stumbled upon Rachel Hollis’s books. Not only are the titles catchy, but also they are engaging from the first statement. Even her blogs are so pretty, you cannot take your eyes off them. 

Let me give you a basic introduction to Rachel Hollis. 

She is a working mother of four in the Texas Hill Country. Rachel is just like one of us. Lives on coffee and reading books. Her book, “Girl, Wash Your Face” has sold 4.5 million copies. 

Apart from writing books, she also hosts podcasts, conferences and founded her media company, The Hollis Company. She is cuter than you can imagine. 

Okay, enough talking. Now that you are here searching for her books, I have jotted down her books in a list for your convenience. Just like you, I was also ready with my notebook and pen to write down the important names.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started…

1. Girl, Stop Apologizing (2019)

Rachel Hollis advises women not to apologize for wishing, hoping, and dreaming. But to follow their goals with enthusiasm and courage.

She has seen it too often: women fear their objectives. They fear shame, lack of perfection, and lack of sufficiency. But the greatest worry of everyone is that they are judged to have aspirations.

In “Girl, Stop Apologising”, female, entrepreneur, and internet personality Rachel Hollis urges and reminds people not to seek permission for their goals. Women have to have dreams and wants and objectives. 

 Hollis describes the justifications, the behavior to embrace, and the ability to acquire in order to grow. 

Get the book here: Girl, Stop Apologizing

2. Girl, Wash Your Face (2018)

This is one of Rachel Hollis’s best-selling books. 

Rachel Hollis helps the readers liberate themselves from the falsehoods that are preventing them from living the delightful and ecstatic life they are supposed to live. 

Each chapter in “Girl, Wash Your Face” opens with a deception Hollis previously believed. These deceptions made her feel burdened, inadequate, or ready to quit. 

She talks with the intelligence and love of a BFF, aiding women to deconstruct the restrictive mind patterns that kill their self-confidence. And impede them from going ahead. 

All the chapters come from her personal experiences, and how she has tackled them all this time. 

Get the book here: Girl, Wash Your Face

3. Didn’t See That Coming (2020)

See, I told you her titles are so relatable. I guess that’s what attracts the readers more. 

What’s wonderful will always be wonderful, perhaps one of the most dreadful, lovely things about the terrible seasons is that until we experience adversity, we’ll never completely appreciate the sweetness.

Rachel Hollis has felt every kind of downs a person can face. But she took time and transformed herself. And the same she expects from us. No one sees the future, and that’s more intriguing. 

It is up to us how we are going to overcome the hardships. Most importantly, the lessons we learned from them. Hollis teaches us to embrace these hardships. 

This is a short novel about great sentiments, goals, and an anchor that illustrates that tragedy and beauty can cohabit.

Get the book here: Didn’t See That Coming

4. Party Girl (2014)

This book has a fiction touch. A break from non-fiction seriousness. 

All of Landon Brinkley’s fantasies are coming to fruition. She has taken her from Texas to the bright lights of LA. Got her an internship with the glamorous Selah Smith, the event planner for the Hollywood elite.

Landon’s hardships are like a pea in front of those lavish parties. Taunts and insults from her boss are worth it. But that didn’t stay for long. She realizes that she is losing her true self and needs to make a choice soon. 

The story has been inspired by the author’s real life. “Party Girl” takes on a journey of revealing the ugly truth of Hollywood. And how “all that glitters is not gold.”

Get the book here: Party Girl

5. Smart Girl (2016)

Yet another brilliant story by Rachel Hollis. 

Great designer Miko Jin is a hopeless romantic. She has always loved most of her life. Especially the males who she discovers in her favorite novel pages. 

It’s love at first glance when Miko meets Liam Ashton. Sure, both of them are extreme opposites, and sure, every week he appears to be dating somebody new. But Miko understands what genuine love is and can’t be hurried.

After all, what she needs is real-world experience. She thinks she can convince Liam to love her back with literature as her guide and her dearest friends at her side. However, just as with any excellent romantic book, destiny has certain twists.

Get the book here: Smart Girl

6. Sweet Girl (2015)

Continuing with the Girl series, Rachel Hollis explores another girl character in the real world. 

Max Jennings is having a rough day. It’s not your fault; it’s simply that mysteries from her past have made it her normal mode of being. But don’t dare to ask since she’s not going to start talking about it or express her emotions.

Because of Max’s terrible mood, few people completely comprehend her or realize that her secret desire is to be a pastry chef. Max seizes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the world-famous Avis Phillips.

She eventually forms an odd connection with a guy she once despised. And finds herself slipping into something she’s avoided for the past six years.

Get the book here: Sweet Girl


See, Rachel Hollis is very much relatable. Maybe because she is just like one of us. 

Apart from her fiction and non-fiction books, she has cookbooks and workbooks too. The recipe books are mainly taken from her blogs. And the workbooks for your holistic development. 

If you want to know more about her, check out her blog “The Chic Site.” You can also connect with her via her social media platforms. 

I hope you have selected the best book for yourself. I wish you a happy reading. 

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What is the Net Worth of Rachel Hollis?

Rachel Hollis Net Worth is $3 Million. She is an American author, blogger, and motivational speaker.

Who wrote girl wash your face?

Racheal Hollis is the author of Girl Wash your face.

Is Rachel Hollis Married?

She got married to Dave Hollis. But later in 2000, they got separated. 

How Many Children Does Rachel Hollis Have?

Rachel Hollis and Dave have 4 children. They announced their separation in 2000.

PS: I wrote this article to help you find the best book by Rachel Hollis. To read it and have some positive impact on your life.

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