10 Best Woodworking Youtube Channels 2024 (Updated)

What is the Best Woodworking Youtube Channel?

Unlock the world of woodworking with our handpicked selection of the 10 Best Woodworking YouTube Channels.

From seasoned artisans to innovative DIYers, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for woodworking enthusiasts of all levels. 

Get ready for engaging projects, knowledgeable techniques, and a creative trip into the alluring world of woodworking. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned master, these channels will pique your interest and push your woodworking talents to new heights!

List of Top 10 Best Woodworking Youtube Channels

We’ve gathered the top 10 woodworking YouTube channels to help you improve your skills and learn more about the fascinating world of woodworking!

1. Woodworking Art

  • Channel Subscriber: 3.52M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 9.6M
  • Channel Videos: 118 videos

Woodworking Art is a powerhouse in the woodworking community with an impressive 3.52 million subscribers.

Since its inception in May 2019, this channel has gathered an amazing 964,696,967 views, showing the ins and outs of woodworking information. 

This channel is a treasure trove for woodworking aficionados of all levels, with a passion for woodworking art, techniques, tools, and DIY projects. 

Join the woodworking journey that has captivated people all around the world and discover a world of creativity and craftsmanship. 

Woodworking Art, based in the United States, is your key to unlocking the endless possibilities of woodworking.

2. ND – Woodworking Art

  • Channel Subscriber: 2.53M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 598.9 million
  • Channel Videos: 78 videos

Step into the captivating world of ND – Woodworking Art with 2.53 million subscribers. 

Welcome to NDWoodArt, where a wonderful father and son team creates amazing wooden cars that effortlessly merge creativity and functionality. 

This channel has received 598.9 million views since its launch in June 2020. 

Join them as they show off not just their exquisite designs and perfect engineering, but also the bond of family love and the joy of carpentry. 

Every film exemplifies the harmonious union of workmanship and family values. 

Subscribing to ND – Woodworking Art allows you to experience the wonder of woodworking while also feeling the warmth of family fellowship.

3. Blacktail Studio

  • Channel Subscriber: 2.4M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 291.4 million
  • Channel Videos: 120 videos

Enter the realm of woodworking mastery with Blacktail Studio, a haven for woodworking enthusiasts boasting 2.4 million subscribers. 

Meet Cam, the creative mind behind Blacktail Studio. Cam’s woodworking journey began as a hobby in 2016, evolving into a full-fledged passion. 

Cam was inspired to share his craft with the world through YouTube in 2018.

Fast forward to 2020, and his passion became a career when he took the risky move of quitting his job to devote himself totally to woodworking.

Blacktail Studio exemplifies the art of turning a passion into a thriving career, with an amazing 291.4 million views. 

Join Cam on his adventure as he transforms from a hobbyist to a woodworking maestro, and find inspiration in his creative path. 

Your woodworking journey just got a touch of excellence with Blacktail Studio.

4. Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals

  • Channel Subscriber:  1.91M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 315.9 million
  • Channel Videos: 757 videos

Explore the world of woodworking for all with Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals, a community of 1.91 million subscribers. 

Created with newbies in mind, it’s a space where budget-friendly woodworking and creative expression come together harmoniously. 

Steve Ramsey gives tips on starting up a woodworking shop under $1000 in 757 instructional videos, ensuring that woodworking is accessible to everyone.

Safety and learning are integral aspects of Steve’s approach. 

He promotes responsible practices and provides a free guide on MyToolList.com to help enthusiasts embark on a safe woodworking journey. 

While entertainment and inspiration are paramount, Steve emphasizes that woodworking involves risks. 

Seek professional counsel and training, particularly when using power tools.

Steve’s dedication extends to three additional YouTube channels: Steve Ramsey Plus (84.2K subscribers), Chad and Steve Have a YouTube Channel (3.54K subscribers), and Creative Culture Podcast (4.5K subscribers). 

5. Matthias Wandel

  • Channel Subscriber:  1.72M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 595.6 million
  • Channel Videos: 841 videos

Embark on an engineering-driven journey into woodworking with Matthias Wandel, where innovation meets craftsmanship, captivating 1.72 million subscribers. 

This channel goes into woodworking from an engineering standpoint, bringing a unique view into the trade.

From intricate designs to practical solutions, each video showcases Matthias’ analytical prowess. 

While the videos stand alone, many are complemented by articles on his website for deeper exploration.

Matthias Wandel’s woodworking exploration continues beyond looking at videos; his website (http://woodgears.ca) is a treasure trove of insights. 

This channel has received 595.6 million views since April 2007. 

Join Matthias in Canada on an adventure that combines engineering creativity with woodworking delicacy, and discover the world of woodworking through the prism of innovation.

6. I Like Woodworking

  • Channel Subscriber: 1.4M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 
  • Channel Videos: 244 videos

I Like Woodworking is a haven for creativity and craftsmanship, with 1.4 million subscribers. 

With an extensive collection of 244 videos, this channel is a haven for woodworking enthusiasts seeking a blend of inspiration, innovation, and the innate allure of wood.

From amazing projects to woodworking mastery, I Like Woodworking showcases the limitless potential of this craft. 

Immerse yourself in a world where wood is transformed into gorgeous masterpieces and witness the artistry of skilled designers.

Based in the United States and having joined the community in March 2018, I Like Woodworking has amassed an incredible 237.3 million views.

7. Woodworking Skill

  • Channel Subscriber: 1.18M subscribers    
  • Channel Views: 471.1 million
  • Channel Videos: 616 videos

Immerse yourself in the realm of skillful woodworking with “Woodworking Skill.”

With 1.18 million subscribers this channel is dedicated to perfecting the art of carpentry, woodworking, and wood turning. 

This channel is a treasure trove of techniques and insights that will improve your woodworking skills.

Explore the world of woodworking methods, skilled construction, and the mesmerizing craft of woodturning. 

“Woodworking Skill” has received an incredible 471.1 million views since its debut in June 2019. 

Whether you’re polishing your skills or exploring the world of woodworking for the first time, this channel provides a space to learn, experiment, and develop.

8. Bourbon Moth Woodworking

  • Channel Subscriber: 1M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 87.1 million
  • Channel Videos: 162 video

Discover the artistry and expertise of woodworking with “Bourbon Moth Woodworking.” 

With a captivating collection of 162 videos, this channel is a testament to the fusion of skill and imagination.

“Bourbon Moth Woodworking” has received an incredible 87.1 million views since its debut on May 8, 2015, demonstrating the passion and dedication placed into each piece.

But that’s not all—explore another facet of their creativity on their companion channel “Bourbon Bites,” boasting 31.8K subscribers. 

Whether you’re looking for woodworking finesse or bite-sized content, both channels provide a unique glimpse into their woodworking journey.

Join them as they carve, shape, and construct their way to artistic greatness.

9. Woodworking Craftsman

  • Channel Subscriber: 958K subscribers
  • Channel Views: 386 million
  • Channel Videos: 551 videos

Embark on a journey of woodworking craftsmanship with “Woodworking Craftsman,” a thriving community of 958K subscribers. 

This channel is a creative treasure trove of home renovation, carpentry, furniture, and DIY projects.

Explore the world of indoor and exterior timber projects that reinvent environments.

“Woodworking Craftsman” caters to woodworking aficionados of all levels, from boosting the attraction of home décor to beginner-friendly DIY woodworking. 

Since its inception on February 15, 2016, the channel has received 386 million views. 

They urge you to observe their enthusiasm and expertise in transforming wood into functional art with each film. 

Explore a world where woodworking takes center stage, stimulating creativity and hands-on craftsmanship.

10. The Wood Whisperer

  • Channel Subscriber: 844K subscribers
  • Channel Views: 137.7 million
  • Channel Videos: 617 videos

The Wood Whisperer is an enduring online educational series for woodworkers with 844K subscribers. 

This channel has been a cornerstone of TheWoodWhisperer.com’s woodworking education and inspiration since its inception in 2006. 

It’s a hub where expertise, community, and craftsmanship collide, with a collection of 617 videos.

The Wood Whisperer, founded by Marc Spagnuolo, has grown throughout the years, responding to changes while remaining committed to quality and community. 

Marc’s experience as a woodworker and educator is integrated throughout every movie, from shop relocations to personal milestones. 

The community’s support is vital to the channel’s success, which has sustained over time.

The Wood Whisperer has received 137.7 million views since its debut on October 19, 2006. 

Join the legions of woodworkers who have benefited from Marc’s advice and be a part of a legacy that is still enriching the woodworking industry.


In the captivating world of woodworking, these ten YouTube channels serve as beacons of knowledge and creativity. 

They provide a wealth of inspiration for aficionados of all skill levels, with novel techniques and elaborate designs. 

Whether you’re making your first project or honing your skills, these channels offer a thriving community to help you along the way.



1. What are the top 10 best woodworking YouTube channels?

According to recent reports, These are the top 10 best woodworking YouTube channels:

  1. Woodworking Art – 3.52M subscribers
  2. ND – Woodworking Art – 2.53M subscribers
  3. Blacktail Studio – 2.4M subscribers
  4. Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals – 1.91M subscribers
  5. Matthias Wandel – 1.72M subscribers
  6. I Like Woodworking – 1.4M subscribers
  7. Woodworking Skill – 1.18M subscribers
  8. Bourbon Moth Woodworking – 1M subscribers
  9. Woodworking Craftsman – 958K subscribers
  10. The Wood Whisperer – 844K subscribers

2. Do these channels offer woodworking safety tips?

Yes, safety is a priority. Many creators emphasize safety practices, the proper use of tools, and protective gear.

3. What are the best YouTube woodworking channels for beginners?

Explore channels like “Woodworking for Mere Mortals” and “Woodworking Craftsman” that cater to newcomers with easy-to-follow tutorials and easy for beginners’ projects.

4. Are these channels suitable for advanced woodworkers?

Absolutely! “Blacktail Studio” and “Woodworking Skill” channels include advanced techniques, sophisticated patterns, and projects that challenge experienced woodworkers.

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