10 best books on feminine energy You Must Read 2023 (Expert Advice)

These books are all about spirituality and energy and anyone can read them

Well, to begin with, gender is a highly socially constructed concept. You don’t need to be a woman to feel feminine energy. But yes, women definitely can relate to it the most.

So, why am I suggesting these books to everyone? 

Because, even though the title reads “feminine energy”, the lessons and words are meant for everyone out there. 

If you are a reader, you’re probably aware that you don’t judge the book by its title. Or simply give up reading them just because the target audience is women. 

One can read these books for knowledge, to understand human psychology, or maybe just to acknowledge different perspectives; simply for anyone who wants to connect with the feminine energy.

Top 10 Best Books On Feminine Energy Everyone Must Read

These pieces of art, in the form of books, are meant for everyone out there, regardless of their gender. Hence, I have made a list of the 10 best books on feminine energy you must read to gain something for your soul.

1. Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (2008)

The very first book on feminine energy is a brilliant work of art. The masterpiece “Women Who Run With The Wolves” is about the knowledgeable and timeless influence of the psyche of women which is responsible for their imagination, strength, and vitality.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes informs us about the “wild woman”. This “wild” woman has been suppressed for ages by a male-oriented system of values that belittles the feelings of women. 

Estes demonstrates that “the wild woman” in us is intrinsically strong, ardent, and smart, using a blend of historic and modern cases.

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2. Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent (2011)

“Wild Feminine” invites every woman to journey deep into the core of her feminine form, to her origin and center.

The wisdom of a female has been condensed into this handbook for caring, mending, and discovering the feminine essence, by the means of tales, visions, and creative activities.

This book is all about awakening the strength, spirit, and happiness in the feminine body. It creates a unique and integral way to reassess and comprehend the pleasure of the female body to create a flow of a youthful mind.

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3. Goddess Power by Isabella Price and Anodea Judith (2017)

“Goddess Power” takes you deep inside the eternal spirit of the Divine Woman on a wonderful and, sometimes, startling trip. 

You’ll master in this book: 

  • How the path of the Goddess gives a powerful motivation and wisdom. 
  • The significance of restoring a fair balance of “male” and “female” archetypes.
  • That, in western society, the concept of God as an archetypal “Sky Father” is rather recent.
  • Why the Goddess/Sacred Feminine knowledge has, for ages, been neglected, perverted and repressed?
  • How goddesses can function in your career and personal life as guiding principles? And many more. 

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4. Divine Feminine Energy by Angela Grace (2020)

This book on feminine energy will help you with the following:

  • The absurdly simple method you can use to control your brain, increase productivity and remove barriers that weigh you down from grandeur.
  • The deadly errors to prevent when you captivate your dream mate.
  • Why do you destroy modesty and attract substandard existence?
  • How to effortlessly remove the agony of your entire life from your body at home?

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5. Powerful and Feminine by Rachael Jayne Groover (2011)                                 

This book evokes in us the notion that women do not have to portray a dominant personality to gain respect.

You will uncover 35 unique techniques in this inspiring volume by Rachael Jayne Groover, a speaker and spiritual coach for the spiritual growth of women:

35 steps that will immediately improve your presence and charisma.

The 5 blunders that strong, ambitious women make in their relationships with men.

How to get serenity and quit living with a protected heart with your lovely transparency?

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6. Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray (2009)

Miranda Gray in the “Optimized Woman”, offers a proposed plan of realistic day-to-day steps to develop yourself, accomplish your goals, and improve work, which is matched with menstruation periods. 

This book on feminine energy will transform the way women think about their periods, completely.

It will alter the way you live your life, meet your objectives, plan your job, and generate peace and satisfaction.

The reader will certainly be astonished to learn about the one way to self-development, which you may use month by month without abandoning your dedication and drive to fulfill your objectives.

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7. You Are a Goddess by Sophie Bashford (2018)

The intuitive Sophie Bashford leads you on a trip to this very engaging and moving book to encounter nine archetypes of Goddess who will help you:

  • Explore how divinity can spark your spirituality and unravel your feminine healing abilities.
  • Discover how to work with each divinity for self-healing, positive mood change, and empowerment.
  • To contact a divine feminine energy and healing theories consisting of nine archetypes.
  • Fully comprehend the various highs and lows, emotions, and phases of your life through the vision of the divine.

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8. Simply Feminine by Morgan Wonderly (2017)

Simply Feminine takes a fresh look at an infrequently researched topic: Men’s perceptions of women’s femininity.

Morgan Wonderly has discovered eternal insights about women after years of work and chatting thousands of hours with men.

“Simply Feminine” provides males with a voice on an issue that previously had no boundaries. It confirms that women are, undoubtedly, the biggest powers on the globe!

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9. Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh Amara (2014)

HeatherAsh Amara, the best-selling author ofWarrior Goddess Training, offers us the solution to the faulted notion of not being sufficient.

With a clear, genuine, and unexpected approach, Amara shows you how to remove the layers of prejudices and genuinely see yourself as a true, perceptive, wonderful woman. 

The book “Warrior Goddess Training”, draws ideas from Buddhist philosophy, Toltec knowledge, and ancient Earth-based deity.

This book on feminine energy contains personal tales, practices, and activities, which encourage and stimulate you to become the powerful warrior woman that you were always intended to be.

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10. The Indigo Journals by Yol Swan (2015)

The Indigo Journals provides almost all the answers you have been seeking. 

The author leads you on a divine healing path of self and spiritual development, based on her spiritual experiences and inner-channeled communications. 

This book, featuring the tools of feminine energy also includes meetings with enlightened masters to the celestial remembrances that have led to a thorough exploration of the hurt Feminine. 

Also, how to bring forth your secret strength to achieve your goal, to equalize yourself in this very male-dominated environment.

You Can Get The Book Here: The Indigo Journals


These are some of the best books written on femininity, for anyone who is rediscovering their gender identity. 

The words crafted in them do not intend to be “girly” in nature but are more about how to awaken the feminine soul. It’s about how to take a stand in this patriarchal society and embrace your feminine self.

They will also assist you in exploring the mystery of the feminine body and essence. These are some useful lessons for becoming a better version of yourself and realizing your full potential.


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