Sodapoppin Net Worth Twitch Streamer (Updated 2022)

What Is Sodapoppin’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$9.4 Million
Date of BirthFebruary 15, 1994
Age27 Years Old
Birth PlaceAustin, Texas, The United States
Source of WealthTwitch Streamer
Last Updated2022

Sodapoppin is the online alias name of Thomas Chance Morris, he is an American Twitch and Internet personality. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of $9.4 million. He is known for streaming video games such as GTA, World of Warcraft, Among Us, and more…

He has one of the largest audiences on Twitch, with over 8.8 million followers. His Youtube channel has 1.1 million subscribers. 


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Sodapoppin Biography/ Wikipedia

Real NameThomas Chance Morris
Famous AsSodapoppin 
Birth DateFebruary 15, 1994
Age 27 years old
Height1.67 m
Weight60 kgs
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth/ Income/ Salary$5 Million
ProfessionTwitch Streamer, YouTuber

Early Life And Education 

Sodapoppin’s real name is Thomas Chance Morris. He was born on February 15, 1994. His birthplace is Texas. He was living with his parents in Texas before he moved to Michigan.

Sodapoppin grew up with all seven of his siblings. The famous rapper Dkane Morris, better known as Dustin Morris, is his brother. According to some reports, some of Chance’s siblings are adopted and he is the youngest of all.

He completed his high school in Texas. He was a studious kid and excelled in almost all of his subjects. He enrolled at the University of Texas but dropped out to pursue a gaming career.


Morris started streaming on Twitch in 2012 after leaving Xfire. He was a successful World of Warcraft player, reaching the loftiest rank with over half of WoW’s followers on Twitch watching him.

Morris used to stream various games before deciding to focus on online gambling. In 2014 and 2015, Morris was streaming blackjack games on summerhouse websites, winning and losing thousands of bones on any given day.

In May 2015, Morris lost $5000 in a hand with many observers watching. 

Morris was the co-owner of the Canadian Esports Association, Northern Gaming. In August 2017, NRG Esports, owned by Shaquille O’Neal, Alex Rodriguez, and others, bought the association.

Morris later joined its power group and came to counsel with NRG Esports regarding Northern Gaming’s short-lived career.

Sodapoppin is veritably addicted to World of Warcraft, frequently leaving it to play at his own particular time. 

In October 2017, he eliminated Dr. DisRespect from the H1Z1 Invitational tournament. Though he failed to make it to the top 10. Morris is given credit for the popularization of the video game Among us, Which was released in 2018. 

Personal Life

Sodapoppin is currently rumored to have a living relationship with a famous VTuber, Veibae

Sodapoppin is in a legal battle with his ex-boyfriend, Vigors, over allegations that he failed to serve. 

Sodapoppin is a pet lover. He owns a German Shepherd and has named him “Buddy”. He also has another dog named Kevin.

How Does Sodapoppin Make Money?

Below mentioned are the sources through which Sodapoppin has accumulated $9.4 million:

  • Earnings as a YouTuber
  • Earnings as a Twitch Streamer
  • Earnings from Sponsorships
  • Earnings from Paid Ads

Major Career Highlights

  • According to Forest Willard, programmer and co-founder of Innersloth, “The first thing we noticed was a Sodapoppin’ Twitch sluice, and other pennants started coming on board.”
  • According to SocialBlade, as of April 16, 2021, Morris is ranked #43 with the most followers on Twitch.
  • Sodapoppin is also ranked 11th in terms of total Twitch viewers.
  • He’s well known for playing a druid in Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.

Sodapoppin Social Media Accounts

Sodapoppin Quotes

“So you’re going by “Sodapoppin” now nerd? Haha what’s up douche bag, it’s Tanner from Highschool. Remember me? Me and the guys used to give you a hard time in school. Sorry, you were just an easy target lol. I can see not much has changed.”


“Remember Sarah, the girl you had a crush on? Yeah, we’re married now. I make over 200k a year and drive a mustang GT. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic”


3 Success Lessons From Sodapoppin

  • Family and friends are both important, but he has the power to handle both equally.
  • Life changes people a lot. But that is not the moment to give up your dreams.
  • Parents are an inevitable part of life.


Sodapoppin is a well-known Twitch streamer from the United States. He has tons of followers and subscribers on his social media platforms. He currently stays in Texas.

I hope Sodapoppin’s story has motivated you to work hard and achieve your life goals. According to the reports, Sodapoppin’s net worth is $5 million.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently asked questions about Sodapoppin, such as age, weight, height, biography, etc…

How Old is Sodapoppin?

Sodapoppin is 27 years old, as his birthday falls on February 15, 1994.

How Much Does Sodapoppin Earn in a month?

Sodapoppin’s average monthly earning as a Twitch Streamer is $45,000.

Is Sodapoppin married?

No, Sodapoppin is not married, but he is rumored to be in a long-term relationship with Veibae.

What is Sodapoppin’s net worth?

Sodapoppin’s net worth is $9.4 million. 

How Much Money Sodapoppin Makes From Twitch?

The estimated amount of money Sodapoppin Makes from Twitch is around $45,000 per month.

How Much Money Does Sodapoppin Make From YouTube?

The estimated amount of money Sodapoppin Makes from YouTube is around $2000 – $4000 per month.

(Please note: This is not the exact net worth of Sodapoppin. The information is grabbed from various sources available across the web).

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