Ryan Breslow Net Worth 2023: Entrepreneur, Investor, Bolt (Updated)

 What Is Ryan Breslow’s Net Worth? (Recent Reports)

Net Worth$1.1 Billion
Age29 years
BirthplaceMiami, Florida
Source of WealthEntrepreneur, Co-founder and chairman and Investor
Last Updated2023

Ryan Breslow is an entrepreneur from the United States. As of May 2023, he has a personal net worth of $1.1 Billion.

He is best known as the co-founder and chairman of Bolt, a firm that specializes in one-click checkout technology.

He also co-founded Eco, a digital cryptocurrency platform, co-founder of Love, a crypto pharmaceutical firm, and founder of The Movement, a dance non-profit.

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Ryan Breslow Biography/Wikipedia/Wiki

Real NameRyan Breslow
As known as Ryan Breslow
Birth DateUnknown 
Age 29 years old
Education/ CollegeStanford University (Drop Out)
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$1.1 Billion 
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Co-founder and chairman, and Investor

How was Ryan Breslow’s Early Life and Education?

Breslow was born in 1994 in North Miami Beach, Florida, to Heather and Eric R. Breslow.

He taught himself to code in middle school using internet courses and YouTube videos.

He went to Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School.  He worked as a bag boy at the grocery store chain Publix throughout high school.

He also started an online mattress firm and built and programmed websites for companies such as a premium shopping mall and a streetwear brand backed by LeBron James.

Breslow started two community service projects: one for impoverished kids who wanted to play golf but didn’t have the funds, and the other for homeless veterans in Miami-Dade County.

In 2012, He received a financial aid scholarship to Stanford University.

How Did Ryan Breslow Start His Career?

In his first year, he co-founded the Stanford Bitcoin Group, a study collective.

In 2013, he and a classmate started working on a digital wallet that would enable Bitcoin to be used for everyday transactions. 

In 2014, Breslow dropped out of Stanford. He then concentrated on creating software that would allow consumers to make one-click purchases and shops to complete transactions.

Bolt was officially launched in 2016, after operating in secret mode for more than a year. Breslow served as CEO of the corporation.

Breslow was appointed executive chairman and then chairman of the company in January 2022.

Ryan has been a member of the Eco Board of Directors since 2018.

He launched The Movement, a non-profit that offers free dancing classes in order to make dance more widely available.

In January 2022, he founded Love.com. He is the Chairman and co-founder of Prism, as well as the Founder of Conscious.org and FourDayWeek.com.

Ryan Breslow’s Personal Life

Ryan Breslow keeps his personal life private. He is most probably single. 

Breslow lives in Miami, Florida.

How Does Ryan Breslow Make His Money?

His primary sources of income, from which he has earned $1.1 Billion, are as follows:

  • Earning as an Entrepreneur
  • Earning as a Co-founder and Chairman
  • Earning as an Investor

Ryan Breslow Social Media Profiles

Major Career Highlights

  • Breslow ranked first on the FinTech list of the Top 10 Fintech Innovators Under 30 in 2020.
  • Bolt was named to the Forbes “Fintech 50” in 2019 and ranked #64 on the Inc. 5000 in 2021.
  • He received the Northern California Entrepreneur Of The Year award in 2021.
  • In 2022, he was awarded a Forbes retail and e-commerce Allstar.
  •  In 2022, Breslow became one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires.

Success Lessons Ryan Breslow

  • Create something no one else has created.
  • Be the best in your job.


Ryan Breslow is an entrepreneur from the United States. He is best known as the co-founder and chairman of Bolt, a company that specializes in one-click checkout technology.

He also co-founded Eco, a digital cryptocurrency platform, Love, a crypto pharmaceutical company, and The Movement, a dance non-profit.

I hope Ryan Breslow’s life has provided you with valuable insight and motivation.

As per recent updates, the net worth of Ryan Breslow is $1.1 Billion…!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of Ryan Breslow’s frequently asked questions, including his age, height, weight, girlfriend, biography, and other details…

Who is Ryan Breslow?

Ryan Breslow is the founder and Chairman of Bolt.

What is Ryan Breslow’s net worth?

Ryan Breslow is expected to have a net worth of more than $1.1 Billion.

What is Ryan Breslow’s age?

Ryan Breslow was born in 1994 and he is 29 years old.

What is Ryan Breslow’s height?

Ryan Breslow’s height is unknown.

What is Ryan Breslow’s relationship status?

Ryan Breslow is probably single. 

Where is Ryan Breslow from?

Ryan Breslow is from Miami, Florida, United States.

(PS: This is not Ryan Breslow‘s precise net worth.)

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