Oracene Price Net Worth (Updated)

What is Oracene price’s net worth?

Net Worth$1.5 million.
BornApril 3, 1952
Age69 years
Birth PlaceSaginaw, Michigan, U.S.
Source WealthAmerican tennis coach.
Last Updated2022

Oracene Price is an American tennis coach. She is best known for being the mother and coach of Venus and Serena Williams, two of the best players in tennis history.

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Early Life & Education

She took birth on April 3, 1952, in Saginaw, Michigan. Her father was an automotive worker. 

She went to Buena Vista High School for her studies and graduated in 1970. Later she attended Western Michigan University for her college.

Yusef Rasheed was her first husband. And she has three daughters together. He passed away in 1979. However, Price did not remain a widow for long. She married Richard Williams in 1980.

They had two daughters, Venus and Serena, who both made their mark in professional tennis and became the most famous tennis players of all time. 

Richard and Oracene separated in 2000, and their divorce was finalized in 2002. In the aftermath of the divorce, she reverted to using her maiden name Price. Oracene is very spiritual and she contributed to several charities

Price was portrayed in the biopic King Richard by Aunjanue Ellis. The movie was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Academy Award for Best Picture.


The coach’s role has been overshadowed by Price’s role as a mother, but she has been criticized for underappreciating her coaching role.

The dual role of Price and Richard Williams has helped build a solid foundation of self-esteem and outside interests for Price’s daughters, even though she is not a traditional coach.

Bonnie D. Ford, in her article, explains that the longevity exhibited by the Williams siblings can be attributed to their parents, Richard Williams and Price Williams, who helped the sisters develop both their careers and lives.

Despite their separation, Ford finds it especially admirable that Price and her former husband have continued to support one another.

Major Career Highlights

The OWL Foundation was established by Oracene. The organization promotes education for children and provides students with financial assistance. Their educational platform is outstanding.

Its primary aim is to help students with learning disabilities and academic failures express themselves and succeed academically.

Oracene is known for being vocal about racial issues over the years. Racial profiling is one of the things she has often confronted the media about, and she said it is quite common to see black people facing such circumstances.

Her social activism and advocacy of racial and gender equality in sports have led her to become a feminist icon. As a result of the media’s over-sexualization of women and objectification of women, she has spoken out against it.

Many organizations she has worked with have focused on educational promotion, and she traveled to Africa with her daughter Serena to promote education.

Personal Life

Oracene worked as a nurse after her husband Yusef Rasheed passed away. After that she met Richard Williams and married him in 1980 giving birth to their first daughter Venus and later in 1981, the couple welcomed another daughter, whom they named Serena.

However, their marriage didn’t last long. The couple filed for divorce in 2000 and the proceedings were concluded in 2002.

Her divorce was allegedly the result of irreconcilable differences, however, Richard Williams is suspected to have been violent with her; breaking three of her ribs at one point reportedly. Despite its absence from the record, the violence may have been the root cause of the marriage’s breakdown.

Coach Oracene hasn’t allowed the split with Richard Williams or her coaching to disrupt her relationship with her daughters. Their daughters were also coached together regularly.

 She is very close to all her daughters and is fond of them all. In addition, the Williams sisters are very close to their half-sisters and often socialize as a group.

As a mother, she has helped her daughters become strong, independent women. Her spirituality is one of the main reasons for being calm and unfazed.

How Does Oracene Price Make Money?

The major source of income through which she has achieved the worth of $1.5 million is as follows:

  • Earning as a Tennis Coach
  • Earning as a Coach

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Oracene Price Biography/ Wikipedia

Full Name/Real NameOracene Price
Nick NameBrandy
Professional NameOracene Price
Birth DateApril 3, 1952
Age 69 years
Marital Status She was married, now divorced
HusbandRichard Williams (m. 1980–2002), Yusef Rasheed (Died 1979)
Worth/Salary/Income$1.5 Million
ProfessionTennis coach

Oracene Famous Quotes

Here are some of Oracene’s Famous Quotes to inspire you:

”When the time arises, we all share one thing in this world we must do. So, how do we value the gift?”

Oracene Price

”Joy is a blessing for everyone in the world. It’s time for someone else’s day in the sun. Be happy for their sunshine.”

Oracene Price

”It’s hard, it’s very difficult to be kind to someone who’s not being kind to you.”

Oracene Price

”I am no celebrity, only my daughters are.”

Oracene Price

”Don’t beat yourself up. Pick it up again tomorrow. Don’t let him fatten you up.”

Oracene Price


Oracene Price is an American Tennis coach and both mother and coach of world-famous tennis players Venus and Serena Williams.

Also as per the recent updates, the net worth of Oracene Price is $1.5 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions related to Oracene Price such as Biography, age, height, weight, husband, etc…!

How much does Oracene Price make?

Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million

Is Oracene Price Married?

No, her first husband died and her second marriage wasn’t successful. The couple was divorced in 2002.

Does Oracene Price Have children?

Yes, she has three daughters from her first husband and two daughters from her 2nd marriage.

What is Oracene Price Age?

The famous tennis coach is 69 years old. As she was born on April 3, 1952.

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