10 Most Expensive Sports In The World 2022 (Updated)

Have You Watched These Sports, Don’t Get Shocked…?

There are different types of sports in the world. While some of them may be simple, some are complicated. This can be on the basis of the arrangements and costs incurred.

Some sports might be free to watch or might incur minimal costs to watch. But have you ever wondered about how much it costs to execute such games?

There are several costs involved in organizing any sports. These include the equipment, platform, manpower, and sponsorships. 

There are some sports that require high-cost equipment and materials. Such sports take time and engineering to be executed.

This article focuses on the most expensive sports in our world. So, keep reading!

Top 10 Most Expensive Sports In The World

Here is the list of the 10 most expensive sports in the world. The ranking is based on the costs involved in executing the games, equipment, and the people involved.

1. Whitianga Festival of Speed

This festival hosts a multitude of events including the New Zealand Helicopter Championship, aerobatic displays, offshore powerboat racing, jet ski racing, and off-road vehicle demonstrations. 

The events are free for observers. The usage of heavy machinery would prove why this is one of the most expensive sports in the world.

2. Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is a sport played in winter in which competitors aim to achieve the farthest jump after sliding down on their skis from a designed, curved ramp.

It may cost around $93,332 for everything you will need to participate in professional ski jumping. Just don’t forget the travel and insurance costs! You can also seek sponsors.

This sport was first conducted in Norway in the late 19th century, it spread through Europe and North America in the early 20th century.

3. Equestrian

Equestrian is also called horseback riding. It refers to the skill of riding horses. This sport could be played for entertainment purposes and also as a competitive sport.

You will need to buy, train, and maintain a thoroughbred horse, which costs as much as $3,02,653 a year.

4. Polo

Polo is a game played on horseback with two teams of four players, each who uses mallets with long, malleable handles to drive a wooden ball down a grass field and between two goalposts. It is the most ancient equestrian sport.

Organizing a polo match can cost as much as $1,40,114, despite the fact that most polo tournaments are sponsored by renowned companies.

Polo goes mutually with the royal family. Prince William and Prince Harry can often be seen springing on the saddle and taking to the field for a polo charity match.

5. Sailing

Sailing is a sport that requires moving a boat using the power of the wind. This sport was first introduced in Holland, Netherlands. King Charles II brought the sport to England after his eviction in the mid-1600s. 

Thereafter, it spread to other parts of the world. This sport is now recognized as a recreational as well as a social activity.

Be prepared to spend up to $23,767 on the deposit for a sailing craft as well as $1,189 for monthly costs if you want to engage in events like the Vice Admiral’s Cup as well as the Emirates America’s Cup World Series.

6. Bobsledding

Bobsledding is also known as bobsleighing, it is a sport in which a person slides down an ice-covered natural or artificial ramp on a four-runner sled, called a bobsled, bobsleigh, or bob, which carries either two or four persons.

A bobsled could cost around $23,351 without including any equipment or insurance. Just like in F1, most bobsled teams depend on sponsorships to get the required money to take part in events.

7. Formula 1

Formula One is also known as F1 and Formula 1, it is a race between single-seater formula racing cars. 

It is not in the Olympics, but, in the distant past, motor racing was included in the list of games. In the 1900 Summer Olympics, several car races were arranged, and there were even different races for different classes.

Formula 1 is an exceptionally expensive sport. Even the mini teams at the back of the grid have cars that cost just about $21,40,830.

8. Hot Air Ballooning

Ballooning is a daring air sport that involves hovering over a hot-air balloon. Hot-air balloons were used during the late 16th century. 

It was primarily an entertaining activity, but with a balanced increase in the number of people taking part, a competitive sport was derived from it.

Including spending money on training, a hot-air balloon can cost around $18,682. Be prepared to spend more if you want the best features and wish to increase your chances of winning.

9. Wingsuiting

Wingsuit flying is also known as Wingsuiting. It is a sport in which a person skydives using a webbed-sleeve jumpsuit called a wingsuit. It adds a webbed area to the diver’s body and causes increased lift, which allows elongated air time. 

This type of sport can cost around $16,000, plus a commitment of 18 months during which a minimum of 200 freefall jumps can be completed before starting a wing-suit flying course.

10. Modern Pentathlon

Modern pentathlon is a modern Olympic sport, which includes fencing, freestyle swimming, equestrian jumping, pistol shooting, and cross-country running

The event is influenced by the traditional pentathlon clasped during the ancient Olympics. 

Talking about the money incurred, this sport might cost around $13,580.


Listed above are the most expensive sports in the world. Each sport uses expensive animals, cars, boats, weapons, or other equipment.

The usage of these makes them the most expensive. However, nothing is more valuable than your talent and the hard work you put in to succeed in any sport.

Don’t be afraid of failures as failures are the stepping stones toward success. Success brings competitiveness, which motivates you to achieve bigger things.


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