10 Best Books on Overcoming Insecurity You Must Read 2023 (Updated)

How to overcome Insecurity?

Insecurity is one of the worst enemies of humankind. It can make or break a situation in one go. 

And what’s more? You can’t just get rid of it in a second. 

Most of us don’t even know how our insecurities put their roots inside of us. In the era of social media, insecurities, and FOMO have reached their peak. 

As a result, we take drastic steps to quench our insecurities. May it be harming ourselves or others. And it affects us in the long run. 

So, what is the solution? Nothing. We can either seek help from a therapist, a friend, a close relative, or ourselves. But in the end, we need to work on ourselves despite all the help received. 

Then, how are we going to find solutions? 

If you want to work on your own, or you feel like no one understands your insecurities, then one way is to seek help from books.

Trust me, no one can heal us the way books can. So, if you believe in the healing power of words, then I have got some news for you! 

Below I have listed the 10 best books on insecurity that can help you for the better. These gems helped me, and I am sure they can assist you too on your journey toward self-fulfillment. 

List Of 10 Best Books on Overcoming Insecurity

Here you will find the best books on how to overcome insecurity. I am sure these books will help you heal and grow in your life…!

1. The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts (2011)

We forget to enjoy the present moment, after investing all our time attempting to foresee and make decisions for the future and mourning the past. 

Tomorrow is such a great issue to us that we neglect today’s bliss.

Alan Watts, reflecting on Eastern religion and philosophy, demonstrates how we may learn something really worth remembering only by recognizing what we do not — and cannot do.

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2. Insecure in Love by Leslie Becker-Phelps (2014)

This book on insecurity will make you understand, instead of hitting yourself, how to manage fear about relationships using empathetic self-awareness.

This method can help you achieve and deal with your negative thinking or harmful behavior models.

You will discover how insecurity may adversely affect a constructive discussion. 

Along with that, you will acquire the skills required to prevent you from going back to previous habits of insecurity and possession.

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3. Tame Your Emotions by Zoe Mckey (2018)

Tame Your Emotions is the most frequently read and the most unpleasant compilation of psychological anxieties and remedies.

This book proves that self-harming tendencies are even prevalent among the most successful individuals.

But they also learn how to make the most of them and limit their anxieties briefly.

Regulation is the key, and this book helps you understand that.

This book will teach you how to:

1. Use professional strategies and established ways of research;

2. Eradicate emotions;

3. Manage your thinking to make fewer personal observations;

4. Deal with circumstances that bring great disadvantages or harmful effects.

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4. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown (2010)

It is a strong and enlightening book that discusses how bravery, empathy, and connections are fostered and help welcome your shortcomings.

In this book, Brown goes on to share what she managed to discover during her exploration of the potentiality of Fulsome living — a lifestyle coming from a place of dignity and abundance — for over a decade. 

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5. Jealousy by Ryan James (2019)

You will study the complexities of the green-eyed monster in this short yet pleasant book. 

This book on insecurity is one of a kind! 

You recognize the one — when you feel sick, angry, and bewildered, and when you feel your body parts screaming at you to let it go.

So you know the episode floating about in your head when it occurred.

Yeah, you only hit the spot. 

We’ll delve into the details of jealousy in this text.

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6. Sabotage by Trinity Jordan (2013)

Sabotage addresses our core problems, including our comparison with others, falsehoods, dissatisfaction, and more. 

The answer to these questions will lead you to form good relationships from across the board – be it with employees, members of the church, wife, children, visitors, friends, relatives, or GOD.

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7. When It’s Never About You by Ilene S Cohen (2017)

Psychotherapist Ilene S. Cohen offers real-world stories and exercises to help you to look at people’s systematic pleasures.

This book on insecurity will teach you about: 

1. Recovering a stable and sustainable feeling of self while becoming a “decent man”;

2. How to overcome damaging habits of conduct that prevent you from being seen, acknowledged, and honored;

3. Specific transformative techniques to go from selflessness to self-fulfillment;

4. How to pass from the disappearance to the distinction;

5. How to obtain what you desire and what you want and need while gaining respect from others.

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8. Almost Already by Jonathan Tony (2018)

Almost Already talks openly and honestly about our real-life matters.

We may become who we were supposed to be by recognizing who we are already with all our deficiencies and disappointments.

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9. Free of Me by Carla Mercer-Meyer and Sharon Hodde Miller (2017)

In this book, Sharon Hodde Miller encourages us to a greater, Jesus-focused perspective that recovers our liberty and motivates us to live for even more.

It allows readers to uncover the underlying root of uneasiness. 

Anyone who wants to have a greater purpose than this monotonous life will appreciate this paradigm-changing message of real achievement.

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10. So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore (2016)

Join acclaimed Bible educator and popular author Beth Moore as she urges you to say, “So long!” to insecurity and accept all the great qualities and attributes that make you unique, attractive, and magnificent.

If you think you cannot fall in love with yourself, just observe how Moore assists you to break your erroneous notions!

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It is almost impossible to overcome insecurities in a day. It’s indeed a long-term process. 

But it’s very much possible to overcome. 

You just need to have some trust and openness in your heart. 

These best books on insecurity will be your mentor through the process. You will know how and why you have the feeling that you have, and you will be better able to regulate them post reading the books. 


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