10 Best Andrew Schulz Shows

Get ready to indulge in quality comic shows and have a great laugh

When it comes to watching or recommending stand-up comedies, I am always up for Andrew Schulz. 

If you are new to the globe of Andrew Schulz, let me grab the opportunity and give you a brief introduction about him. 

Andrew Schulz is an American comedian, actor, and podcaster (The Brilliant Idiots).

He is best known for his stand-up comedy and TV shows Benders (2015) and There’s… Johnny! (2017).

 In 2018, he published his debut comedy 5:5:1 (5 Clubs, 5 Sets, 1 Night): A NYC Comedy Experience…, after more than a decade of doing standup. 

Also, being recognized for dynamic, unabashed observational humor.

Now that you have a brief idea of who Andrew Schulz is, I now want you to indulge in some good laugh. 

Top 10 Best Andrew Schulz Shows & TV Shows Make You Laugh

Times are tough and we require good humor. That’s why I have prepared a list of the best Andrew Schulz shows that you must include on your watchlist. 

P.S: The list has both his stand-up comedies and general TV shows. And the years in the brackets are when Andrew Schulz appeared on the shows.

1. Schulz Saves America (2020)

In this boldly uncensored and irreverent four-part program, comedian Andrew Schulz tackles the year’s most controversial themes. This is one of the most-watched Andrew Schulz TV shows on Netflix USA last year. 

So, it goes without saying, you must watch it.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Netflix

2. Sneaky Pete (2017-2019)

Marius, played by Giovanni Ribisi, is a con artist who tries to flee his previous life by taking the persona of his cellmate, Pete. Pete’s family has no reason to believe he is not their long-lost loved one. 

But they are a colorful bunch with their own mysteries and falsehoods. They might make life as perilous as the world Marius hoped to flee. 

As he interacts with unforeseen events, Marius must figure out how to avoid his falsehoods from backfiring. 

Where can you watch it: 

  • Prime Video

3. There’s…..Johnny! (2017-)

Again, this is one of the most top-rated Andrew Schulz TV shows ever. This coming-of-age comedy begins with a young man from the Midwest as he becomes enamored with Hollywood’s glitzy lifestyle.

Complete with drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll. Paul Reiser, who appeared on Carson’s “Tonight Show” multiple times in real life, assisted in the creation of the show. And acts as an executive producer.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Peacock TV

4. Benders (2015)

One can discern hockey’s greatness live or by watching a game on TV. But attraction of this sport — speed, skill, toughness, heart — are best felt by playing it. 

The pleasure of lacing on the skates and hitting the rink to compete for the local men’s team is something Paul Rosenberg and his friends can’t get enough of. 

Where can you watch it: 

  • Prime Video

5. Girl Code (2013-2018)

Women have a sisterhood, and its principle is simple: We’re all in this together!

Surviving the pleasures and perils of the female sex, on the other hand, necessitates adherence to the “code” because, you know. 

“Girl Code” gives over-the-top recommendations to open the discourse about being a woman, addressing everything from “frenemies” and girl disputes to partying.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Prime Video

6. Guy Code (2011-2015)

If you love brohood, then this one among Andrew Schulz’s shows will make you have a good time with your pals. If you want to win at a game, you need to know the rules, which in this case are the regulations that regulate how males should behave. 

Guys, you don’t want to be discovered with your trousers down, whether texting, lounging at a strip joint, or karaoke. 

Where can you watch it: 

  • Prime Video

7. Guy Court (2013)

This Andrew Schulz show will provide you with an absolutely new perspective. The rules of masculinity will be respected in the half-hour comedy courtroom series Guy Court.

As some recognisable figures assess the guilt or innocence of a variety of cases in line with the Guy Code.  Each true story will be assessed, argued, and punished with the ideal blend of comedy and justice.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Online Streaming

8. Jobs That Don’t Suck (2014)

This one is one of the most famous and successful Andrew Schulz shows ever. And the name is quite intriguing, right? 

Andrew Schulz, the show’s host, talks to billionaires, entrepreneurs, innovators, app developers, and other internet personalities. 

All of these people have killer careers about the imaginative ways that young Americans are making money by doing what they love.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Online Streaming

9. The Hook Up (2013)

The Hook Up” is one of the most appropriate Andrew Schulz for today’s generation. 

The show throws a modern spin on the dating game. It has participants seeking a good partner based on understanding prospective dates’ social media tendencies with the support of friends.

Where can I watch it: 

  • Prime Video

10. Flagrant 2 (2018-)

Ending the Andrew Schulz shows list with the most candid chat show (or podcast).

Miko Grimes, the wife of NFL Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes, sits down with Schulz and Akaash. Miko discusses how quarterbacks are team snitches, homosexual NFL athletes, how teams damage your reputation in order to pay you less.

And why Drew Brees is a better quarterback than Tom Brady.

Where can you listen to it: 

  • SoundCloud


It is a very myth that stand-comedians just go up the stage and say a few sarcastic lines and make people laugh. 

But think of it like this Way…! Why are dark stand-up comedies gaining so much recognition? Because they have evolved as a means of criticism of social issues. 

And it’s not just stage-performed stand-up comedies. Even TV shows with dank plots do the same job. Andrew Schulz is famous for doing the same. For instance, the very first show on the list.

You can know about Andrew Schulz’s shows on his YouTube channel. 

Go check them out!


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