10 Best Edward Rutherfurd Books 2024 (Updated)

Which are the best books by Edward Rutherfurd?

Edward Rutherfurd is the pen name of Francis Edward Wintle, a British author known for his epic historical novels. He was born on April 20, 1948, in Salisbury, England. 

Rutherfurd is renowned for his meticulous research and ability to weave together multiple generations of fictional characters within the backdrop of real historical events.

Rutherfurd’s novels typically explore the history and development of a particular city or region over an extended period. His works are known for their sweeping narratives, richly detailed settings, and an extensive cast of characters. 

By incorporating both real and fictional elements, Rutherfurd creates a vivid tapestry that brings the past to life.

List of Top 10 Books by Edward Rutherfurd

I have made a list of the top 10 books by Edward Rutherfurd for your reference. Keep reading..!

1. Sarum (1987)

Sarum” is Edward Rutherfurd’s debut novel and a sweeping epic that delves into the rich history of England’s Salisbury Plain. The book spans an impressive 10,000 years, tracing the lives of multiple generations of families from the prehistoric era to the present day. 

Rutherfurd skillfully weaves together historical events, legends, and fictional characters to create a tapestry of Salisbury’s evolution. 

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2. London (1997)

In “London,” Rutherfurd turns his attention to the sprawling metropolis of London, exploring its captivating history from its humble origins as a Roman settlement to its status as a global city. 

The novel spans two millennia and encompasses the lives of a diverse array of characters, both real and fictional, who are linked by their connection to this vibrant city. 

From the time of Julius Caesar’s invasion to the devastating Blitz during World War II, Rutherfurd paints a vivid portrait of London’s social, political, and cultural evolution. 

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3. Russka (1991)

Russka” is an engrossing saga that takes readers on a captivating journey through the tumultuous history of Russia. Set in the fictional city of Russka, the novel spans 1,800 years, from the time of the Slavic tribes to the era of Soviet Russia. 

Rutherfurd skillfully interweaves the lives of various families, each representing a different social class, as they navigate the complex tapestry of Russian history. 

From invasions by the Mongols and the rise of the Romanov dynasty to the Russian Revolution, “Russka” offers a richly detailed exploration of the country’s triumphs, tragedies, and cultural transformations. 

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4. The Forest (2000)

In “The Forest,” Rutherfurd transports readers to the enchanting New Forest region in southern England. Spanning several centuries, the novel follows the lives of multiple generations who call the forest home. 

From the days of William the Conqueror and the Norman invasion to the present day, Rutherfurd paints a vivid portrait of the forest and its inhabitants. 

The book explores the intertwined fates of various families, delving into their relationships, desires, and conflicts against the backdrop of historical events. 

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5. Paris (2013)

Paris” is a captivating historical novel that takes readers on a remarkable journey through the centuries-old history of the French capital. 

Spanning from the time of the Celtic tribes to the 1960s, the book skillfully weaves together the lives of multiple generations of characters with the city’s significant moments. 

From medieval Paris and the turmoil of the French Revolution to the Belle Époque and the World Wars, Rutherfurd paints a vivid picture of the city’s evolution, providing a rich tapestry of historical events and personal stories.

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6. New York (2009)

New York” is a sprawling novel that chronicles the rich and diverse history of the iconic city. 

Starting from the early days of the Dutch settlement in the 17th century, the story follows the lives of various families and individuals across generations, depicting their triumphs, struggles, and connections to the ever-changing city. 

From the Revolutionary War and the Gilded Age to the Great Depression and the events of September 11, Rutherfurd masterfully captures the essence of New York, highlighting its rise to become a global metropolis.

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7. Dublin: Foundation (2004)

Dublin: Foundation” is the first installment in Rutherfurd’s two-part saga exploring the history of Ireland’s capital city. 

Spanning over a thousand years, the book immerses readers in the vibrant tapestry of Dublin’s past, from its early days as a Viking settlement to the dawn of the 20th century. 

Through the intertwining lives of various characters, Rutherfurd illuminates pivotal moments in Dublin’s history, including the Norman invasion, the Tudor era, the struggles for independence, and the tumultuous events leading up to the Easter Rising.

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8. The Princes of Ireland (2004)

The Princes of Ireland” is the companion novel to “Dublin: Foundation” and continues the enthralling exploration of Irish history. 

Set in the same sweeping timeframe, the book follows the descendants of the families introduced in the first novel, delving further into Ireland’s past. 

From the religious clashes of the Middle Ages to the devastating impact of the Great Famine, Rutherfurd vividly depicts the struggles, passions, and aspirations of the Irish people, shaping their nation’s destiny.

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9. The Rebels of Ireland (2007)

The Rebels of Ireland” is the second installment in Rutherfurd’s two-part novel series on Irish history, following “Dublin: Foundation.” This sweeping historical epic delves into the complex and turbulent history of Ireland, spanning several centuries. 

The story revolves around the O’Brien family and their descendants, who find themselves caught up in Ireland’s struggle for independence, religious conflicts, and the pursuit of their own personal ambitions. 

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10. China (2021)

China” is Edward Rutherfurd’s latest novel. In this ambitious work, Rutherfurd turns his focus to the vast and enigmatic land of China, spanning thousands of years of its history. 

The story unfolds through the eyes of a diverse cast of characters, both fictional and historical, as they navigate the dramatic events that shape China’s destiny. 

From the dawn of ancient civilizations along the Yellow River to the construction of the Great Wall, from the opulence of the Tang Dynasty to the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution, Rutherfurd offers a captivating journey through China’s past. 

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Who is Edward Rutherfurd?

Edward Rutherfurd is the pen name of Francis Edward Wintle, a British author known for his epic historical novels. 

What is Edward Rutherfurd known for?

Edward Rutherfurd is known for his meticulously researched and sweeping historical novels. 

What are some of Edward Rutherfurd’s most popular books?

Some of Edward Rutherfurd’s most popular books include “Sarum,” “London,” “Russka,” “The Forest,” “Paris,” “and “China.”

Are Edward Rutherfurd’s books interconnected?

While Edward Rutherfurd’s books are standalone novels, some of them may have references to characters or events from his previous works. 


Edward Rutherfurd is a highly regarded British author known for his epic historical novels. 

His books, characterized by meticulous research, sweeping narratives, and richly detailed settings, transport readers through time and space, immersing them in the tapestry of history. 

Edward Rutherfurd’s contributions to historical fiction have earned him a loyal following, and his books continue to enthrall readers with their exploration of the human experience against the backdrop of significant historical moments.


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