Check Out If Nikki Got Engaged On The Welcome Home Nikki Glaser Finale?

Will Nikki Glaser Tie Knot with Her Ex Chris Convy?

 The reality series Welcome Home Nikki Glaser! Was a serious indication of their relationship…!

You must have watched how Nikki Glaser’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend Chris Convy sparkled during the Welcome Home Nikki Glaser! First Season. But they went into more conflict in the June 10 Episode. 

At that point Nikki was living in her hometown of St. Louis, for several months and was deciding to return to Los Angeles, to give a new start to her comedy career that got affected due to the pandemic. It was her call to decide where to stay or to go.

She couldn’t see any help either from Chris. Though they got back together after he moved to their mutual hometown. But this time Nikki wanted commitment. As she said in the finale of the series.

“We’ve been doing this off and on for 8 years. I want it so badly to say, ‘Let’s just f–king do it and get married. Like, what are we doing?

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Nikki Added: “I am not going to stay in St. Louis If he is not willing to do that. I don’t want to see his charming, gorgeous face pop up on my Bumble as a ‘top pick’ for me. And yes, you’re right, Bumble, he was. But he didn’t want what I wanted!”

This is what she thought when Chris took him on the romantic date to the St. Louis arch. It was all going well there, where they were talking about their future. And she knew it, Chris went down to his knee.

Chris started: “I know this is not the best time, but will you be my emergency contact”.

Nikki was on cloud9, and said “Hey, you gotta start somewhere!” “Though it doesn’t look like it, this moment is huge for us”.

This was big, as she determined their first plan of action. And Nikki said, “to get that sex dungeon that Chris and I have talked so much about”. 

So what next…?

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