11 Life Changing Business Lessons From Russell Brunson

Every entrepreneur is Going to Get Inspired with These Messages

Does it happen to you ALSO…?

You have read of a quote or message that has motivated you like … HELL

Do you know? From where do such inspiring lessons and thoughts come from?

Those messages come from many years of experiences and hard work.

So today you are going to get such inspiring lessons from an entrepreneur. A man who is a legend of the sales funnel. You cannot miss his name when it comes to internet marketing. 

Here in this article, I am going to share some of the … LIFE CHANGING… business lessons that have changed Russell Brunson’s life and made him what he is today. 


By the end of the article, these lessons are going to inspire you, motivate you, and boost you to take action in the correct direction.

Yes by the end of the article either one of these lessons will … 

…Change Your Life.

Though you might know him… BUT

Before we dive in let’s talk something about Russell Brunson.

Who is Russell Brunson & What is his Net Worth?

Russell Brunson is one of the most successful Internet marketers of all time. He is best known for popularizing the sales funnel concepts. He is a legend of sales and marketing through the sales funnel.

He is known as a co-founder of Clickfunnels. Where he took his company from $0 to $1,000,000,000 in just 3 years without any venture capital. Isn’t that Astonishing… Yes, it is.

Clickfunnel is the fastest growing non ventured software company in the world. Till now they have more than 100,000 active users. They have changed millions of lives and helped entrepreneurs to get their message out in the market places. 

Russell has published and sold over 400,000 copies of marketing books. His first book is “The Dotcom Secrets” and the other books are “The Traffic secrets”, “The Expert Secrets” and more…

People often ask me … What is Russell Brunson Net Worth?

As per the current updates from the sources …Russell Brunson net worth is $40 million

Now let’s Checkout those Inspiring Lessons…

Life-Changing Business Lessons From Russell Brunson

There are so many lessons to share about the success of Russell Brunson but here the list is about the one which has changed Russell’s life too. And put him in a place where he is today.

  1. Are You Proud of it
  2. Good is Enemy of Great
  3. Faith
  4. The transition from money to the purpose
  5. Start Small and Keep Adding
  6. Don’t Wait, Keep Running
  7. Find Your Driving Force
  8. Be Imbalance for a While
  9. Focus on Fundamentals
  10. Focus on one Business 
  11. Don’t Hide Face it

Are you Proud of it?

This was the first lesson that had a great impact on Russell’s life and business. Many lessons were taught by his father but this message is still with him and he still uses it in his work life.

At his early age in life, his father gave him a task to wash the car. And then you can join the other kids playing hockey. He completed his work and called his dad to see it. His dad asked him “Are you proud of it”. He was no.

So he rewashed and this time he was proud of it…!

The lesson here for you is whenever you do any task, project or work just ask this question to yourself that “ Are you proud of it”. If it’s YES… then you gave your best if no, then do it again.

This is one of the secrets of Russell Brunson’s success. He still applies this lesson in his business.

Good is Enemy of Great

Never settle for good. If you do, you will never taste the energy of great. Always ask yourself whenever you are doing some work, Is it great. And when you will strive for great you will do whatever it takes to reach there.

It was the time when Russell was writing his second book “The Expert Secrets”. He wrote his book and was going through it. His mindset was to write a Great book. So after completing his book he felt the book was good. 


He was supposed to write a great book. So he decided to rewrite the whole book and he did it this time. It was a big success and has sold more than 225,000 copies worldwide.

So If you are fine with Good then you will never get Great…

Remember “Good is Enemy of Great”.

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It is well said by Russell that “Entrepreneurs are the only people that can change the world”.

AND…The key is to have FAITH

To have faith in yourself, to have faith in your ideas, to have faith in your product, to have faith in all different things. Also to have faith in your vision to change the world.

Just have faith and take the first step the universe will show you the path.

Being an entrepreneur if you know the outcome if you know what is going to happen in advance then that’s not entrepreneurship. You have to have faith in what you are doing.

This is what Russell did to achieve his success. He had faith in changing the entrepreneurs’ life so he founded “Clickfunnels”. He has faith in his team and himself that took his company from $0 to $1000,000,000 in just 3 years. That too without any venture capital.

He has faith in himself to create a Mass Movement and change other people’s lives and have an impact on them. So does he is doing it successfully.

He wanted to serve society. He wanted to help others but he didn’t know-how. One day he met Tim Ballard “ and he produced a movie called “Operation Toussaint”. It all happened because he had faith in himself to help others.

The Transition from Money to Purpose

Initially, when we start the business our main focus is on making money. But there is the point where most of the entrepreneurs fail. 

Here you have to shift your mindset for MONEY MONEY MONEY…to… How to change other people’s lives, how to impact, how to serve humanity, how to contribute to the development of sustainability.

You have to find your PURPOSE…

You have to do the transition from money to a positive purpose in life. And then you will see the changes in your business and your life.

The shift helped Russell to build “Clickfunnels” and created a mass movement of entrepreneurs.

Dream Big Start Small and Keep Adding

Dream big but start doing things step by step once you achieve one goal, strive for the next one, and keep adding.

Here I want to quote a method called “Domino’s Effect”. It means a tiny stat has the power to achieve any big success. 

Take Tiny steps and each step has the power to overtake the next coming steps. This is how you will reach your big dream.

Russell says look at your vision and do reverse engineering and then start with small. It will ultimately lead you towards that big vision.

Don’t Wait, Keep Running

It is one of the greatest secrets of Russell’s success and gaining so many followers. He says when things were not good I started running. He started focusing on his work and business.

He says to be in motion. When you are in motion people come and join you.

When you move forward motion happens and people get attracted to that. And the right people will stick around.

This is how you can build your team and influence other people to impact others’ lives.

Find Your Driving Force

This is the factor that will keep you moving forward towards your goal. BUT… the question is how to find your Driving Force if you don’t know yours.

Ask yourself how you feel when you change your customers’ life. How do you feel when people appreciate you for your work? 

Know your gifts. Find the best things you have done in life that have made you proud of yourself. Carry on with that thought process that is the driving force that will keep you going even in your low times.

Be Imbalance for a While

This is how Russell did to achieve this success. He says to accomplish something great. You have to focus on that particular thing more than any other things in your life.

It means things will not be in BALANCE… You will have to be IMBALANCE to achieve extraordinary success. 

For a time you have to be imbalanced and after that, you can come back and have the fruits.

So it is clear that balance is the myth that is roaming around our surroundings. 

Focus on your goal first giving 100% to it. Let your life be imbalanced and afterward you get success and things will be in order…

Here I want to sight a book “The one thing” that has a deep insight into balance and other myths of life. 

Focus on Fundamentals

You cannot build an empire if your base is not strong. So first you need to concentrate on the basics of your business and then keep on adding to the next level.

There will be a time when you may get attracted to shiny objects and business. But that is the time when you have to focus on your base and develop more skills for yourself and your team.

Focus on One Business 

It was the time when Russell was having multiple websites to generate revenue. And he also started Clickfunnels. 

One day he dropped out with all other businesses and focused on Clickfunnels only. Initially, they face a huge drop in income but afterward, they are having great success with click funnels.

When you are chasing two cats at a time you will fail to catch neither of them. So focus on one thing.

Focus on one business first and put all your time, belief, and hard work into it.

Don’t Hide Face it

Never hide when any problems occur in your life or your business. Always face the problem and you will overcome it very quickly.

It was the time when Russell just started with Clickfunnels and one day the server went down. The customer got pissed off and started showing their frustration on Facebook and other social media.

Russell could have run away and hid himself. But he did a live call to address all these customers and apologies for their shut down. And told them that they are trying their best to solve the problem.

And somehow their team solved the problem and they overcame it.

Learn how to face the problems and you will see the confidence and growth in your business.


Russel Bruson has inspired many entrepreneurs and impacted millions of lives. I accepted him as my mentor because of the way he takes his business and his personal life. 

Though many reasons will inspire you to take action, these are the best lessons you can take from him today. And I hope you will execute the life changing business lessons from Russell Brunson.

Now it’s your turn to take that first step with an abundance mindset and achieve your dream life.

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