Darren Hardy Net Worth

What is Darren Hardy’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$10 Million
BornFebruary 26, 1971
Age50 Years Old
BirthplaceUnited State
Source of WealthWriter, Motivational Speaker, CEO Advisor
Last Update2021

Darren Hardy is a motivational speaker, CEO advisor, and author. He has earned an estimated net worth of $10 million. Who doesn’t know about Success magazines? He was a former publisher in it. 

Hardy is a New York Times bestseller author. He is best known for is book  “The Compound Effects”.

And the other books are “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” and Living Your Best Year Ever.


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Early Life

Darren Hardy was born on February 26, 1971, in the United State. His story will inspire you. His parents got divorced, when he was just 18 months old. His mother didn’t want him, and his father took the step.

His father raised him with a good mindset and gave him life-changing philosophies. His father told him “Be The Exception”. He carried those words with him and he still uses that in his life.

His father always motivated him, no matter whatever the situation is if you are willing to achieve something, work hard for that.

His dad made him believe that anything could be achieved if he simply chose to be the exception.


At the age of 18, he started his own business and generated 6 figure income. Within 5 years he took it to million dollars. 

After getting so successful his father is still his guiding force.

He has worked for Success Media Business for more than 25 years. He was one of the central figures. Later he became the publisher of Success magazine and success media. 

Then he decided to take some new opportunities and announced to leave Success Magazine.

He also worked as an executive person for two different personal development companies. “The People Network” and “The Success Training Network”.

You might have come across Hardy through his famous book “The Compound Effect”. He is best known for this popular book. This is one of the best books you can purchase and read now.

Currently, he motivates people to achieve success in life with his courses and speaking.

Personal Life

Darren Hardy got married to Georgia Hardy on August 19, 2001. She is the creative director for his High-Performance Forum and also a CFO of his LLC.

Darren Hardy Books

Here are the Darren Hardy Books. You must checkout.

  • 2010, The Compound Effect
  • 2011, Living Your Best Year Ever
  • 2015, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Darren Hardy Social Profile

Darren Hardy Famous Quotes

“Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

Darren Hardy

“When you define your goals, you give your brain something new to look for and focus on.”

Darren Hardy

“If you don’t know. Fear is not real. It’s an illusion that resides entirely within your brain.”

Darren Hardy

“Start your day with why then get on with your what.”

Darren Hardy

“Hang out with those who have a common future, not a common past.”

Darren Hardy

4 Lessons From Darren Hardy

Be The Exception

Daren learned this from his dad. This became a life-changing lesson for him. He still applies this in his life and current works. Don’t be the follower, don’t follow anyone blindly, be the exception.

Learn to Delegate

How much time do you waste doing all the activity yourself? It is better to delegate it to someone who is better than you or at least you can increase the overall productivity by saving your time.

Start With Why

Whether it’s your life or your day? You should start asking yourself why. Why are you doing? What are you doing? This will help you to find your purpose in life and will give you a clear picture of your path.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success. If you are consistent and don’t see growth initially then don’t stop, keep working more harder. Because that will work as a compound effect. And suddenly you will see the grown and the success in life.


So now that you know Darren Hardy is an Author, Motivational speaker, Advisor to entrepreneurs, and CEO. It’s your turn to take the best lesson from him and execute it into your own life.

Execution is the 1st step to your dream life, to your success. Also, be consistent and take the first step now.

You can follow Hardy on his Instagram, Facebook, or youtube channel for more lessons.

As per the recent updates, net worth of Darren Hardy is $10 million…!



Here are the few question people general ask about Darren Hardy, like biography, Wikipedia, age, height, and so on…!

Who is Darren Hardy Wife?

Georgia Hardy is wife of Darren Hardy. They got married in August 19, 2001.

What is Darren Hardy Height?

He is 6’3″inch. He is a tall and have smart personality.

What is Darren Hardy age?

He was born on February 26, 1971. He is 50 years old.

Where is Darren Hardy House?

Who is Darren Hardy father?

He father is Steve Hardy and mother is Renelle Hardy.

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