10 Best Colleen Coble Books 2024 (Updated)

Which are the best books by Colleen Coble?

Colleen Coble is a popular American author known for her romantic suspense novels, particularly in the Christian fiction genre. She was born on January 19, 1952, in Wabash, Indiana. 

Coble has written numerous books, including series such as the Rock Harbor, Sunset Cove, and Hope Beach series. Her writing often combines elements of mystery, romance, and faith. 

Coble’s stories typically revolve around strong female protagonists who find themselves in perilous situations and must navigate through various twists and turns to uncover the truth and find redemption. 

Coble’s novels have garnered a wide readership and critical acclaim. She is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author and has received several awards for her work in the Christian fiction genre. 

She continues to write and release new novels, captivating readers with her blend of suspense, romance, and faith-based storytelling.

List of Top 10 Books by Colleen Coble

I have made a list of the top 10 books by Colleen Coble for you. Keep reading..!

1. The Inn at Ocean’s Edge (2015)

In “The Inn at Ocean’s Edge,” Claire Dellamore’s trip to the beautiful Sunset Cove takes an unexpected turn when she experiences a strange memory lapse, followed by the discovery of a missing person’s photograph with her name on the back. 

Determined to uncover the truth, Claire teams up with Luke Rocco, a local historian, to delve into her past and the mysteries surrounding her family.

 As they unearth dark secrets and face life-threatening dangers, Claire and Luke’s search for answers leads them to a stunning revelation that will change their lives forever.

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2. Without a Trace (2003)

Without a Trace” introduces readers to Bree Nicholls, a young woman who returns to her hometown of Rock Harbor, Michigan, after a devastating divorce. 

In her quest to rebuild her life, Bree takes up a job as a search-and-rescue worker, teaming up with her search dog, Samson. 

When a young woman goes missing, Bree becomes entangled in the investigation, and her determination to find the truth leads her down a dangerous path. 

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3. Mermaid Moon (2016)

In “Mermaid Moon,” Mallory Davis returns to her family’s home in Mermaid Point, Maine, after receiving news of her father’s mysterious death. While dealing with her grief, Mallory becomes convinced that her father’s fatal boat accident was not an accident at all. 

Determined to uncover the truth, she teams up with Kevin O’Connor, a childhood friend, and local dive-shop owner. As they dig deeper into Mallory’s father’s past, they uncover a web of secrets and dangers that could put their lives at risk. 

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4. Haven of Swans (2017)

Haven of Swans” follows a young woman named Kirsten Clark, who returns to her hometown of Haven, Maine, after receiving news of her sister’s mysterious disappearance. 

As Kirsten digs deeper into her sister’s vanishing, she uncovers a secret government experiment and realizes her sister’s life may be in danger. 

With the help of a handsome federal agent named Dane, Kirsten must navigate a treacherous world of deception and betrayal to bring her sister home safely. 

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5. The View from Rainshadow Bay (2018)

The View from Rainshadow Bay” introduces readers to Shauna McDade, a widow, and mother who runs a café in the coastal town of Lavender Tides. 

When her friend and business partner are found dead, Shauna is devastated and determined to uncover the truth behind the murder. As she delves into the investigation, she crosses paths with Zach Bannister, a Coast Guard officer who is also seeking answers. 

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6. The Lightkeeper’s Daughter (2019)

In “The Lightkeeper’s Daughter,” Addie Sullivan lives with her father, the lighthouse keeper on Mercy Falls island. When a shipwreck washes a man ashore, suffering from amnesia, Addie rescues him and tends to his injuries. 

As she helps him piece together his past, they grow closer, but danger lurks in the shadows. Addie soon realizes that the man’s presence on the island may be connected to a mystery from her own family’s history. 

As they uncover the truth, they find themselves entangled in a web of secrets, betrayal, and unexpected romance.

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7. Lonestar Sanctuary (2008)

Lonestar Sanctuary” introduces readers to Animal Control Officer Jo O’Reilly, who has dedicated her life to protecting animals. When a tornado hits a small Texas town, Jo rescues a wounded stranger who has no memory of his past. 

As they work together to save the abandoned animals left behind in the storm’s aftermath, Jo begins to fall for this mysterious man. But their blossoming romance is threatened by his hidden identity and the dangerous forces that want to keep his past a secret.

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8. Rosemary Cottage (2013)

In “Rosemary Cottage,” Kate Mason returns to Hope Beach, North Carolina, to recover from a failed engagement and to renovate her great-grandmother’s cottage. 

As she begins her restoration project, she discovers a hidden diary that unravels family secrets and leads her to suspect foul play surrounding her mother’s death. 

To uncover the truth, Kate teams up with local handyman, Drake Graham, but their investigation puts them in grave danger. Together, they must confront the past and face the present dangers to find answers and a chance at love.

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9. Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (2016)

In “Twilight at Blueberry Barrens,” Colleen Coble takes readers back to the picturesque coastal town of Sunset Cove. The story follows the lives of two sisters, Kate and Claire Mason, who have experienced their fair share of tragedy. 

Kate, a single mother, struggles to make ends meet by running a blueberry farm while raising her young daughter. Claire, on the other hand, has built a successful career as a lawyer in the city. 

When Kate discovers an unconscious man near her property, she takes him in, unaware that he holds the key to a dangerous secret. 

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10. Secrets at Cedar Cabin (2019)

Secrets at Cedar Cabin” is part of the Lavender Tides series by Colleen Coble. The story revolves around Bailey Fleming, who seeks solace and a fresh start in Lavender Tides after a tumultuous past. 

Bailey’s life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a newborn baby in the woods near her cabin. 

Determined to find the baby’s mother and uncover the truth behind the mysterious circumstances, Bailey embarks on a journey that leads her to confront her dark secrets. 

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What genre does Colleen Coble write in?

Colleen Coble primarily writes in the romantic suspense genre, often with a touch of faith-based storytelling. 

Are Colleen Coble’s books standalone or part of a series?

Colleen Coble has written both standalone novels and series. 

Does Colleen Coble incorporate Christian themes in her books?

Yes, Colleen Coble’s books often incorporate Christian themes and values. 

What are some of Colleen Coble’s most popular series?

Some of Colleen Coble’s well-loved series include the Rock Harbor series, the Sunset Cove series, the Lavender Tides series, and the Hope Beach series. 

Has Colleen Coble won any awards for her writing?

Yes, Colleen Coble has received recognition and awards for her work in the Christian fiction genre.


Colleen Coble is a renowned author known for her romantic suspense novels in the Christian fiction genre. With a captivating blend of mystery, romance, and faith-based storytelling, she has attracted a wide readership and achieved bestseller status. 

Coble’s works include standalone novels as well as series, such as the Rock Harbor, Sunset Cove, Lavender Tides, and Mercy Falls series. These series allow readers to follow recurring characters and interconnected storylines across multiple books.

Whether you’re a fan of romantic suspense, or Christian fiction, or simply enjoy well-crafted storytelling, Colleen Coble’s books provide a compelling reading experience. 


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