Juan Benet Net Worth 2022: Protocol Labs (Updated)

What Is Juan Benet’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$450 Million
BornMarch 16, 1988
Age34 Years Old
BirthplaceCuernavaca, Mexico
Source of WealthEntrepreneur
Last Updated2022

Juan Benet is a software engineer and entrepreneur from America. He has a great net worth of $450 million as of 2022.

He is the Founder and CEO of Protocol Labs, a research and development firm for computer networks.

He is the inventor of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a cryptocurrency incentivized storage network. To make the internet more faster and safer.

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Juan Benet Biography / Wikipedia / Wiki

Real NameJuan Batiz-Benet
Known AsJuan Benet
Birth DateMarch 16, 1988
Age 34 Years Old
Marital StatusN/A 
Net Worth$450 Million

How Was Juan Benet’s Early Life And Education?

Juan Batiz-Benet, known as Juan Benet, was born on March 16, 1988, in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2010 and an M.S. in Computer Science in 2012. 

Benet currently reside in Palo Alto, California, USA.

How Did Juan Benet Start His Career?

Benet was the CTO of Loki Studios from January 2010 to December 2011, where he oversaw the development of the location-based multiplayer mobile game Geomon. In May 2013, Yahoo! purchased the company.

In 2012, he founded a company called Athena

Benet founded Protocol Labs in May 2014 and attended Y-Combinator in the summer of 2014 to help develop IPFS, Filecoin, and other projects.

Since the release of IPFS, he has worked at Protocol Labs on other protocols, including libp2p, a modular network stack for peer-to-peer apps and systems.

IPLD is an interoperable protocol data model and multi-format is a collection of protocols for future-proofing systems. 

CoinList is a token sale and investment platform, and the SAFT Project is a legal framework for token fundraising. These are all examples of projects that are part of the SAFT Project.

Benet was titled one of Fortune magazine’s “40 under 40” in the year 2018 for his work on IPFS.

Juan Benet’s Personal Life

There is no information disclosed about his personal life as of yet.

How Does Juan Benet Make His Money?

The major sources of income through which Benet makes his money are

  • Earning as an entrepreneur 
  • Earning as a computer scientist
  • Earning as a founder and CEO

Juan Benet’s Social Media Profiles

Juan Benet Quotes

“Just because you call something a blockchain or an ICO, that doesn’t mean you aren’t subject to normal laws.”

Juan Benet

“Filecoin is a decentralized storage market – think of it like Airbnb for cloud storage – where anybody with extra hard drive space can sell it on the network.”

Juan Benet

“We do expect there will be some big centralised miners that will have a lots of storage and economies of scale. But there will also be a large cloud of small miners all over the world.”

Juan Benet

Success Lessons From Juan Benet’s Life

  • Work hard.
  • Follow your passions.
  • Work for the change and innovation


Juan Benet is a software engineer and entrepreneur from America. He is the Founder and CEO of Protocol Labs, a research and development company for computer networks.

I hope Benet’s inspiring story boost you to set ambitious goals and work hard. 

As per recent updates, the net worth of Juan Benet is $450 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Benet, such as his age, weight, height, biography, girlfriend, etc…

What is Juan Benet’s net worth?

The net worth of Juan Benet is estimated to be $450 million.

What is Juan Benet’s age?

Juan Benet was born on March 16, 1988, and is currently 34 years old.

What is Juan Benet’s height?

Juan Benet’s height is unknown.

How much cryptocurrency does Juan Benet hold?

According to reports, Juan Benet currently has a substantial amount of coins, the value of which has not yet been disclosed.

Where is Juan Benet from?

Juan Benet is from Cuernavaca, Mexico.

PS: This is not Juan Benet‘s precise net worth. The net worth given here is an estimated value gathered from various high-quality resources.

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