FailArmy Net Worth 2022: YouTube Earnings (Updated)

What Is FailArmy’s Net Worth?

Net Worth $25.5 million
StartedJuly 5, 2011
OriginUnited States 
Subscribers16.2 million 
Source Of Wealth YouTube Content 
Last updated2022

FailArmy is an American Youtube channel that mostly uploads failure, comedy, and prank videos. Which has laughter and funny to watch. As of 2022, FailArmy has a great net worth of about $25.5 million

FailArmy currently has completed the landmark of 16.2 million subscribers In their YouTube Channel.

The account featured videos sent by the audience to them. They post videos of people trying to do things and failing, including a fail of the month video. 

FailArmy has a huge fan base and has uploaded over 350 videos over a course of 11 years. 


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FailArmy Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Known AsFailArmy
StartedJuly 5, 2011
YouTube Subscribers16.2 million 
Marital StatusN/A
Spouse / Boyfriend None
Net Worth$25.5 million
Source of WealthYoutuber, Content Creator

How Did FailArmy Start And Gain Recognition?

FailArmy’s YouTube channel was launched on July 5, 2011, by Jukin Media.

Jukin Media has three founders Jonathan Skogmo, Aldo Carrascoso, and Josh Entman. All of them are from America. 

They have many series of videos like fail compilations and the fail of the month video is released at the end of every month. 

The best fails of the year(so far) series is also famous and gets a huge amount of views and their yearly video of the top 100 fails is another fan favorite. 

After its huge success, FailArmy has also launched its dedicated official app on the Google Play Store. 

Apart from earning revenue from YouTube, FailArmy also makes money by licensing its videos and clips to tv shows. 

FailArmy headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California, United States. 

How To Submit Your Videos To FailArmy?

FailArmy’s official site has the option for users to either

  • Directly upload their videos
  • Upload links to their public videos 

FailArmy Highlights

  • 16.2 million Youtube subscribers 
  • 3.2 Million Instagram Followers

FailArmy Social Media Handles

Success Lesson From FailyArmy

Every success begins with a failure- FailArmy’s motto was to teach people that every success story begins with failure and that is a valuable lesson to each and every one out there!


FailArmy is an American Youtube channel that has mostly comedy videos and pranking content.

The creators wanted to build something around the concept of failing and how success is not possible without the chance of failure! 

Their content teaches people that failure is likely in the beginning but giving up is never an option! Just start doing and remember that failure is acceptable but feeling defeated is not! 

As per recent updates, the net worth of FailArmy is $25.5 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions About FailArmy

Here are a few questions that are asked time and time again about FailArmy‘s content launch… 

When did the FailArmy channel first launch? 

FailArmy was launched on July 5, 2011, by Jukin Media. 

What type of content is uploaded on the FailArmy YouTube channel? 

FailArmy’s content is based on people trying new things and failing. The channel started with the message showing that to achieve success, you have to go through failure. 

Who owns the FailArmy YouTube channel? 

FailArmy is owned and managed by Jukin Media who are the owners and operators of the YouTube channel. 

How many subscribers does the FailArmy YouTube channel have? 

FailArmy’s youtube channel has about 16.2 million subscribers as of October 2022.

What is the location of the FailArmy headquarters? 

FailArmy has its headquarters in Los Angeles California United States 

Who runs the FailArmy YouTube channel? 

FailArmy is owned and operated by the America-based company Jukin Media which has three founders Jonathan Skogmo, Aldo Carrascoso, and Josh Entman

How Much Money Does FailArmy Makes From Youtube?

The estimated amount of money FailArmy makes from YouTube is around $6.5 million a year

(P.S. This is only an estimation of the net worth of FailArmy which has been sourced from various locations across the web.) 

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