Habits Book: 10 Books To Build Life-Changing Habits

It’s time to restructure your life with some proper habits

Who doesn’t want to dump their bad habits? We all want it. But some way or other we can’t. How hard we try, we still, at many times, are unsuccessful. 

Do you know why this happens?

Because, first, we do not follow any strict rules or do not know how to start. Second, we cannot find any better alternative. That’s why we stick to the same old routine. 

But to live a better life, we ought to adopt some life-changing habits.

But how? 

Let’s take the first step. By reading books. Books help a lot in etching words in our minds. That’s why I am here to give you a list of life-changing habits books. 

So, let’s drop the procrastination and see what we have in our basket. 

The 10 Best Habits Books That Will Improve Your Life

These are some of the best books on habits, reading and implementing these books will change your life.

1. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (2012)

The award-winning New York Times business writer Charles Duhigg brings us to the cutting edge of scientific findings that reveal why habits emerge. And how they may be altered in this book.

Duhigg unfolds one whole new understanding of humanity and its capacity for change. With piercing intellect and the ability to condense huge quantities of knowledge into captivating narratives.

You Can Get The Book Here: The Power of Habit

2. Atomic Habits by James Clear (2018)

Whatever your goals are, Atomic Habits provides a tried-and-true framework for daily improvement. 

James Clear, one of the world’s foremost experts on habituation, provides practical techniques for forming good habits. And how to break bad habits and master the small actions that lead to big outcomes.

If you’re having difficulties altering your habits, it’s not your fault. Your routine is the root cause of the problem. And this habit book will render you the solutions needed. 

You Can Get The Book Here: Atomic Habits

3. Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg (2020)

BJ Fogg is here to enhance your life—and to transform our understanding of human behavior. Tiny Habits decodes the secret of habit development using twenty years of study and Fogg’s experience coaching over 40,000 people.

You’ll study the easiest proven strategies to improve your life with groundbreaking revelations. Fogg teaches you how to feel good about your accomplishments rather than unhappy about your mistakes.

You Can Get The Book Here: Tiny Habits

4. The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal (2011)

The Willpower Instinct” is the first book that explains the development of individual self-control. And how we may use it to better our wellness, joy, and performance. 

This habits book is based on the most recent research and integrating cutting-edge ideas from social science. Perfectly explaining how exactly our willpower works for us. 

You Can Get The Book Here: The Willpower Instinct

5. Better Than Before By Gretchen Rubin (2015)

Gretchen Rubin presents an analytical and methodological basis for understanding these behaviors and changing them for the better. She explains the basic concepts of habit development with dozens of techniques. 

She employs these techniques herself and tries on others, infused with her captivating voice and amusing stories. Rubin offers readers tools to develop more efficiency themselves. 

As well as a clear, realistic menu of tactics to enable them to take a customized approach.

You Can Get The Book Here: Better Than Before

6. Rewire By Richard O’Connor (2014)

In the book Rewire, acclaimed psychotherapist Richard O’Connor, Ph.D., explains why our old habits expire so hard. 

We have two brains: one that is analytical, cognizant, and deliberate, and the other that is reflexive and makes most of our choices without our awareness.

Using fresh research and understanding of how the brain works, the book paves the way for long-term, successful behavioral change.

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7. The One Thing By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (2013)

“The One Thing” teaches us a lot of things. These are:

  • wade through muck
  • get better results in less time
  • generate drive toward your objective
  • reduce the level of stress
  •  get rid of that overwhelmed feeling
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Keeping on track

This Book By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan had a big impact in my life. 

You Can Get The Book Here: The One Thing

8. Daily Rituals By Mason Currey (2013)

Mason Currey‘s “Daily Rituals” reveals the working habits of over a hundred and sixty of the greatest thinkers, authors, musicians, and artists of all time. From Marx to Murakami and Beethoven to Bacon.

These folks created time and went to work. Whether it was through amphetamines or booze, headstands, or boxing. This habit book is addictive and inspiring.

You Can Get The Book Here: Daily Rituals

9. Drive by Daniel H. Pink (2018)

Forget all you believed you understood about motivating others. 

The secret to great performance and pleasure in today’s society, as Daniel H. Pink argues in his paradigm-shifting book “Drive”. Is the fundamental human urge to lead our own lives. 

All along the way, he brings us to firms that are experimenting with new methods of inspiration. Introducing us to researchers and business people who are charting a daring new course.

You Can Get The Book Here: Drive

10. Switch By Dan Heath and Chip Heath (2011)

We are all aware that change is difficult. It’s unpleasant and time-consuming. And we have this tendency to give up at the first obstacle. But why do we keep focusing on the hurdles rather than the target? 

In this engaging and informative book, popular authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath address this topic. They claim that all we need to do is comprehend how our thoughts work to find shortcuts to behavioral changes.

You Can Get The Book Here: Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard


Do you know that habits form in 21 days? Yes, it’s true. 

But forming a proper habit is tough. And what’s tougher is taking the first step. We always tend to be lazy and put things off. But to put our life in a row, we need to adopt some good things too.

Habits won’t happen overnight. You need to keep hustling. And I am sure these habits books will keep you motivated throughout. Don’t forget to highlight the important points too. 

The 10 best books on habits:

  1. The Power of Habit
  2. Atomic Habits
  3. Tiny Habits
  4. The WillPower Instinct
  5. Better Than Before
  6. Rewire
  7. The One Thing
  8. Daily Rituals
  9. Drive
  10. Switch

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