Sergey Nazarov Net Worth 2022: Chainlink, Blockchain, SmartContracts (Updated)

What Is Sergey Nazarov’s Net Worth?

Net Worth $500 million
BornNot Known 
AgeNot Known 
OccupationBusinessman, Entrepreneur 
Last updated2022

Sergey Nazarov is a Russian-American entrepreneur. As of 2022, Nazarov has an astonishing net worth of about $500 million.

He is most known as the Chief Executing Officer of Chainlink, a successful blockchain middleware company. 

Chain Link has some major companies as its clients, including Google, Oracle, and SWIFT among others. 

Nazarov is also the founder of the platform SmartContracts. He founded it in 2014.


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Sergey Nazarov Biography/Wikipedia/Wiki

Real Sergey Nazarov
Date of Birth Not Known
AgeNot Known
Gender Male
Horoscope Not Known
ReligionNot Known
Occupation Businessman, Entrepreneur 
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known 
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net worth $500 million
ProfessionBusinessman, Entrepreneur 

How Was Sergey Nazarov’s Early Life And Education?

Nazarov was born in Russia. He is the son of two Russian engineers who moved to the United States in the early 90s looking for better career opportunities.

From a young age, Nazarov had an interest in machines and dabbled with computers. By the sixth grade, he had already started to read programming manuals. 

He studied Philosophy and Management at New York University. 

How Did Sergey Nazarov Start His Career?

Sergey Nazarov’s innovative career started in 2014 when he founded SmartContract, which is a special platform focused on making decentralized and programmable contracts. 

About two years later, Nazarov and Steve Ellis started working on building something to create decentralized oracle solutions. The pair came up with Chainlink

Since he started working on Chainlink, Nazarov’s career in the blockchain industry took off. The project was officially launched after almost two years of rigorous development, and by 2019, Chainlink was successful and became the oracle standard. 

After the success of Chainlink in 2019, there were many partnerships and integrations between Nazarov’s creation and various cryptocurrency platforms. 

Apps from both standard crypto areas and the DeFi niche would adopt Chainlink in order to become intertwined with the rest of Ethereum’s ecosystem. 

Personal life 

Sergey Nazarov lives in New York, United States. 

How Does Sergey Nazarov Make Money?

The major sources through which he makes money are

  • Earnings from his company Chainlink
  • Earnings from
  • Earnings from investing in crypto 

Sergey Nazarov Quotes

“I was at this stage that people are sometimes where they are figuring out what they want to do. What is my career going to be about? What am I going to devote decades of my life to? And obviously blockchains won out”

Sergey Nazarov

Sergey Nazarov Career highlights

  • CEO of Chainlink
  • Founder of SmartContract 

Sergey Nazarov Social Media Handles

Success Lesson From Sergey Nazarov’s Life

Sergey Nazarov has shown incredible vision and fearlessness, starting his own blockchain company and taking it to such heights is no small feat! His dedication and perseverance are just applaudable. 


Sergey Nazarov is a Russian-American businessman and entrepreneur. He is a tycoon in the industry and his story is so inspiring to many struggling youngsters!

The story of how he was able to build so much from nothing is the motivation for all! 

So you can take the message from him that stopping is not an option, get out there and work hard and watch as success comes your way! 

As per recent updates, the net worth of Sergey Nazarov is $500 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few questions that are asked repeatedly about Sergey Nazarov‘s career, family, early life… 

What platform did Sergey Nazarov create in 2014?

Sergey Nazarov started a platform called SmartContract which was all about building decentralized and programmable contracts. 

Where is Sergey Nazarov from? 

Sergey Nazarov was born in Russia but his family moved to the United States in the 90s when he was still a child. 

Sergey Nazarov is the Chief Executing Officer of which company? 

Sergey Nazarov created Chainlink alongside Steve Ellis. Chainlink is a successful blockchain middleware company. 

What university did Sergey Nazarov attend? 

Sergey Nazarov studied at New York University. He studied Philosophy as well as management in college. 

How old is Sergey Nazarov?

His age and date of birth are still unknown.

(P.S. Nazarov’s net worth given in the article has been gathered from different sources and is only an approximate figure.) 

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