How to Be More Confident In Your Life: 11 Tiny Ways

These Must-Follow Steps Will Change Your Life for Better

A person’s growth comes when he/she dreams. But the path of achieving ain’t easy. Along with several sacrifices, one needs enough self-confidence to move ahead.

There are several aspects of self-confidence. Your insights, observations, and even spontaneous thoughts will boost your self-esteem. So you must be mindful of them to reap the greatest value.

Recognizing that you do have confidence inside you is the very first step toward enhancing it. The next step is to decide if you want to keep and work on your personality. You can only control it after you’ve discovered it.

Little success will always give you confidence. But to gain success, you need confidence. It’s a loophole.

Hence, I have jotted down simple ways on how to be more confident. You don’t need to go the extra mile. It will come with daily practice. You just need to be persistent.

1. Get Out Of Negative Environments

Toxic environments are those where one gets abused. And worse, no one tried to help you. No one gives you comfort. This lowers self-worth and confidence. Eventually, one starts believing the negative words.

 And the same behavior is implemented on someone else. One gets easily shattered. People hardly find the strength to fight. So, how to be more confident in such an environment?


To get out of the negative environment. We know it’s not easy. But it is the ultimate key solution. You just need one moment of courage. Find your inner strength and get out for good.

If it’s the office, resign. If it’s the relationship, breakup. If it’s the home, be financially strong and move out. If you have the will, you can find the way. But of course, be practical.

2. Take Your Own Advice

It is not easy to trust yourself at one go. We always seek advice from others. So, start taking advice from yourself. This can be done with small decision-making tasks. Take baby steps. Don’t make major decisions initially.

 This way you will trust your words and build confidence. Make essential but not so crucial ones.

3. Acknowledge Your Fears

“Face your fears”, Yes, it is true. This way you are finding a practical of solving your fears. Ask yourself, “why are you afraid of the thing?” And you will get your solution instantly. You would know what to fix.

But if it’s a phobia, take advice from the experts. There is a difference between fear and phobia. If your fear is related to trauma, think twice.

But it is just some general everyday fear, then face them bravely. For instance, fear of exams or public speaking

Are you not well-prepared? Do you have poor communication skills? Ask yourself these, and work on them.

4. Take Care Of Your Health

It is hard to be confident when you are hungry or starving. You need to keep your body running. Get enough rest and nutrition. If your body doesn’t work well, the mind won’t too.

You might wonder about this. How to be more confident with diet and exercise? The answer is right in front of you. Self-care should be the first priority. If you don’t have the energy, you won’t have the zeal to deal with things.

Cut the junk. Intake healthy food items. Make a diet chart and include all the nutrients. Consult a dietician if possible. Go for a routine checkup. Participate in group workouts for encouragement.

Simply, don’t become a couch potato.

5. Welcome New Perspectives

Narrow-mindedness will always pull you back. It’s the 21st century already. It’s time to usher in new ideas. When you have a problem, try new ways to solve it.

This way you learn about so many things. And become confident in the long run. Since you now know the possible way outs. Speculate and make decisions. If needed, take advice from others as well. Maybe, you will find one more way.

Needless to say, we need people to keep living on. And meeting new ones makes us more considerate. You understand their side and vice versa. You never know when one might come useful.

Be influenced by the good. Sometimes it is good to get out of the box. Make the influence a part of you.

6. Start Depending On Yourself

Depending on others is important. But depending on yourself is essential. Once you start believing in yourself, there’s no going back. You make it through all the rough patches. Indeed, this process is quite addictive.

But the process is not a quick one. Rather it will take time. But once the flight takes off, it will keep flying. The confidence comes from within.

This way you don’t need to wait for someone in most cases. The person you would need is right with you. But keeping yourself isolated is never the solution. You need to socialize at the end of the day. 

7. How To Be More Confident With Positive Thinking

It’s normal to be negative sometimes. You prepare yourself for the worst. But this shouldn’t be your routine. Pessimism is a no-no thing now.

Thinking negatively will slow down the process of reaching your goals. Be aware whenever you are thinking negatively. What is forcing you to think? Is it the situation or the people around? Or maybe the past experience?

Positive thinking will render your motivation. Being aware of what’s going on within your mind will greatly relieve your stress. It provides the power to shift the momentum and secure yourself by having good thoughts.

8. Drop The Procrastination

Yes, last minutes do speed up the tasks. But the harm is done in the process. One gets anxious and does not concentrate on the quality of the work. The focus is on the finishing line.

Understand the timing of the tasks. How much do you need to finish them? If you don’t know the answer, follow the 5-minute rules.

Tell yourself that you will just spend 5 minutes on the task. This way you get into the process and proceed with the same. Once you get into the mood, you eventually keep doing them.

Don’t worry. You won’t fail the task. 

But if you do it at the last minute, you might. Tell your close ones to push you. Take help if you need it. If you take your sweet time, you would confidently do the work. Without any extra tension and anxiety.

9. Knowledge is the Key

When you don’t know something, you automatically lose your confidence. Think about your school days. How did you feel when the teacher asked you a question unexpectedly? Yes, you never felt confident enough.

Knowledge is power. When you know something, you choose to remain silent. And instead analyses the situation and answers accordingly. This is the confidence-gaining process.

If you go for an interview, know about your subject/job. Research the possible questions. Know your intentions. And be true to yourself. But know your field well enough.

When you are confident, you won’t fumble with your words. And the interviewer will feel the power of your words.

10. Know Your Goals and Purpose

It is very crucial to find your purpose in life. It gives meaning and direction to your life. A lack of direction erodes trust and self-esteem. No dreams or aspirations will eventually take away your will to live.

Things take a turn when you put your heart and soul into it. It makes your life exciting. Know what you want from life. What is important to you? What are your future plans? Is money important right now? Is getting into college crucial right now? Ask yourself.

This way you would know what to look forward to. And automatically you become confident to step ahead. Make plans beforehand. But also go with the flow.

11.  Know The Reality

Sometimes, dreams don’t match with reality. But it depends on you whether you are capable of achieving them. Be realistic while setting your goals.

You might want a penthouse, but does your job pay that much? Now ask yourself. Am I capable of getting a promotion? Will having a business help me achieve my goals? Be attached with the current happenings.

This way you won’t be disappointed. You know this and that would happen. Realism makes you confident. Even if you fail, you would know how to get up. Make backup plans if needed.


Gaining confidence is a long procedure. It won’t happen in one day. No one will immediately achieve confidence just by reading the steps/tips. But it comes with daily practice. You need to come out of that shell.

Practice the steps above daily and religiously. Bit by bit, you will achieve your goals. So keep trying. Keep hustling.

P.S: Confidence is the key to your success, take the tiny steps and see the changes in your life. This is how I have changed mine.

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