10 Best Brandon Sanderson Books 2024 (updated)

Which are the best books by Brandon Sanderson? 

Brandon Sanderson is an acclaimed American fantasy author known for his intricate world-building, unique magic systems, and prolific writing. He took birth on December 19, 1975, in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Sanderson gained widespread recognition for completing Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” after Jordan’s passing, based on the author’s extensive notes and outlines.

Sanderson’s original works have garnered him a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim. 

Apart from these series, Sanderson has written numerous other books and novellas, including “The Reckoners” trilogy, a young adult series about humans with superpowers, and “Skyward,” a science fiction series following a young pilot in a post-apocalyptic world.

Sanderson is known for his meticulous planning and commitment to writing. He often engages with his fans through social media and has developed a reputation for being accessible and responsive to reader questions. 

His writing style is characterized by immersive world-building, complex characters, and intricate plotting, which have made him one of the most popular and influential authors in the fantasy genre today.

List of Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson

I have made a list of the top 10 books by Brandon Sanderson if you’re looking for a captivating read. Keep reading..!

1. The Way of Kings (2010)

The Way of Kings” is the first book in Sanderson’s epic fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive. 

Set in the vibrant and storm-wracked world of Roshar, the story follows several main characters who become embroiled in a web of political intrigue, war, and the looming threat of ancient evils. 

The narrative revolves around Kaladin, a former soldier who struggles with his place in the world, Shallan, a young scholar with a hidden agenda, and Dalinar, a high-ranking nobleman plagued by visions. 

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2. Mistborn: The Final Empire (2006)

Mistborn: The Final Empire” is the opening installment of the Mistborn trilogy. In a world oppressed by a tyrannical ruler known as the Lord Ruler, a group of thieves plans an audacious heist to overthrow him. 

The story primarily follows Vin, a young street urchin with latent Allomantic powers, and Kelsier, a charismatic and skilled Mistborn who leads the crew. 

Together, they navigate a world of political intrigue, magical powers, and class divides, while unraveling the secrets of Allomancy—the ability to burn metals for various powers. 

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3. Elantris (2005)

Elantris” marks Sanderson’s debut novel. It is set in the city of Elantris, once a glorious capital renowned for its magical inhabitants, but now a place cursed and fallen into decay. 

The story follows three main characters: Raoden, the crown prince of Arelon who is struck by a mysterious transformation that casts him into Elantris; Sarene, a princess from a neighboring kingdom. 

As they navigate political intrigue, religious tensions, and personal trials, they uncover the truth behind Elantris’ curse and strive to restore hope to the city.

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4. Warbreaker (2009)

Warbreaker” takes place in a world where people can infuse objects with their breath to animate them or grant themselves enhanced abilities. 

The story revolves around two princesses, Siri and Vivenna, from the nation of Idris, which is on the brink of war with the powerful kingdom of Hallandren. 

When Siri is sent to Hallandren as a political pawn, she finds herself embroiled in a dangerous web of politics, gods, and colorful characters. Meanwhile, Vivenna embarks on a quest to rescue her sister, encountering enigmatic figures.

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5. The Hero of Ages (2008)

The Hero of Ages” is the captivating conclusion to the original Mistborn trilogy. The story takes place in a world where certain individuals known as Allomancers can ingest and “burn” metals to gain magical abilities. 

As the forces of Ruin, the destructive entity, grow stronger, Vin, the street urchin turned powerful Mistborn, and her companions must rally to save their world from annihilation. 

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6. The Bands of Mourning (2016)

The Bands of Mourning” continues the second era of Mistborn, set several centuries after the events of the original trilogy. 

The book follows Waxillium Ladrian, a lawman with Allomantic and Feruchemical abilities, as he embarks on a new adventure in the world of Scadrial. 

Waxillium, accompanied by his trusted friends and allies, investigates legends surrounding the mythical Bands of Mourning, a fabled artifact that is said to grant immense power. 

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7. Oathbringer (2017)

Oathbringer” is the third installment in The Stormlight Archive series, a monumental epic fantasy saga set in the world of Roshar. The book delves deeper into the lives and struggles of the main characters, including Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar. 

As the conflicts between nations escalate and dark forces gather strength, they must confront their demons while also dealing with the world-shaking consequences of their actions. 

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8. The Bands of Mourning (2016)

The Bands of Mourning” is the sixth book in the Mistborn series and takes place in the second era of the Mistborn world. 

Set in a society transitioning from a feudal system to an industrialized one, the story follows Waxillium Ladrian, a lawman with Allomantic abilities, and his companions.

In this installment, Waxillium receives a task that leads him on a quest to discover the mythical Bands of Mourning, a set of powerful artifacts rumored to grant immense power to their bearer. 

As Waxillium and his team delve deeper into their investigation, they face numerous obstacles and encounter new and dangerous enemies.

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9. Oathbringer (2017)

Oathbringer” is the third book in The Stormlight Archive, an epic fantasy series set in the world of Roshar. 

The story follows numerous characters, including Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar, as they navigate the complexities of a world on the brink of war and face their struggles.

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10. Skyward (2018)

Skyward” marks the beginning of a new young adult science fiction series by Brandon Sanderson. 

The story is set on a desolate planet where remnants of humanity are confined to underground caverns, constantly under attack from mysterious alien creatures known as the Krell.

The protagonist, Spensa Nightshade, dreams of becoming a starfighter pilot like her late father. Despite the odds stacked against her, she seizes an opportunity to join flight school, where she faces prejudice and skepticism due to her family’s history.

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Is there a particular reading order for Sanderson’s books?

Sanderson’s works are interconnected within his cosmere universe, but most of his series can be read independently. 

How does Sanderson write so quickly?

Sanderson is known for his impressive writing speed. He attributes this to careful planning and outlining. 

Has Sanderson finished Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” series?

Sanderson completed Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” series after Jordan’s passing. 

Is there a movie or TV adaptation of Sanderson’s work?

Currently, there are plans for adaptations of his books, including a potential TV series based on “Mistborn” and an adaptation of “The Way of Kings” for The Stormlight Archive.

Does Sanderson have a presence on social media?

Yes, Sanderson is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, where he regularly interacts with his fans. 


Brandon Sanderson is a highly regarded and prolific fantasy author known for his intricate world-building, unique magic systems, and captivating storytelling. 

With series like Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive, as well as standalone novels such as Elantris and Warbreaker, Sanderson has created expansive and immersive worlds that have captivated readers around the globe.


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