10 Best Jonah Hill TV Shows

Now it’s time to explore more of Jonah Hill

If you know Jonah Hill only from “Wolf of the Wall Streets”, then you are lagging a lot behind.

In fact, a lot of fame came from TV shows. You might not have noticed him since there are not many major roles. 

But quirky enough to grab your attention. In case you are too busy to select new TV shows to watch, I have got something for you. 

Let’s explore more of Jonah Hill…!

List of Top 10 Best Jonah Hill TV Shows You Will Enjoy Watching

Below, I have prepared a list of the 10 best Jonah Hill tv shows you must watch this weekend. I promise you are going to love them, just like the way you love F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Gossip Girls. 

P.S: The years written in brackets are the years of the show when Jonah Hill appeared.

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1. Maniac (2018)

Let’s begin the Jonah Hill tv shows list with the one with most prominence as an actor as well as an executive producer. 

Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim are two complete strangers who find themselves pulled to the last phases of secret pharmacological research.

Each has a distinct motive for taking part in the study. Annie is dissatisfied and restless, preoccupied with her mother and sister’s failed relationships. Owen has fought with a contested diagnosis of schizophrenia his whole life.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Netflix

2. Campus Ladies (2006)

Joan’s husband dies unexpectedly. Barri walks up to her husband being unfaithful to her.

In this raunchy, irreverent, and highly improvisational comedy, the housewives enroll at the University of the Midwest in search of good times. Where they encounter roaring keggers, stuck-up sorority sisters, and casual couplings.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Online Stream

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3. Wainy Days (2007)

The third one on the list of Jonah Hill tv shows is one of my most favorite quirky shows.

This program, the award-winning series about David Wain’s (somewhat) dramatized travels hunting for love in New York City. 

The Jonah Hill tv show has been brought by the artistic mind behind Role Models (2008), Wanderlust (2012), etc.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Prime Videos

4. Curb Your Enthusiasm (2020)

Larry David, co-creator of “Seinfeld,” appears in the improvisational series as a caricature of himself. He is constantly bombarded by life’s minor irritations. David’s occasionally well-intentioned but fatally clumsy hands, don’t stay tiny for enough.

His ignorance of or disrespect for very well social norms and standards are regularly featured in episodes. The series debuted in October 2000, following a one-hour special on HBO in 1999 that was intended to be a one-time event.

Where can you watch it: 

  • HBO Max

5. The Shivering Truth (2018)

Its new stop-motion anthology comedy, “The Shivering Truth,” tackles issues like life, mortality, and human behavior. It  aims to get into the collective unconscious. 

It digs into wild daydreams that reek of magical realism, darkly strange and finely created. It’s a collection of loosely connected emotional fables about stories inside stories that leak out of the imagination and into reality. 

Where can you watch it: 

  • Prime Video

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6. Sesame Street (2008 and 2014)

His roles in this Jonah Hill tv show are a bit scattered. And top of that, they are voice-overs.

Human and muppet residents of a unique inner-city street use comedy, cartoons, games, and music to teach preschool topics. If you have preschoolers at home, then this is the perfect show for the entire family.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Hulu

7. The Simpsons (2009)

Who doesn’t know about this show? Homer Simpson isn’t your usual father figure. He tries to lead his family as a nuclear plant employee, but he often discovers that they are guiding him.

Here too, Jonah Hill has his voice-over. 

Where can you watch it: 

  • Disney+

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8. Allen Gregory (2011)

Allen Gregory De Longpre (Jonah Hill), a conceited 7-year-old, does not perceive himself as a child. But as an intellectual and cultured young man.

His father, Richard, Richard’s boyfriend, Jeremy, and his adoptive Cambodian sister, Julie, all reside in a loft where his dad has home-schooled him.

However, Allen Gregory must now leave for good to enter elementary school.

He then faces the obstacles of bonding to children his own age and teachers who do not recognize him as more than a youngster.

Where can you watch it: 

  • Prime Video

9. Animals (2017)

HBO’s extremely adult animated comedy series takes place in the bowels of Earth’s most inhospitable environment. That is New York City, where a colorful collection of impoverished animals call home.

The uncomfortable small chat, moral uncertainty, and existential troubles of non-human urbanites are strikingly comparable to those of humans. 

Where can you watch it: 

  • HBO Max

10. Reno 911! (2009)

In this somewhat unscripted comedy, viewers are invited into the squad vehicle as inept cops respond to 911 calls. 

They range from traffic tickets to prostitution to staking out a drug house. Viewers get a “fly on the wall” look at the police’ frequently politically incorrect comments. 

Where can you watch it:

  • Prime Video


I bet you must have heard or watched most of the shows here. Even though Jonah Hill doesn’t have many roles in most of them. 

Then why am I writing this article today?

Because Jonah Hill’s career spiked up due to his TV shows. And we have all the right to celebrate his success. 

This way you will also discover many new TV shows that have lost their charm or faded in the huge ocean of Netflix high-school shows. 


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