David Chaum Net Worth 2023: Computer Scientist, Cryptographer, Inventor, Digital Cash (Updated)

What Is David Chaum’s Net Worth? (Latest Report)

Net Worth$20 Million
BornJanuary 1, 1955
Age68 years old 
BirthplaceLos Angeles
Source of WealthComputer Scientist, Cryptographer, and Inventor
Last Updated2023

David Chaum is a computer scientist, cryptographer, and inventor from the United States. His net worth is assessed to be $20 Million in 2023.

He is widely regarded as the inventor of Digital Currency and a pioneer in cryptography and privacy-preserving technologies.

He is often referred to as “the father of online anonymity” as well as “the godfather of cryptocurrency”

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David Chaum Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameDavid Lee Chaum
Also known asDavid Chaum
Birth DateJanuary 1, 1955
Age 68 years old  
Education/ CollegeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Marital StatusUnknown 
Net Worth$20 Million 
ProfessionComputer Scientist, Cryptographer, and Inventor

How Was David Chaum’s Early Life And Education?

David’s full name is David Lee Chaum. He was born in Los Angeles in 1955.

In 1982, he received his doctorate in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.

He also founded the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) that year, which now organizes academic conferences on cryptography research.

He taught at the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University and the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

He also established a cryptography research group at Amsterdam’s CWI, the Dutch National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. 

How Did David Chaum Start His Career?

Chaum proposed a mechanism for splitting a key into partial keys in 1979, foreshadowing secret sharing. 

Except for proof of work, Chaum’s 1982 Berkeley dissertation proposed every element of the blockchain found in Bitcoin.

Chaum is credited with inventing secure digital cash in 1983 with his paper, which also introduced the cryptographic primitive of a blind signature.

In 1988, he expanded on this concept (along with Amos Fiat and Moni Naor) to allow offline transactions that detect double-spending. 

Chaum introduced a new type of anonymous communication system known as a DC-Net in 1988 as a solution to his proposed Dining Cryptographers Problem.

He founded DigiCash, an e-cash company, in 1990. He demonstrated a well-known zero-knowledge proof of a DDH tuple with Torben Pedersen in 1991.

In 1994, the first electronic payment was sent. DigiCash declared bankruptcy in 1998, and Chaum sold off DigiCash in 1999, ending his involvement with the company.

Chaum pioneered the first in-person voting system in 1994, in which voters cast ballots electronically at polling stations and cryptographically verified that the DRE did not alter their vote (or even learn what it was)

He proposed Random Sample Elections in 2011. This electoral system allows a verifiably random selection of voters to vote on behalf of the entire electorate while remaining anonymous.

He established the xx network in January 2016. The xx network is a full-stack blockchain transaction platform.

Chaum described a new type of mixed network in 2017. 

David Chaum’s Personal Life

David Chaum lives in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

There is not much info about David Chaum’s personal life.

David Chaum Is Best Known For

  • DigiCash
  • eCash
  • IACR
  • mixes
  • Voting Systems
  • Dining Cryptographers Protocol
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies

How Does David Chaum Make His Money?

The following are his main revenue sources from which he has made $20 Million:

  • Earning as a Computer Scientist
  • Earning as an Entrepreneur
  • Earning as a Cryptographer
  • Earning as an Inventor 

David Chaum Books

  • Towards Trustworthy Elections
  • Advances in Cryptology: Proceedings of Crypto 82
  • Advances in Cryptology: Proceedings of Crypto 83
  • Advances in Cryptology-EUROCRYPT ’87

David Chaum Bibliography

  • Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses, and Digital Pseudonyms
  • David Chaum, Amos Fiat and Moni Naor, Untraceable Electronic Cash
  • Computer Systems Established, Maintained and Trusted by Mutually Suspicious Groups
  • How to issue a central bank digital currency

David Chaum Social Media Profiles

Major Career Highlights

  • Chaum received the 1995 Information Technology European Award.
  • He was named an IACR Fellow in 2004.
  • He received the RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics in 2010 at the RSA Conference.
  • He received the honorary Dijkstra Fellow designation from CWI in 2019.
  • In 2021, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Lugano.

Success Lessons David Chaum

  • Find the solutions.
  • Prepare for the worst outcome.


David Chaum is an American computer scientist, cryptographer, and inventor.

He is also known for inventing many cryptographic protocols and developing ecash, an electronic cash application that aims to protect a user’s anonymity.

I hope that reading about his experience has motivated you to start pursuing your aims.

 As per recent updates, the net worth of David Chaum is $20 Million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of David Chaum‘s frequently asked questions, including his age, height, weight, girlfriend, biography, and other details…

Who is David Chaum?

David Chaum is the founder and CEO of Elixxir.

What is David Chaum’s net worth?

The net worth of David Chaum is projected to be more than $20 Million.

What is David Chaum’s age?

David Chaum was born in 1955 and is 67 years old.

What is David Chaum’s height?

There is no information about David Chaum’s height. 

What is David Chaum’s relationship status?

There is no information about David Chaum’s personal life.

What did David Chaum propose for the first?

Chaum is widely regarded as the creator of digital cash, which served as the forerunner to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Where is David Chaum from?

David Chaum is from Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

How much Bitcoin or cryptocurrency does David Chaum own?

David Chaum owns a substantial amount of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, but the exact amount is unspecified.

(PS: This is not David Chaum‘s precise net worth.)

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