10 Best Free Fire Youtube Channels 2024 (Updated)

What is the Best Free Fire Youtube Channel?

Are you a Free Fire enthusiast searching for the best channels to enhance your gaming experience? 

Look no further! I got you covered. I’ve gathered the most amazing and skilled content creators dedicated to all things Free Fire. 

Get ready to level up your skills, learn from the pros, and join an awesome gaming community. 

Let’s jump into the thrilling world of Free Fire and discover the top 10 channels that will take your gaming to new heights!

List of Top 10 Best Free Fire Youtube Channels

I have compiled the best 10 channels that will enhance your gaming experience…!

1. Total Gaming

  • Channel Subscriber: 35.6M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 5.6B
  • Channel Videos: 1.2K videos

Total Gaming is the globally renowned number-one Free Fire YouTube channel with a whopping 35.6 million subscribers and 1.2K videos.

Led by the energetic gamer Ajay (also known as Ajju Bhai), this channel is all about having fun while playing PC games and mobile games.

Ajay shares thrilling gameplay from Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, Pubg, and GTA 5, all while providing Hindi commentary.

Total Gaming has amassed an amazing 5,604,143,888 views since its inception in December 2018, thrilling gamers worldwide with intriguing content. 

Join Total Gaming on this amazing journey as he gives endless excitement and gaming advantages to his devoted viewers!

2. AS Gaming

  • Channel Subscriber: 19.8M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 2.86B
  • Channel Videos: 1.2K videos 

Sahil Rana is the creative mind behind AS Gaming, the second-largest Free Fire YouTube channel with 19.8 million subscribers and 1.2K videos.

He is a talented Indian gamer, who earned enormous fame with Free Fire-related videos, captivating a massive global audience.

Originally releasing gameplay videos of Free Fire, GTA V, and Minecraft, Sahil’s Free Fire content became the driving aspect behind his channel’s success. 

Since its launch on October 26, 2016, the channel has received 2,865,704,902 views.

Additionally, Sahil oversees six additional YouTube channels, each of which provides his devoted viewers with a variety of engaging content.

AS Gaming now has a range of content, such as mini-vlogs, challenge videos, and pranks. 

Join Sahil on AS Gaming for an incredible journey filled with endless entertainment!

3. Lokesh Gamer

  • Channel Subscriber:  15.3M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 1.64B
  • Channel Videos: 1.4K videos

Lokesh Raj Singh, popularly known as Lokesh Gamer, is an Indian YouTuber and E-sports Gamer who has taken the gaming world by storm. 

His YouTube channel, “Lokesh Gamer,” has garnered immense fame for its captivating videos of Garena Free Fire.

He often collaborates on new Free Fire material alongside popular gamers like AS Gaming and Gyan Gaming.

Lokesh is affectionately known as the ‘Diamond King’ by his avid fans.

He has achieved enormous success at such a young age, as evidenced by his main channel, “Lokesh Gamer,” and his second channel, “LR7 GAMING,” which have over 1.12 million subscribers. 

Lokesh regularly streams the fast-paced battle royale Free Fire on “LR7 GAMING,” demonstrating his exceptional gaming skills.

He also has three other channels: LR7 Tech (7.6K subscribers), Super Loki (6.44K subscribers), and LR7 Vlogs (6.95K subscribers).

4. Gyan Gaming

  • Channel Subscriber: 14.5M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 2.24B 
  • Channel Videos: 3.1K videos

Gyan Gaming is a renowned YouTube channel with a massive following of 14.5 million subscribers and an impressive collection of 3.1K videos

Led by the talented Indian gamer GyanSujan. This channel offers exciting gameplay from PC games and Mobile Games. 

From Garena Free Fire and Fortnite to Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Call Of Duty Mobile, Pubg Mobile, and Garena Free Fire Max, GyanGaming has something for every gaming enthusiast. 

With Hindi commentary, GyanSujan brings a unique touch to his content. Since its inception in September 2017, the channel has received 2,246,667,239 views. 

Sujan Mistri, known as Gyan Gaming in the online gaming world, stands as a prominent figure in the ever-growing gaming and content creation industry. 

5. Desi Gamers 

  • Channel Subscriber:  13.7M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 2.16B
  • Channel Videos: 1.3K videos

Desi Gamers is a remarkable YouTube channel with over 13.7 million subscribers and an accumulation of over 1.3K videos.

This channel, led by renowned gamer Amit Sharma, also known as Amit Bhai, has captivated people since its beginning in May 2015, garnering an amazing 2,16B views.

But that’s not all; Amit’s gaming prowess extends beyond Desi Gamers, as he manages four more intriguing channels, including Desi Army, Desi Gamers Esports, Desi Shorts, and Amit Sharma.

With an average video view count of 2-3 million, Desi Gamers’ content resonates with a massive audience, delivering unlimited amusement and amazing gaming adventures.

Join Desi Gamers and explore the fascinating world of online gaming with Amit!

6. Nitin Free Fire 

  • Channel Subscriber: 12.2M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 2.08B
  • Channel Videos: 781 videos

Nitin Free Fire is a dynamic YouTube channel with a whopping 12.2 million subscribers and an incredible 2.08 billion views.

Since joining the platform on November 26, 2019, this channel has entertained fans with 781 videos in various categories linked to the exhilarating game Free Fire. 

Nitin Free Fire features a variety of intriguing stuff, including unknown and mysterious Free Fire facts, thrilling updates, YouTube Shorts videos, engaging gaming content, and amazing giveaways. 

But that’s not all; Nitin Tiwari also runs a second channel, Nitin Official, which has 346K subscribers. 

Join Nitin Tiwari on Free Fire on a voyage of never-ending fun and excitement as they bring the world of Free Fire to life.

7. Two Side Gamers

  • Channel Subscriber: 12M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 2.19B
  • Channel Videos: 1.9K videos

Two Side Gamers is an exhilarating gaming channel with an impressive 12 million subscribers and a remarkable collection of 1.9K videos.

Operated by cousins Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka, this channel takes you on adventurous gaming escapades including Garena Free Fire, GTA V, Fall Guys, and Among Us. 

Additionally, they treat their viewers to special vlogs every Sunday. Since its inception in September  2018, Two Side Gamers has garnered an incredible 2,188,577,850 views.

Two Side Gamers is India’s first duo gaming channel, as well as the exclusive live-streaming platform for Garena Free Fire. 

Their gaming prowess earned them the opportunity to represent India at the eSports Free Fire Champions Cup events in August 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Bangkok, Thailand. 

8. Live Insaan

  • Channel Subscriber: 10.5M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 2.17B
  • Channel Videos: 423 videos

Nischay Malhan is the creative brain behind Live Insaan and Triggered Insaan, a renowned Indian YouTuber based in New Delhi. 

Since joining in November 2017, it has amassed a remarkable 10.5 million subscribers and an incredible 2,17B views.

Nischay is known for his gaming content, which focuses on Minecraft and GTA. He entertains his audience through live-streaming and interesting videos. 

Live Insaan demonstrates Nischay’s talent and passion as a content creator, making him a popular persona in the YouTube community.

In April 2020, Live Insaan began a fascinating collaboration with Mythpat, playing Grand Theft Auto 5 together and embarking on daring fictitious missions. 

His diversified output includes a 25-video survival series, a 3-video hardcore series, and several videos in the Gokuldham SMP. 

In addition, Live Insaan frequently gives his fans Minecraft streams ranging from casual gameplay to daring challenges, ensuring his content remains lively and intriguing.

9. Badge 99

  • Channel Subscriber: 9.62M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 1.29B
  • Channel Videos: 647 videos

Badge 99 is a renowned Free Fire content creator on YouTube, owned and operated by Bharat Singh from Uttarakhand, India. 

He has become a prominent figure in the Free Fire community, with an impressive subscriber count of 9.62 million and a massive collection of 648 videos since May 2, 2018. 

He has two other channels: Badge99 Live has 1.6 million subscribers, and Badge99 Shorts has 108K subscribers.

Bharat bravely accepts challenges from veteran players such as Ajjubhai from Total Gaming and Amitbhai from Desi Gamers, demonstrating his gaming prowess. 

Badge 99’s performance metrics are as impressive, with a winning record of 18.23% in squad encounters, 9.33% in pair matches, and 7.37% in solo matchups. 

He continues to fascinate his audience with intense Free Fire gameplay, including an amazing K/D ratio and an impressive number of enemies defeated,

10. Born2Kill 

  • Channel Subscriber: 9.12M subscribers
  • Channel Views: 622.96M or 0.62B
  • Channel Videos: 433 videos

Born2Kill is a successful YouTube channel with 9.12 million subscribers and a passion for Battle Royale gaming, led by Italian star player Moez Mansouri.

Alongside Moez, his brother Walid also contributes to the channel’s success. 

They present the highest-ranking in-game footage and live streams as professional players and streamers, compelling a global audience. 

Born2Kill creates exciting content for games such as Apex Legends, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Valorant, CSGO, and Warzone 2.0. 

Moez, the AWM legend in Free Fire, has an impressive K/D rate of 8 and excels in solo vs. squad battles.

His gaming ability astounds fans, with 34,656 kills and a K/D ratio of 7.35 in squad mode.


These top 10 Best Free Fire YouTube channels have captivated millions of fans worldwide with their exhilarating gameplay, engaging content, and exceptional skills. 

These YouTubers have established a solid community of gaming enthusiasts through action-packed battles and insightful tips and tactics. 

These channels provide fans with an immersive gaming experience, whether it’s solo vs. squad challenges, furious duos, or epic squad matches.

Join the experience and share in the thrill as these YouTube gamers continue to revolutionize the gaming world.



Is Free Fire exclusively popular in India?

Free Fire games are popular not only in India, but throughout the world.

Who is The Number 1 Free Fire YouTuber in the world?

Ajay, also known as Ajjubhai is the brain behind Total Gaming, the world’s biggest Free Fire YouTube channel. 

Who is the best Free Fire player?

TSG Jash is one of the world’s top 1% players and absolutely one of the best Free Fire players.

Who popularized Free Fire?

The Garena game popularizes free fire.

Are there any other popular Free Fire YouTubers here?

Yes, according to reports, the following are the other popular Free Fire YouTube Channels:

  1. Black Flag Army – 8.1M subscribers
  2. UnGraduate Gamer – 8.07M subscribers
  3. HELPING GAMER – 7.79M subscribers
  4. Happy Prince Gaming – 6.95M subscribers
  5. Laka Gaming – 6.47M subscribers
  6. Sooneeta – 5.66M subscribers
  7. STAR GAMERS – 4.52M subscribers
  8. FF ANTARYAMI – 4.45M subscribers
  9. PAYAL GAMING – 3.2M subscribers
  10. KAAL YT – 2.82M subscribers

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