Sidemen Net Worth 2023: Earnings, Richest Member In Order, Income, Quotes (Updated)

What is Sidemen’s Net Worth? (Latest Reports)

As of 2023, The Sidemen’s estimated Net Worth is $26 million…!

Net Worth$26 million
Started on14 June, 2015
OriginUnited Kingdom
Source of WealthYoutuber, Merchandise
Last Update2023

The Sidemen is a British Youtube channel, which is based on a group of content creators.

They are best known for their unique content and various youtube channels. Which altogether has more than 130 million subscribers.

The group has seven members and has built huge subscribers by uploading content related to Vlogs, fun challenges, and commentary videos.


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How much is Sidemen Worth?

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Sidemen Members Details

They collectively have seven members as of now. And they are doing commendable work on youtube.

  • Olajide “JJ” Olatunji (2013–present) – known online as KSI
  • Simon Minter (2013–present) – known online as Miniminter 
  • Josh Bradley (2013–present) – known online as Zerkaa
  • Tobi Brown (2013–present) – known online as Tobjizzle or simply TBJZL
  • Ethan Payne (2013–present) – known online as Behzinga
  • Vik Barn (2013–present) – known online as Vikkstar123
  • Harry Lewis (2014–present) – known online as Wroetoshaw or simply W2S

KSI has the highest follower among them in their personal youtube channel. Its more than 23.9 million subscribers.

Sidemen Main Source of Income

As stated earlier it is a youtube group. So the root source of income comes from youtube. The ways they are monetizing their channel are:

  • Youtube Adsense
    • They have a huge no. of subscribers and they generate about $2 million in revenue through it. According to Socialblade.
  • Merchandise Sales
    • Sidemen own their clothing store(sidemen clothing)and by which they generate about $1.5 to $2 million per year.
  • Sponsorship Advertising
    • Due to the huge followers. They make good revenue through sponsorship. Approx 6 figure income easily.

How They Started?

Most of the members in the group know each other before they formed this group. Few of them were together in school. Minter and KSI both went to the same Berkhamsted School in Hertfordshire.

Brown and Bradley both attended Bexley Grammar School in London.

The group originated through a gaming community in “Grand Theft Auto Online” called the “The Ultimate Sidemen”. All the members present in it accept Lewis. 

Lewis encountered Bradley in a FIFA gaming event in New York. 

In 2014, five of them(KSI, Minter, Barn, and Bradley) moved to a house in London. Which they called “Sidemen House”. 

In 2015 they formed the youtube channel and started growing after some time. In 2020 they have got massive subscribers of 10 million. And each of the group members was awarded diamond play buttons.

They upload contents related to 

  • Challenges
  • Sketches
  • Video game commentary

They also have a show on youtube premium called “The Sidemen Show”.

Sidemen Awards and Achievements

  • Best Youtube Ensemble: Shorty Awards, Nominated, Sidemen
  • Non-Fiction: Lifestyle Book of the Year, British Book Awards, Sidemen: The Book

Sidemen Social Profile

The Richest Sidemen In Order

Here is the list of the richest sidemen members in order

  • KSI $20 Million Net Worth
  • Miniminter $18 Million Net Worth
  • W2S $12 Million Million Net Worth
  • Vikkstar123 $10 Million Net Worth
  • Zerkaa $5 Million Net Worth
  • Behzinga $5 Million Net Worth
  • objizzle $1 Million Net Worth


So now you know about the Sidemen group. What do you learn from them? They are clear and loud “follow your passion”. Do what you love and freaking enjoy what you are doing.

Go follow them if you love their work 

And you get out of your comfort zone and start something right now…!

As per the recent update, the net worth of Sidemen is $26 million approx.


Frequently Asked Question

What is KSI net worth?

Ksi net worth is $20 million. He is the member of sidemen youtube group. HIs name is Olajide “JJ” Olatunji.

Who is the richest Sidemen?

Ksi is the richest sidemen and is one of the richest YouTuber in the world with the worth of $20 million.

What is Harry Sidemen net worth?

Harry Sidemen net worth is $12 million. This is an estimated worth. He is also know as W2S Sidemen.

What is More Sidemen Net Worth?

An estimated net worth of More Sidemen is $8 million.

How Much is Sidemen Earning?

The approx earning of Sidemen is $3.41 per year. Their youtube channel get 57 million views per month.

What is Vikkstar Sidemen Net Worth?

Vikkstar net worth is $10 Million. He is famous as Vikkstar123 and his real name is Vikram Singh Barn.

What is Tobi Sidemen Net Worth

Tobi Sidemen Net Worth $1.1 million. He is famous as Tobjizzle. His real name is Tobit John Brown.

What is Behzinga Net Worth

Behzinga Net Worth $5 million. He is famous as “Behzinga“. Where his real name is Ethan Leigh Payne.

How Much Subscribers Does Sidemen Youtube Channel has?

Sidemen Youtube channel has 17.3 million Subscribers.

Ps: This is not the exact net worth of sidemen. The info is collected from various web-sources.

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