Tyler1 Net Worth Twitch Streamer (Updated)

What Is Tyler1’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$7.6 Million
Date of BirthMarch 7, 1995
Age27 years old
Birth PlaceMissouri, United States
OccupationTwitch Streamer, Youtuber, Pro Player
Last Updated2022

Tyler1 is the online alias of  Tyler Steinkamp. He is an American popular Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, and content creator. He is best known as one of the most famous  League of the Legends online personalities. His current net worth, as of 2022 is $7.6 million. 

Despite his toxic behavior Tyler1 remains to be an infamous personality. He has been streaming since 2013 and has steadily grown popular today. He has gained over 4.8 million followers on Twitch and 2.75 million subscribers on YouTube. 

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Early Life & Education

Tyler1’s real name is Tyler Steinkamp. He was born on March 7, 1995, in Missouri, United States. Not much information is present on his social media about his parents. However, he does have a brother named Eric. Who also streams on Twitch as erobb221.

Tyler1 completed his high school education at Mark Twain Senior High School. He then enrolled as a computer science student at Central Methodist University. He dropped out of college to pay full attention to his streaming career. 


Туlеr1 started рlауіng Lеаguе оf Lеgеndѕ (LоL) аt аn young аgе. After reaching a professional level and growing his fan following, he started to continue streaming other video games, such as Player Unknown’s Battleground. 

Tyler1 launched his YouTube channel in 2014 where he posts highlights of streams, as well as other lifestyle and reaction videos. 

Tyler1 started his gaming career with the popular game, League of Legends. In mid-2016, Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends, decided to ban his account due to his history of verbal abuse and harassment. He was claimed as ‘Тhе Моѕt Тохіс Рlауеr іn North Аmеriса.’ 

Later in 2017, Riot lifted the ban on his accounts on the condition that he would not use any form of abuse.

He finally streamed League of Legends again for the first time in 2018 where 400,000 people viewed his stream and this broke the record of most concurrent views by a single streamer on Twitch.

In October 2020, Tyler1 joined the South Korean ESports team as a content creator. As of 2022, Tyler1 has over 4.8 million followers on Twitch and more than 2.75 million subscribers on YouTube. Tyler1 is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. 

He also owns an online merchandise store under the name “loltyler1”. In 2022, he won The Streamers Awards for “Best League of Legends Streamer”. 

Personal Life

Tyler1 has been dating his long-time girlfriend Macaiyla, who is also a gamer. They both met at Twitchcon 2016. 

Thе twо are now living tоgеthеr and have three саtѕ named Тhео, Еmmіtt, аnd Nеlѕоn.

How Does Tyler1 Make Money?

Tyler1’s various sources of earning, thorough which she has accumulate a net worth of $7.6 million are:

  • Earning from Youtube.
  • Earnings from Twitch Streaming.
  • Earnings from Sponsorships/Brand Deals.
  • Earnings from paid ads

Tyler1 Social Media Accounts

Tyler1’s Biography/ Wikipedia

Full name / Real NameTyler Steinkamp
NickNameTyler1, T1, TT
Birth DateMarch 7, 1995
Age27 Years Old
Height5 ft 6 inch
Weight86 kg
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girlfriend Macaiyla
Worth/salary / Income:$7.6 Million
ProfessionTwitch Streamer, Youtuber, Pro Player

Tyler1 Famous Quote

“These people, they give up on people that are struggling. And you can’t do that. Because the people that are struggling.. they’ve damn near almost given up on themselves. So when they give up, and you give up, they don’t have a fighting chance. Nobody is there anymore for them. But if they give up, and you NEVER give up on them, there is still a chance.”



Tyler1 aka Tyler Steinkamp is a 27-year-old, American popular streamer of League of the Legends. He is one of the most followed Twitch streamers. 

I Hope you gained some inspiration from his life story. Also as per the recent updates, he boasts a net worth of $2 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions of Tyler1 such as biography, age, height, weight, wife, etc…!

Who is Tyler1?

Tyler1 is a popular streamer of League of the Legends. His net worth is $7.6 million. 

What is Tyler1’s Height?

Tyler1 is 5feet 6 inches tall. 

Who is Tyler1’s Wife?

Tyler1 is unmarried at present. However, he is dating his long-time girlfriend Macaiyla, who is also a gamer. 

How old is Tyler1?

Tyler1 is 27 years old as of 2022 as he was born on March 7, 1995.

Where does Tyler1 stream?

Tyler1 streams on Twitch where he has over 4 million followers. 

How Much Money Does He Make From Twitch?

The estimated amount of money he makes from Twitch is around $42,500 per month ($510,000 a year).

How Much Money Does He Make From YouTube?

The estimated amount of money he makes from YouTube is around $2,000 per day ($730,000 a year).

(Please Note: This is not the accurate/exact net worth of Tyler1. The real value may fluctuate. The information has been collected from various web sources.)

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