10 Best Books On Forgiveness You Must Read 2023 (Updated)

What is the Best Book on Forgiveness?

We as human beings are deceived all the time. It could be done by close friends, relatives, or even the government.

Even though our heart gets shattered into pieces, we tend to heal over time. But what’s more difficult is forgiving the individual who committed the deed. We are almost unable to come to terms with it. 

Consequently, we tend to lose our peace of mind. We carry the grudge for a long time, which is why the moment we see the person responsible for our miseries, our rage flares up.

But you know what? Forgiveness is the key. You don’t necessarily need to forget the incident. However, you can be a better person and forgive. This way you won’t be concerned about the person’s whereabouts. 

Unfortunately, not all dare to take action. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on how to forgive. 

Below I have listed the 10 best books on forgiveness you must read to let go of anger. These books proved beneficial to me, so I am sure they will help you too. 

List Of Top 10 Best Books On Forgiveness Everyone Must Read

Reading these books will improve your life, in terns of growth, health and wealth. It will add more value to your life. Pick the best on and start reading now…!

1. The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu (2015)

The famous Tutu duo offers a forgiving handbook—helping us to recognize that we are all mending and transforming.

This book on forgiveness, is both a weapon and an anchor, providing sensible guidance and suggesting a path to forgive.

As described in the book, the only way to heal oneself and the planet is through forgiveness. The authors thus present us with various steps for healing.

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2. Forgive and Forget by Lewis B. Smedes (2007)

This book on letting go is a gem. 

The famous work of Lewis Smedes on forgiveness reveals that our grief can be cured and that our souls can be spaced out to forgiveness.

It divides the process of forgiveness into four parts based on real-life events and experiences.

This excellent book brings hope and consolation to those who seek peace and reconciliation.

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3. Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping (2010)

“Radical Forgiveness” teaches us the healing process which starts as rehabilitation and concludes in an altogether different global sense of existence.

This book on forgiveness offers quick practices, is easy to use, and provides evident insights, with over 12 instruments.

These can assist you in finding peace amid difficult working conditions and letting go of traumatic experiences.

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4. Wings of Forgiveness by Kyle Gray (2015)

“Wings of Forgiveness” is more of a life-changing journey than a book. It is for everyone willing to rid themselves of dread. 

Gray observed that when individuals experience challenges, there is a subject that can assist them to get things back to normal. This subject concerns forgiveness, which can be achieved by individual spiritual practices and engaging with deities.

Forgiveness is not a simple subject, yet it is an important aspect of spirituality and self-development.

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5. Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein (2018)

Gabrielle Bernstein has a straightforward, purposeful, and step-by-step approach to freeing your thoughts of a better quality of life. The six steps mentioned in the book make letting go promising.

Grudges will fade, empathy will substitute attack, the resilient energy will become liberating, and you will experience more serenity and joy than you ever knew about.

Based on the author’s findings, “The Judgment Detox” includes meditation, prayer, and philosophical teachings to achieve a specified goal of forgiveness.

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6. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills (1997)

“The Four Agreements” presents a strong behavioral rule based on ancient Toltec knowledge that may instantly transform our life into a new existence of liberation, genuine joy, and compassion.

This simple and effective book by Ruiz and Mills makes a significant difference in the way we think and act at every meeting.

7. Amish Grace by Donald B. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt, David L.  Weaver–Zercher (2007)

“Amish Grace” is a heartfelt book based on genuine events and experiences that will lead your heart to forgiveness.

It investigates the myriad problems presented by such a narrative about the faiths and actions that caused the Amish to reconcile so quickly.

It focuses on the links between forgiveness and involvement in a culture that is sheltered by the community.

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8. Choosing Forgiveness by Nancy Leigh Demoss (2008)

The best-selling book “Choosing Forgiveness” emphasizes the need of letting people go by concentrating on how God forgives others. It provides lessons about faithfulness through biblical principles.

This book on letting go will shift your perspective on forgiving for the better and will also assist you through the process of breaking free from the cage of bitterness.

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9. Let It Go by T.D. Jakes (2013)

T.D. Jakes offers “Let It Go”, which looks at forgiveness as a practice in our lifestyle. It investigates the concept of resolving and healing relationships by obstructing the past with future resources.

The book on forgiveness pushes us to get rid of the paralyzing frustrations and the clinging grievances that pull us back in life.

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10. The Way of Forgiveness by Michael Leach, James T.   Keane, and Doris Goodnough (2019)

This is a very touching collection of real tales which promote healing and peace.

It is an anthology of amazing works by C.S. Lewis, Henri Nouwen, Dorothy Day, Harold Kushner, James Martin, SJ, Jack Kornfield, Mary Oliver, Frederick Buechner, and many more.

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I completely understand that forgiving is very difficult to accomplish because you simply can’t forget the incident. 

But I’m sure you can agree that holding a grudge will only harm you. You will experience a loss of inner peace.

The best way is to let go of the anger but of course, you need to be quite careful while dealing with such types of people.

If you want to take the big step but don’t know how to, these greatest books on forgiveness will surely be your best friend. 


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