10 Best Chris Bohjalian Books 2024 (Updated)

Which are the best books by Chris Bohjalian?

Chris Bohjalian is an American author known for his works of fiction, including novels and short stories. Bohjalian’s writing often explores complex and thought-provoking themes such as human relationships, identity, and social issues.

Bohjalian has written numerous novels, many of which have become bestsellers and have been translated into multiple languages. 

Some of his notable works include “Midwives” (1997), “The Double Bind” (2007), “The Great Gatsby”; and “The Flight Attendant” (2018).

Bohjalian’s writing style is often characterized by his ability to create vivid and relatable characters, as well as his skill in crafting compelling narratives that keep readers engaged. His works frequently tackle ethical dilemmas and explore the complexities of human nature.

In addition to his novels, Bohjalian has also written for various publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe. 

He has received numerous awards for his writing, and several of his novels have been adapted into films or stage productions.

List of Top 10 best books by Chris Bohjalian

I have made a list of the top 10 books by Chris Bohjalian for when you’re looking for your next engaging read. Keep reading..!

1. Midwives (1997)

Midwives” is a gripping and thought-provoking novel centered around Sibyl Danforth, a midwife who finds herself on trial for manslaughter. 

Set in rural Vermont, the story unfolds when a home birth she attends takes an unexpected turn, resulting in the death of the mother. Sibyl is faced with a life-or-death decision: should she attempt to save the baby by performing an emergency Caesarean section on her own? 

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2. The Sandcastle Girls (2012)

The Sandcastle Girls” is a poignant and powerful historical novel that sheds light on the Armenian Genocide during World War I. The story follows Elizabeth Endicott, a young American woman who volunteers in Syria during the war. 

She becomes deeply involved with Armen, an Armenian engineer who has lost his wife and daughter during the deportation and massacre of Armenians. 

As Elizabeth learns about the harrowing experiences of Armenians and witnesses the atrocities committed against them, she becomes committed to helping the survivors and raising awareness of the genocide. 

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3. The Flight Attendant (2018)

The Flight Attendant” is a thrilling and suspenseful novel that revolves around Cassandra Bowden, a flight attendant with a tendency for heavy drinking and making reckless choices. 

After waking up in a Dubai hotel room next to a dead body with no memory of what happened, Cassie finds herself embroiled in a web of deception, danger, and international intrigue. 

Determined to unravel the truth, she navigates her way through a labyrinth of lies and uncovers shocking secrets that threaten her life. 

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4. The Guest Room (2016)

The Guest Room” is a gripping and provocative novel that explores the repercussions of a bachelor party gone horribly wrong. The story centers around Richard Chapman, a devoted family man who offers his home for his brother’s bachelor party. 

However, the night takes a tragic turn when two professional escorts hired for the party end up killing their Russian mobster clients. 

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5. Before You Know Kindness (2004)

In “Before You Know Kindness,” Chris Bohjalian delves into the complexities of family relationships and the ethical issues surrounding animal rights. The novel centers around the Seton family, whose lives are forever altered when a tragic accident involving a gun occurs. 

Spencer, the family’s ten-year-old daughter, accidentally shoots her sister Charlotte, setting off a chain of events that challenges their bonds and beliefs.

As Charlotte fights for her life, her mother, Julia, is consumed by guilt and wrestles with her own troubled past. Meanwhile, her father, Thomas, a successful animal rights activist, faces a crisis of conscience. 

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6. Skeletons at the Feast (2008)

Set against the backdrop of the final months of World War II, “Skeletons at the Feast” follows the lives of a German family and a captured British airman as they navigate the chaos and brutality of war. 

The Emmerichs, once an affluent German family, are forced to flee their ancestral home in East Prussia as the Red Army advances. With their son missing in action and their daughter struggling to adapt, the Emmerichs embark on a perilous journey westward.

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7. The Light in the Ruins (2013)

The Light in the Ruins” is a compelling blend of historical fiction and mystery, set in Italy during World War II and the aftermath. The novel centers around the Rosati family, an aristocratic Italian family, and their experiences as the war unfolds. 

As the Nazi occupation tightens its grip on Italy, the family finds themselves torn apart by loyalty, betrayal, and the enduring effects of their choices.

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8. The Sleepwalker (2017)

In “The Sleepwalker,” Chris Bohjalian weaves a gripping and atmospheric tale of mystery and family secrets. The story revolves around Annalee Ahlberg, a wife, and mother who suffers from a rare sleep disorder called parasomnia, causing her to wander at night. 

One night, Annalee disappears, leaving behind her family in turmoil and searching for answers. 

As her husband, Warren, and their two daughters, Lianna and Paige, grapple with Annalee’s sudden absence, they uncover unsettling truths about her condition and the secrets she kept hidden. 

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9. Trans-Sister Radio (2000)

Trans-Sister Radio” explores themes of gender identity, love, and acceptance. 

The story follows four central characters: Dana Stevens, a male-to-female transsexual who transitions to live as a woman named Allison; her partner, Grace; their teenage daughter, Carly; and Michael, a professor who falls in love with Allison. 

As Allison’s transformation becomes public knowledge, their small town becomes a cauldron of controversy, testing the limits of compassion and understanding. 

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10. Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands (2014)

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands” is a haunting and emotionally charged novel set in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. 

The story centers around Emily Shepard, a sixteen-year-old girl whose life is upended when an accident at the local nuclear power plant devastates her community. 

Forced to evacuate, Emily finds herself alone and on the run, navigating the dangerous and chaotic landscape of a post-disaster world. As she grapples with her own guilt and loss, Emily clings to her love for poetry and a deep connection with her favorite author.

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What genres does Chris Bohjalian write in?

Chris Bohjalian writes primarily in the genres of contemporary fiction, historical fiction, psychological suspense, and literary fiction. 

Are Chris Bohjalian’s books based on real events?

Chris Bohjalian’s stories are primarily works of fiction. 

Has Chris Bohjalian won any awards for his writing?

Yes, Chris Bohjalian has received several awards for his writing. 

Have any of Chris Bohjalian’s books been adapted into movies or TV shows?

Yes, some of Chris Bohjalian’s books have been adapted for the screen. 

Are Chris Bohjalian’s books interconnected or part of a series?

Chris Bohjalian’s books are mostly standalone novels.


Chris Bohjalian is a highly acclaimed author known for his compelling and thought-provoking novels. His works span genres such as contemporary fiction, historical fiction, psychological suspense, and literary fiction. 

Whether you’re a fan of literary fiction, historical fiction, or gripping suspense, Chris Bohjalian’s books are worth exploring for their depth, compelling narratives, and exploration of relevant and thought-provoking themes.


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