10 Best Beekeeping Youtube Channels 2024 (Updated)

What is the Best Beekeeping Youtube Channel?

Hello beekeeping enthusiasts…!

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This article on the “10 Best Beekeeping YouTube Channels” is ready to buzz you away!

I’ve compiled the coolest channels with plenty of bee-tastic content. 

Learn how to take care of bees, harvest honey, and more. Join the beekeeping community and have a blast! 

Let’s dig into the world of bees and find the greatest beekeeping channels to make you a pro…!

List of Top 10 Best Beekeeping Youtube Channels

  1. Texas Beeworks
  2. Flow Hive
  3. Barnyard Bees
  4. Phil Chandler: Barefoot Beekeeper
  5.  Beekeeping Made Simple 
  6. Bee Keeping India 
  7. Beekeeping With Natalee
  8.  Castle Hives
  9. Bee Lab 
  10. Bottle Beekeeping

I’ve curated the top 10 beekeeping YouTube channels to take your skills to the next level and discover the wonderful world of bees…!

1. Texas Beeworks

  • Channel Subscriber: 1.28M 
  • Channel Views: 269 million
  • Channel Videos: 118 videos

Texas Beeworks, led by the talented Erika Thompson, is a beacon of hope for bees across Texas. 

Erika shares her great love for these magnificent creatures and her expertise in beekeeping with an enormous 1.28 million subscribers and 118 informative videos. 

Her channel has received 269 million views since it launched on YouTube on August 27, 2016. 

Based in the United States, Erika’s passion for bees extends to her massive fan following on Instagram too. 

Prepare to be enchanted as Texas Beeworks takes you on a fascinating tour into the world of bees and beekeeping.

2. Flow Hive

  • Channel Subscriber: 222K subscribers
  • Channel Views: 38 million
  • Channel Videos: 530 videos

Flow Hive is an Australian beekeeping YouTube channel that is inspired by a love of bees, natural pollinators, design, and innovation. 

With 222K subscribers and 530 videos, they showcase the wonders of beekeeping and the crucial role bees play in our lives. 

Their revolutionary hive design allows for easy honey harvesting, as pure, fresh honey flows directly into your jar. 

No mess, no fuss, and no heavy lifting is their motto. They joined YouTube on February 10, 2015, and have earned an astonishing 38 million views. 

Their love for bees extends to another Russian channel, “Flow Hive в Роcсии,” with 2K subscribers. 

The popularity of Flow Hive has spread to Instagram and TikTok, making them the perfect hub for beekeeping innovation, education, and inspiration.

3. Barnyard Bees

  • Channel Subscriber: 221K subscribers  
  • Channel Views: 40 million
  • Channel Videos: 519 videos

Beekeeping honey bees is an amazing joy for Barnyard Bees, and their enthusiasm for teaching beekeeping shines through. 

They are a booming center for all things beekeeping with 221K subscribers and 519 videos. 

Their Chatsworth, Georgia store provides a variety of beekeeping materials, such as 5-frame Nucs, 3-pound Packages, and mated Italian queens. 

Known for their gentle and productive bees, Barnyard Bees emphasizes the importance of quality beekeeping. 

Their channel has received over 40 million views since its debut on YouTube on July 16, 2012. 

Barnyard Bees invites you to join their growing beekeeping community and plunge into the fascinating world of bees!

4. Phil Chandler: Barefoot Beekeeper

  • Channel Subscriber: 15.4 thousand subscribers
  • Channel Views: 2.3 million
  • Channel Videos: 157 videos

Welcome to the world of ‘Balanced Beekeeping’ with Phil Chandler: Barefoot Beekeeper.

Phil examines the space between ‘leave alone’ or ‘natural’ beekeeping and more exploitative ways, with 15.4K subscribers and 157 fascinating videos. 

You’ll feel perfectly at home here as a beekeeper who values bees for their sake, pollination services, and the occasional honey.

Phil’s channel, which was launched on June 24, 2009, has already garnered an incredible 2,356,219 views. 

His website, www.biobees.com, has further information and free resources. 

Let’s delve into the intriguing realm of ‘Balanced Beekeeping’ and discover the harmony between bees and beekeepers!

5. Beekeeping Made Simple 

  • Channel Subscriber: 16 thousand subscribers
  • Channel Views: 8.4 million
  • Channel Videos: 127 videos

Welcome to Beekeeping Made Simple, where beekeeping becomes easy and enjoyable.

This channel, led by Laryssa, a dedicated beekeeper from Philadelphia, has 16K subscribers and 127 informative videos.

Laryssa breaks down the beekeeping steps, making learning how to maintain bees simple and enjoyable. 

She shares methods and ideas from her experience working for commercial apiaries and managing her own apiary to help you progress from novice to honey-selling expert.

Laryssa has been beekeeping for a decade and now conducts beekeeping workshops in-person, online, and on YouTube, in addition to selling her honey. 

Let’s embark on this buzzing journey together and make beekeeping a delightful experience for all.

6. Bee Keeping India 

  • Channel Subscriber: 15.4 thousand subscribers
  • Channel Views: 1.75 million
  • Channel Videos: 228 videos

Bee Keeping India is a welcoming YouTube channel for all beekeeping enthusiasts. 

With 15.4K subscribers and 228  informative videos, the channel provides detailed answers to beekeeping-related questions. 

Its content is presented in Hindi, making it accessible to a wide audience in India.

Bee Keeping India has gathered an astonishing 1.75 million views since its debut on YouTube on December 12, 2014. 

This channel serves as a reliable guide on the fascinating journey of beekeeping, from beekeeping techniques to troubleshooting. 

Join Bee Keeping India in exploring the world of bees and discovering the joys of beekeeping!

7. Beekeeping With Natalee 

  • Channel Subscriber: 6.17 thousand subscribers
  • Channel Views: 3.8 million
  • Channel Videos: 141 videos

Beekeeping With Natalee is a delightful YouTube channel run by the passionate beekeeper, Natalee

Natalee describes her unique beekeeping story on her YouTube channel, which has 6.17K subscribers and 141 fascinating videos. 

She bravely shares her accomplishments and failures, emphasizing the need for constant learning and exploring new ideas.

Beekeeping With Natalee was created on April 26, 2020, and has already received 379,193 views.

Join Natalee on her buzzing adventure and be inspired by her beekeeping passion. Let’s learn and grow together in the fascinating world of bees!

8. Castle Hives

  • Channel Subscriber: 4.52 thousand subscribers
  • Channel Views: 3.4 million 
  • Channel Videos: 540 videos

Step into the world of Castle Hives, where Brian, a passionate backyard beekeeper, shares his incredible journey with 4.52K subscribers and 540 videos.

Castle Hives has been a rollercoaster of learning experiences with ups and downs about the fascinating Honey Bees since its inception on Earth Day in April 2017.

As a beginner, Brian opens his backyard apiary to everyone, showcasing expansion and challenges, from gaining colonies to facing losses.

He appreciates special moments with the bees as a backyard beekeeper. Castle Hives was created on October 8, 2011, and has already received 347,065 views. 

Prepare to be inspired and educated as you follow Brian’s heartfelt beekeeping experience with Castle Hives.

9. Bee Lab 

  • Channel Subscriber: 4.22 thousand subscribers
  • Channel Views: 4.4 million 
  • Channel Videos: 69 videos

Welcome to Bee Lab, a treasure trove of informative beekeeping content. Bee Lab, which has 4.22K subscribers and 69 engaging videos.

They cover a wide range of topics, from honey extraction and bee invitation messages to pollinator planting and beekeeping without gloves. 

Joined on Dec 10, 2013, Bee Lab has garnered an impressive 444,318 views. 

Whether you’re a seasoned beekeeper or just starting out, Bee Lab can help you improve your beekeeping experience. 

With Bee Lab’s captivating videos, you can explore the fascinating world of bees and learn a wealth of information.

10. Bottle Beekeeping

  • Channel Subscriber: 1.38 thousand subscribers
  • Channel Views: 69 million 
  • Channel Videos: 43 videos

Bottle Beekeeping is dedicated to bottle-to-bottle honey production and contactless beekeeping, and it has 1.38K subscribers and 43 instructive videos.

Discover how to build transparent beehives in North America using readily available, low-cost parts. 

There’s no need for advanced instruments like a table saw or 3-D printer because I’ll walk you through the procedure using only the tools you need. 

From 5-gallon round water bottles to swarm traps, you’ll find it all here – simple and inexpensive.

Bottle Beekeeping has received 69,382 views since its debut on YouTube on April 19, 2022. 

Let’s begin our low-cost beekeeping adventure and make a buzz with bottle beehives!


We’ve explored the buzzing world of beekeeping through the lens of these remarkable YouTube channels. 

Each creator has provided a unique perspective, from Texas Beeworks’ expert insights to Beekeeping Made Simple’s helpful tips. 

Whether you’re a seasoned beekeeper or a curious beginner, these channels will provide you with a lot of information and inspiration. 

So, grab your beekeeping suit and embark on a journey filled with honey, hives, and the captivating world of bees! Happy beekeeping!



What are the top 10 best Beekeeping YouTube channels?

According to recent reports, These are the top 10 best Beekeeping YouTube channels:

  1. Texas Beeworks
  2. Flow Hive
  3. Barnyard Bees
  4. Phil Chandler: Barefoot Beekeeper
  5. Beekeeping Made Simple 
  6. Bee Keeping India 
  7. Beekeeping With Natalee 
  8. Castle Hives
  9. Bee Lab 
  10. Bottle Beekeeping

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