10 Best Charles Spurgeon Books 2024 (updated)

Which are the best books by Charles Spurgeon?

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a prominent British preacher and theologian. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential preachers of the 19th century and is often referred to as the “Prince of Preachers.” 

Spurgeon took birth on June 19, 1834, in Kelvedon, Essex, England. He came from a family of devout Christians and demonstrated a strong interest in religious matters from a young age. 

Spurgeon’s sermons were characterized by a combination of deep theological insights and practical applications for everyday life. He had a remarkable ability to captivate his listeners with his vivid illustrations and compelling storytelling. 

His preaching emphasized the sovereignty of God, the sinfulness of humanity, the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, and the necessity of faith in salvation.

His sermons were published in newspapers, books, and periodicals, reaching a wide audience both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Spurgeon’s legacy continues to impact countless individuals through his writings and sermons, which remain widely read and respected to this day.

List of Top 10 Books by Charles Spurgeon

I have made a list of the top 10 books by Charles Spurgeon. Keep reading..!

1. Morning and Evening (1868)

Morning and Evening” is a timeless devotional book that provides daily readings for both morning and evening. The book is divided into two parts, one for morning and one for evening, with each section containing a scripture verse, a short meditation, and a prayer. 

The morning readings focus on starting the day with a heart turned towards God, while the evening readings offer reflections and guidance for ending the day in His presence. 

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2. Lectures to My Students (1881-1894)

Lectures to My Students” is a collection of lectures that Spurgeon delivered to students at his Pastor’s College in London. 

These lectures cover a wide range of topics related to pastoral ministry, preaching, and personal spiritual growth. 

Spurgeon’s aim was to equip and encourage young ministers entering the ministry, but the timeless wisdom contained in these lectures has made them invaluable to pastors and aspiring preachers of all generations. 

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3. The Treasury of David (1869-1885)

The Treasury of David” is a monumental work and Spurgeon’s magnum opus. It is a comprehensive commentary on the Book of Psalms. 

Spurgeon delves into each psalm, providing detailed expositions, theological insights, and practical applications. His commentary reveals a deep love for the Psalms and a profound understanding of their spiritual depth. 

Spurgeon explores the historical and cultural context of the Psalms, highlighting their prophetic and Messianic significance, and draws out valuable lessons for believers today. 

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4. All of Grace (1886)

All of Grace” is a concise and accessible book that presents the message of salvation by God’s grace alone. It emphasizes the free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Spurgeon’s goal with this book was to make the message of the Gospel clear and understandable to all, regardless of their background or knowledge of theology. 

He addresses common misconceptions about salvation, highlighting that it is not based on human effort or merit but solely on God’s grace. 

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5. The Soul Winner (1895)

The Soul Winner” is considered one of Spurgeon’s most influential and practical works. This book is a comprehensive guide to evangelism, emphasizing the urgency and importance of sharing the Gospel with others. 

Spurgeon shares his insights, strategies, and personal experiences to equip believers in reaching the lost. 

He addresses various aspects of evangelism, including the role of prayer, the power of personal testimony, and the need for compassion and love in sharing the Gospel. 

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6. Morning by Morning (1866)

Morning by Morning” is a daily devotional book that provides spiritual nourishment for each day of the year. 

Drawing from his own experiences and deep biblical knowledge, Spurgeon offers encouraging and thought-provoking reflections to start the day with a focus on God. 

Each devotion is designed to inspire believers to seek a closer relationship with God, find comfort in His promises, and apply biblical truths to their daily lives. 

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7. Spurgeon’s Sermons (1855 to 1917)

Spurgeon’s Sermons” is a collection of Spurgeon’s most famous sermons, initially published as weekly sermons in The New Park Street Pulpit and later compiled into several volumes. 

These sermons showcase Spurgeon’s eloquence, biblical depth, and ability to connect with his audience. The collection covers a wide range of biblical topics, including salvation, faith, prayer, spiritual growth, and Christian living. 

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8. Around the Wicket Gate (1890)

In “Around the Wicket Gate,” Spurgeon addresses common doubts, fears, and concerns that hinder people from entering into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

He provides clear and compassionate responses to questions about salvation and offers encouragement to those who are seeking the truth. Spurgeon emphasizes the simplicity of faith and the importance of coming to Christ just as one is, without delay or hesitation. 

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9. Till He Come (1896)

Till He Come” is a collection of communion meditations that Spurgeon delivered to his congregation over the years. 

The book provides a series of reflections on the Lord’s Supper, guiding believers to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the significance of Christ’s sacrifice. 

Spurgeon emphasizes the central message of the communion: the remembrance of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work. He explores various aspects of the Lord’s Supper, including its historical background, its meaning, and its ongoing relevance for believers. 

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10. The Greatest Fight in the World (1895)

In “The Greatest Fight in the World,” Spurgeon addresses the ongoing spiritual battle that Christians face in their lives. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing the reality of spiritual warfare and the necessity of standing firm in one’s faith. 

Drawing inspiration from biblical examples and his own experiences, Spurgeon provides valuable insights and practical advice for believers in their fight against sin, temptation, and spiritual opposition. 

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Are Charles Spurgeon’s books still relevant today?

Yes, Charles Spurgeon’s books are still highly regarded and widely read today. 

What was Charles Spurgeon’s most popular book?

One of Charles Spurgeon’s most popular books is “Morning and Evening.” 

Are all of Charles Spurgeon’s books sermons?

While Charles Spurgeon is renowned for his sermons, not all of his books are collections of sermons. 

Are there modern editions of Charles Spurgeon’s books available?

Yes, there are modern editions of Charles Spurgeon’s books available for purchase. 

Can I find Charles Spurgeon’s books online?

Yes, many of Charles Spurgeon’s books are available in digital formats.


Charles Spurgeon was a highly influential preacher and theologian of the 19th century, often referred to as the “Prince of Preachers.” His sermons, writings, and books continue to inspire and challenge believers worldwide. 

Whether it is his profound biblical insights, his eloquent writing style, or his passionate devotion to Christ, Charles Spurgeon’s contributions to Christian literature remain significant and continue to touch the hearts and minds of readers today.


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