21 Most Expensive Dogs In The World You Must Know

You Just Cannot Ignore the Royalness of These Breeds

Needless to say, dogs are human being’s best friends. Whether your human BFF stays or not, but these pups will stay forever. 

They are your pal during hard times. Will greet you with a lick after you come home. Make you smile with their cuteness and the list goes on. You just cannot resist their sweetness. 

Whether you buy or adopt them, they come at varied costs. Some may bring a Pug or a giant Husky, you have your monthly expenditure. Dog-lovers don’t lie when they say that bringing up dogs is like bringing up human kids. 

Now that you are here, I assume you are too a dog lover. Or just planning for the next member. Whatever it is, I know what you are looking for. 

Hence, I have listed the 21 most expensive dogs below. Many factors determine the price. Maybe it’s the breed. Or maintenance cost. Soon you will get to know. 

List 21 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

Here you can find the most expensive dog in the world. They are mentioned in a descending order. So let’s dive in…!

21. The Hairy Collie Dog Breed $1200

This expensive dog comes from Scotland and North England. They used to look after herds. Now they are a part of the human family. Friendly and cheerful. 

They are 1.8 feet in height. And 62 pounds in weight. These expensive puppies are also easy to train. The average lifespan is between 14-16 years. 

The Hairy Collie will cost you around $1200 or somewhere between $1000 to $5000. But they are always worth the price. Will never make you bored.

20. Newfoundland Dog Breed $1500

They are simple gigantic dogs. They can be found in black, brown, or white-black colors. 

Their life expectancy is 8-10 years. Newfoundlands are of sweet nature. They are known to be gentle and compassionate. 

The average cost of Newfoundland is $1500 or somewhere between $1200 to $3000

19. Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog Breed $3000

They are originally from Peru. Inca Orchids cost up to $3000. They belong to the club of most expensive dog breeds.

They are sighthounds and useful hunters. These dogs do not welcome a very hot climate. 

Peruvian Inca Orchids are very rare. They are grey and hairless. 

18. Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed $3200

 It is an Italian dog breed. They are famous as guard dogs. The life expectancy is 8-10 years. 

Neapolitan Mastiff Dogs are protective of their owners. They are highly obedient and trainable.

They are sold for $3200 or between  $2600 to $5600. 

17. Azawakh Dog Breed $3500

Azawakhs are from West Africa. They are also known as guardian dogs. They also have a speed of miles per hour.  

They can cost you up to $3500. Azawakhs are rare and energetic. They are thin and tall in appearance. They need regular physical activity. 

16. English Bulldog Dog Breed $4300

This dog is recognized as a symbol in England. They are formally raised for dog fights in the UK. But over time, modified its temperament. 

Now they will be your best companion. The breed has a large head with black eyes. 

It has a height of 1.3 feet. And weighs about 66 pounds. They also do not require much exercise. But will have large amounts of food. 

The notable qualities are affection and self-confidence. English Bulldog can cost you nearly $4300 or somewhere between $2500 to $9000.

15. Saluki Dog Breed $5000

Salukis screamed royal with their looks. They originated at least 5000 years ago. And are known for their dignity and gentleness. The Egyptians adorned this brand especially. The people even used to mummify them like a Pharoah after death. 

No doubt, they are glamourous. Salukis can run up to 50 miles/hour, at a great speed. Hence, they are a great companion of the hunters. 

The breed loves a comfortable environment. Since they do not have much fur. 

They can cost nearly $5000 at least. 

14. Chinese Crested Hairless Dog Breed $5000

This breed is originally from China. And has gained patronage in Great Britain. 

Chinese Crested has an estimated value of $5000. They are available in two kinds. One is full of fur. Another without any fur. 

They have soft skin like humans. The skin can be found in several colors. From pale to black. They need regular care. As well as a proper grooming regime. 

They are obedient, gentle, and sensitive. And require careful handling.

13. Akita Dog Breed $6000

Akita comes from Northern Japan. They are mostly seen in mountainous areas. They are famous for their loyalty and intelligence. 

The breed has developed a double coat due to the cold environment. So that they can stay warm. They even have webbed feet, convenient for walking on snow. 

Akita costs almost nearly $6000. But they are worth the price. Due to their good qualities, you definitely would like to keep them. Even they were seen as a status symbol in Japan. 

Only the filthy riches could afford them. They determined the position in the social ladder.

The expenditure list goes on with their feeding and pampering. 

12. Afghan Hound Dog Breed $7000

You must be already jealous of their hair care. They are known for their hair care routine. This sighthound breed was used to hunt prey in Afghanistan. Mainly, in mountains and deserts. 

Their coats always come in handy. They will at least cost you $7000. Yes, their royal looks come at this cost. 

Afghan Hounds are an independent dog breed. They are also great at being family dogs. Due to their playful nature. 

They are even reputed for their stubbornness and difficulty to train. Also, infamous for being dumb sometimes. 

11. Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed $7200

They serve as both hunters and protectors. This breed is actually from Siberia. Hence, they need careful handling by the owners and breeders. 

They can be bought at $7200.

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is cuteness personified. They are known for their fluffy feather tails. They persistently need an active schedule. So that they can retain their prime condition. 

10. Pharaoh Hound Dog Breed $7500

Pharaoh Hound has always been one of the most expensive dog breeds. They are simple hunting dogs. They were initially used for hunting rabbits. 

The Hounds also originate from Egypt. The breed is also represented in artwork and literature. They were even taken to walks around pyramid constructions. Weird how they still exist. 

The noble breed was always around the riches. They were pretty expensive themselves.

The Hounds are only bred in Malta now. These expensive puppies cost around $75000 due to its rarity. 

9. Dogo Argentino Dog Breed $8000

The next in the most expensive dog breed is Dogo Argentino. They are specially bred for hunting purposes. They are no pushover. 

The breed is famous for its fearless nature. They are great companions. For their energetic and powerful aspects. They also have a strong instinct to protect their families. 

Dogo Argentino will cost you about $8000. Also to remember, they are illegal in many countries. Due to their aggressive temperament. 

Dogo(s) are not really great at being friends with other dogs too.  

8. German Shepherd Dog Breed $9000

They are a perfect working breed. They were formally raised to look after sheep herds. Now they are more of a family dog. 

German Shepherds can fulfill demanding tasks. And are mainly employed in police tasks.  They are known for their privileged muscular body. Also, they are extremely loyal. 

They can cost you up to $9000 for all the maintenance. The life expectancy is up to 9 to 13 years. 

7. Rottweiler Dog Breed $9000

This is a stout breed with strong jaws. Considered an ideal guardian and police dog. But many fear them for their appearance. Though they can also be docile and obedient. 

Never train Rottweiler in an aggressive environment. Or else the result will be the opposite. They need special care when it is about their health. 

It reaches up to 2.2 feet in height. And a weight of 99 to 132 pounds. 

Buying this breed will make you pay up to $9000.

6. Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed $10000

They look exactly like a teddy bear. Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog breed in the world. 

It is said that a Chinese millionaire paid up to 1.6 million dollars. The wealthy Chinese people do not even hesitate to pay for this dog. 

They are not only beautiful but also faithful. They measure around 2.3 feet. 

These are generally quiet ones. But when provoked, can become ferocious.

It will cost you around $10000.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed $10500

Unsurprisingly, they are a hell of expensive. King Charles II was fond of this breed. 

They are small but charismatic. Spaniels are fantastic in bonding with humans. Even loved for not making much fuss with others. 

This affectionate breed can cost up to $10500. Their monthly maintenance will take away your bucks. 

4. Chow Chow Dog Breed $11000

This breed is from North China. It is one of the oldest breeds. Known for being a watchdog and companion in China. 

This pet will be very attentive to you. They need socialization techniques for training. 

They do have a territorial instinct. The height can reach up to 1.8 feet. And the weight of 66 pounds. 

Living with this breed will cost you around $11000.

3. Lowchen Dog Breed $12000

They are easily sold at $12000 or more. Making them the most expensive dog breed. 

Lowchen is agile and competitive by nature. They have a lifespan of 12-14 years.

They are also known for their sporty colors. Hence, they are a great family dog. They too have proved their worth as guardian dogs. 

2. Samoyed Dog Breed $14000

These are technically very furry dogs. They are intelligent and independent. They are a great family dog. Hence, don’t leave them alone for a long time. 

Though they have destructive and depressive temperaments. 

Samoyed shed a lot of hair. The height is around 1.9 feet. And weighs nearly 66 pounds. They also require a lot of healthy diets. 

This expensive dog breed can cost you up to $14000.

1. The American Bully Dog Breed $15000

The American Bully is a mixed breed of American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull.  No wonder, this is one of the most expensive dogs. This breed is a result of a few breeding experiments. 

They weigh nearly 110 pounds. With only a height of 20 inches. They are also easy to train. So you have one thing less to worry about. 

They may not look great but greatly sought after. This Bully Dog will cost you around $15000.

They are gentle breeds with a heart of gold.


The price of the breeds can vary from place to place. As well as the center you are buying from. You can also find them at the shelter at lower costs. 

The total costs can also double with pampering. But these expensive dogs are worth a buy. 

Whether your human friend stays or not, they are going to stay forever.

I hope this article has helped you to find the most expensive dog in the world.


P.S: This article was written with a clear intention to help you. Especially the dog lovers.

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