22 Khaby Lame Quotes To Inspire you for success (Original)

Get Some Inspiration From The Most Followed User on TikTok

Yes, you must have watched his video, across social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. I bet you have enjoyed his video. Which is funny to watch, and easy to understand. Where he makes complex things simple…!

He is the person who shook the Internet without saying a word: Khaby Lame…!

…and today he will inspire you with his quotes!

Who is Khaby Lame?

Khaby Lame is a Senegalese-born Italian TikToker, Youtuber, and Social Media Personality. He has the largest no. of followers on TikTok, followed by Charli D’Amelio

He creates short videos by silently mocking other creators who make simple things complicated.

He started uploading videos on TikTok, after losing his job as a factory worker during Covid-19. In his first month, he got 9 views and 2 subscribers. 

But he didn’t give up and kept uploading videos without saying a word. And now he is an internationally famous personality. 

Several celebrities and sportsperson has collaborated with him such as 

22 Khaby Lame Quotes You will not find anywhere else on the Internet

Here I have collected all the possible quotes and sayings of Khaby Lame. Through watching different interviews and videos. I hope these quotes will inspire you to take action in your journey to success.

Let’s dive into the quotes…!

1. “In 1 month I got 9 views and 2 subscribers.”

2. “Maybe a smile can’t change the world, but it is still the easiest and most natural thing with which to fight hate.”

3. “I love to make people smile.”

4. “Not speaking any language is my superpower.”

5. “My video is simple and easy, it’s a magic.”

6.  “Never stop growing and always believe in your dreams.”

7. “You must keep doing what you want without other people influence your dream.”

8. “One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

9. “I helped my family and some of my friends with housing, now I feel better.”

10. “You have to keep doing what you want to do and succeed.”

11. “I am a very lucky man.”

12. “Hey, Will wait for me, I am coming to make a film with you.”

13. “Workout is important, but do it simple.”

14. “Its time to use the social’s power  for spreading good message and thats mine.”

15. “If you have the possibility to help someone who needs it more than you, Do it.”

16. “Little difference makes a big difference.”

17. “Animals should live in their natural habitat.”

18. “In a racist society, it’s not enough to be no-racist. We must be anit-racist.”

19. “Don’t make a mystery of simple things.”

20. “Life is easy, we make it hard.”

21. “I just find myself happy with the simple things.”

22. “Make it simple but significant.”


I hope Khaby lame’s quotes have motivated you to take some action in your life and achieve the success you want…!


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