10 Easy Ways On How To Get Over a Breakup (Expert Advice)

It is high time to move on. You can’t just stay there forever 

Yes, a breakup hurts the most. I agree. And what’s harder is to move on. But now you need to accept what’s gone is gone. You can’t cry over the same thing again and again. 

So, what to do now? Accept the truth and move on! Your life doesn’t revolve around relationships. You are more than that. There’s so much to work on. 

Whatever the reason behind the breakup might be, you need to stand up again. Enough of crying and eating ice creams, now you got to wipe your tears. 

If you don’t know how to get over a breakup, then scroll down!

I have listed 10 easy ways. And trust me, these worked for me. So, I am pretty sure these will work for you, too. 

1. Acceptance Rather Than Avoidance 

The very first step on how to get over a breakup is acceptance. 

After our heartbreak, we tend to keep ourselves busy so that we do not get reminded of the incident. And that’s where we go wrong. 

Do not distract yourself with every tiny thing. Distractions are temporary, not permanent. You are going to run out of them. You will have to face reality someday. 

So accept your fate. Yes, I know it’s hard, but it’s the right thing to do. Take your time. Write the things that hurt you down if you want. Talk with someone. Cry as much as you want. Be sad as much as you want, and look forward to a better future. 

This is not the end of the world. 

2. Throw Away The Gifts 

I am sure the last thing you want now is to get reminded of your past love. 

So, here the next step is to throw away the things that remind you of that person. 

You don’t know the power of objects. They can take you back to the darkest memories too. 

Give away things to people in need. Or maybe burn them down. If they are expensive, hand them down to your distant cousins or friends. 

This will also lift a burden off your heart. 

3. Take a Break From That Person 

The third step in how to getting over a breakup is to take a break from that person. Even if you guys have agreed to stay friends, take some time to be alone. 

Discuss with that person if required. You need some time alone to heal from the breakup. 

Don’t immediately go on hangouts. This will again bring back bitter-sweet memories. 

Mute them from your social media for a while. And most importantly, refrain from stalking their feed now and then. If you can, do some social media detox.

4. Start Something New

Do you feel like you haven’t been able to work on yourself while in the relationship?

Then this is the right time to do so. 

Take up a new hobby, or go out to volunteer. You will know there’s so much more than just a breakup. 

Not only will this make you happy, but also discover new avenues. You know when your bucket list wishes might come true. 

If anything that you have put off, pick that up again. 

5. Take Care of Yourself 

The most important tip on how to get over a breakup is to pamper yourself. 

Indulge yourself in Netflix sessions and good food. Take hot showers or go to a spa. Spend some extra cash on your shopping. Go for a solo trip or a weekend getaway with besties. 

Do anything and everything that will make you happy

6. Always Share Your Feelings 

Whenever the minutes get tougher, vent out to your trusted ones. Share what you are feeling exactly. And how is it getting painful? 

If you think the people around you are not helping, you can always seek a therapist. 

Not venting will make you feel choked. You might as well get some cool advice. 

Ask others about their experiences. Know their process. This way you will know that you are not alone. There are so many to support and feel your pain. 

Breakup is very much human. So you are no different. 

7. It’s Okay To Still Have Feelings 

It’s normal to still have a soft corner for your ex. Denying this fact will keep you troubled. You are a human, not a robot. You can’t delete emotions just like that. 

Feelings stay for years. Many run behind to crush their feelings all at once. 

No, don’t do that. You might have some anger or hatred, but the feelings are still there. 

But, it’s good not to have hopeless wants influenced by some rom-com. Waiting won’t solve your problems. You are going to hurt yourself more than ever if you tread that path.  

You need to know that there’s no hope of fixing things.

8. Nothing Is Wrong With You

The first instinct after a breakup is to find faults in ourselves. And this happens the most when you are the person who got “dumped”. 

I cannot emphasize this enough, but nothing is wrong with you. It was all about compatibility and timing. 

Maybe that person had some priorities, or you had other goals. It was all about two individuals coming together and forming a bond. 

No one should change to adjust. Everyone has their personality and it’s all about celebrating happiness and sadness together. 

So stop blaming yourself for nothing. If in doubt, ask your best friend how special you are. 

Start spending time with your loved ones. With time and effort, everything gets healed.

9. Get Your Sleep Schedule Right

After a breakup, your sleep schedule often gets worse. Either you sleep a little too less, or too much. This in turn takes a serious impact on your enthusiasm level. 

An easy way to get over a tough breakup is to take control of your sleep schedule. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night. Not an hour less, or an hour more. 

More sleep won’t fix anything. You need to know you ain’t tired physically, just your brain is emotionally worn down. 

Even though this may sound lame, trust me, this worked for me.

10. Revamp Your Routine

Apart from your sleep schedule, your meal and exercise routine also tend to fall apart.

Why? Because you don’t feel motivated at all after a heartbreak. And on top of that, your partner was also a part of your routine. 

I admit that it takes a lot of self-control to keep up with the routine. So, you need to push yourself harder this time. It’s going to take a lot of time, but don’t stop trying. 

If you can, read motivational books or watch some movies. Entertainment always helps. Or you can attend any motivational seminar. 

Any activity that will supply you with daily doses of motivation to keep pushing forward. 


Let’s see the silver lining here. There must be some good in this bad thing. And yes, there is. 

You have all the time for yourself. Treat this breakup as an opportunity to make yourself a new person. 

You will feel your life is over. But it’s not. Relationships are just a part of your life. They aren’t your entire life. They don’t define you. Your self-development defines you. Not some random person you right-swiped on Tinder. 

This is just the birth of a new you. So, don’t let this opportunity slip away from your hands!


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