Martin Eberhard Net Worth 2023: Inventor, Tesla (Updated)

What is Martin Eberhard’s Net Worth? (Latest Report)

Net Worth $500 Million 
Birth May 15, 1960
Age 63 years 
Birthplace Berkeley, California, United States 
Source of Wealth Inventor, Engineer
Last Updated 2023

Martin Eberhard is an American inventor, engineer, as well as entrepreneur. As of 2023, he boasts a net worth of $500 Million. He co-founded Tesla, Inc. along with Marc Tarpenning in 2003.

He founded Tiveni Inc. in 2018. He also founded NuvoMedia and the Rocket eBook. He retired in 2022.

He served as Tesla’s chairman and CEO until late 2007. He was inducted into the University of Illinois Engineering Hall of Fame in the year 2015.

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Martin Eberhard Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real Name Martin Eberhard
Also Known AsMartin Eberhard
Birth Date May 15, 1960
Age63 years
Gender Male 
Horoscope N/A
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Christian 
Religion Christianity 
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married 
Spouse/Girlfriend Carolyn Eberhard
Children’s N/A
Net Worth $500 Million 
Profession American inventor, Engineer 

How Was Martin Eberhard’s Early Life And Education?

Martin Eberhard was born on May 15, 1960, in Berkeley, California in the United States. He grew up in Kensington, California. It’s a community in the Berkeley Hills.

He did his education at York Community High School. It is situated in Elmhurst, Illinois in the United States of America.

He completed his higher studies at the University of Illinois situated at Urbana-Champaign. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 1982.

He completed his master’s degree in electrical engineering in 1984. He completed it at the same University.

How Did Martin Eberhard Start His Career?

Martin Eberhard began as an electrical engineer at Wyse Technology. There he designed his first product, WY-30 ASCII computer terminal. 

He co-founded Network Computing Devices in 1987. Then in 1992, he served as a chief engineer.

In 1996, he founded NuvoMedia with Marc Tarpenning. There they developed the first e-book with secure internet delivery of content. It was named the Rocket eBook

Eberhard served as chairman and CEO of NuvoMedia. Later in 2000, it was acquired by Gemstar.

He later co-founded Tesla with Marc Tarpenning in June 2003. He became the first CEO of Tesla Motors. It was an electric car company.

In 2007, he was fired for “providing false information” to the company’s board. Allegations of deception and fraud were put upon him.

Between 2009 and 2011, he worked as the director of EVs for Volkswagen’s Electronics Research Lab. 

Later between October 2017 and July 2018, he was appointed to the role of CTO of SF Motors Inc.

He founded Tiveni, a battery company in 2018. He either left or ended it in December 2021.

He is still a partner at Wardenclyffe Partners LLC.

In January 2022, Martin Eberhard updated his profile to “retired” and “enjoying life.”

Martin Eberhard’s Personal Life

Martin Eberhard was born in Berkeley, California in the United States. He was raised in Kensington, California. He completed his education there.

Reflecting on his personal life, he is married. He is married to Carolyn Eberhard. They two met at the University of Illinois. 

How Does Martin Eberhard Make Money?

  • Earnings as an engineer
  • Earnings as a CEO
  • Earnings from partnerships
  • Earnings as a Founder
  • Earnings as a Director
  • Earnings as a Chairman

Martin Eberhard’s Filmography

  • Nova (2008)
  • Revenge of the Electric Car (2011)

Martin Eberhard’s Social Media Accounts

Major Career Highlights

  • He was appointed as an engineer at Wyse Technology in 1983. He worked there till 1987.
  • He became the co-founder of Network Computing Devices, Inc. in 1987. He worked there as a chief engineer till 1991.
  • In 1997 he founded NuvoMedia Inc. He worked there as CEO till 2000.
  • Between 2002 and 2003 he worked as GM in Residence for Packet Design and VP of Product Development for Precision I/O.
  • In 2003 he co-founded Tesla Motors. He became the CEO. He was fired in 2007.
  • He worked as Entrepreneur in Residence for Mayfield Fund between 2008 and 2009.
  • He became the Director of EV Development at Volkswagen Group of America Electronics Research Laboratory in 2009. He worked there till 2011.
  • In 2015 he became the VP for Atieva. He worked there for a concise period.
  • In 2016 he became the Chairman and CTO of Inevit Inc. He remained there till 2017.
  • He was appointed as Chief Strategy Officer of SF Motors Inc. in 2017. He served there till 2018
  • In 2018 he founded Tiveni, Inc. and became the CTO and Chairman. He quit it in 2021.
  • He has been a partner of Wardenclyffe Partners LLC since 2013.
  • He declared himself retired in 2022.

Martin Eberhard’s Quotes

“A key element to be a successful entrepreneur is a certain amount of naiveté, because if you actually know how hard the problem is when you set out, you don’t do it.” 

Martin Eberhard

“We’re not just juggling a lot of balls. We’re juggling knives and chainsaws and burning things. We have to catch every one of them, and we have to catch them by their handles.”

Martin Eberhard

“Without plug-in capability, a hybrid is just a gasoline-powered car with some fancy hardware” 

Martin Eberhard

Success Lessons From Martin Eberhard

  • Never be afraid of failure.
  • Keep inspiring yourself.
  • Keep doing something meaningful to add value to life.
  • Always follow your rules and values while working. 


Martin Eberhard is an American inventor, engineer, as well as entrepreneur. 

He served as Tesla’s chairman and CEO. He was fired in 2007. He founded Tiveni Inc. in 2018. 

He is currently a partner of Wardenclyffe Partners LLC since 2013. He declared himself retired in January 2022. 

I hope he has inspired you to take action in your life.

According to the latest report, the net worth of Martin Eberhard is $500 Million…!


Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some of the questions asked about Martin Eberhard.

Who is Martin Eberhard?

Martin Eberhard is an American inventor, engineer, as well as entrepreneur.

Who is Martin Eberhard’s Wife?

Martin Eberhard is married to Carolyn Eberhard.

Where does Martin Eberhard live?

Martin Eberhard lives in California, United States of America.

What is Martin Eberhard’s net worth?

Martin Eberhard has a total net worth of $500 Million.

Why did Martin Eberhard leave Tesla?

Martin Eberhard was fired for “providing false information” to the company’s board. Allegations of deception and fraud were put upon him.

What does Martin Eberhard do now?

Martin Eberhard is currently retired. 

(PS: This is not the exact net worth of Martin Eberhard. The amount may vary.)

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