Rick Astley Net Worth: Bio, Age, Wiki, Wife, Singer, (Updated 2022)

What is Rick Astley’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$20 Million
Born 6 February, 1966
Age55 Years Old
Source of WealthSinger, Songwriter, Radio Personality
Last Updated2022

Rick Astley is a British professional singer, songwriter, radio personality, and musician. As of 2022, he has made an estimated net worth of $20 Million from various sources. He got famous through his association with the production trio Stock Aitken Waterman.

In 1987, recording their song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Which became the #1 hit in 25 countries. And won the best British single award by Brit Award.

In 1988, his single “Together Forever” became top in US Billboard Hot 100 and #8 in the UK singles chart.

Till his retirement in 1993, he has sold over 40 million records worldwide.


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How Was Rick Astley’s Early Life & Education?

Rick Astley’s real name is Richard Paul Astley. He was born in Newton-le-Willows in Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, on 6 February 1966. He was the fourth child among his siblings. 

He was raised by his father, as his parents got divorced when he was five years old. Later when he came to know his father kicked her mother. He started making distance from his father.

He went to St Peter’s Primary School for his initial education. He started his music at the age of 10 singing in the church choir.

Later he went to Selwyn James High School and during that time he formed and played drums in many local brands. During that time he also met David Morris, a guitarist. 

After his school, at the age of 16, he worked as a driver in his father’s gardening business and played drums at Northern Club Circuit. Specialized in covering Shadows and Beatles songs and FBI. 

During that time he has won several local talent competitions.

How Was Rick Astley’s Career?

He began his professional career in 1985, performing for a band FBI, as a drummer with his friend Morris on guitar. He became the lead vocalist with the FBI. And he was noticed by the producer Pete Waterman. 

Later he published his recording with the trio record producer Stock Aitken Waterman.

His first single was “When You Gonna” in collaboration with Lisa Carter, which was not successful.

He released his first solo single “Never Gonna Give You Up”, in 1987. Which became a super hit, topped the British chart, and became best-selling singles of the year. It brought his huge success, becoming the #1 hit in 25 countries including the US, Germany, and Australia.

For that, He has also received a BRIT Award for the best single of the year in 1988.

Her next single was “Whenever You Need Somebody“. Which was the remake of Stock Aitken Waterman’s song.

In 1987, he released his album “Whenever You Need Somebody”. Which sold 15.2 million copies worldwide. It touched #1 in the UK & Australia and number 10 in the US. 

In 1988, he released his fourth single “Together Forever”, reaching no.2 in the UK. It continued with releasing various hit singles.

In 1989, he released his second album, “Hold Me In Your Arms”, containing 5 singles. Which reached No.8 in the UK and No.19 in the US. Certified platinum in the UK and Gold in The US.

Astley released his third album “Free” in 1991 with Elton John, it has three singles and reached No.9 in the UK and No.31 in the US.

He released his next album in 1993, “Body and Soul”. The album could do anything big.

The same year he announced his retirement from music at the age of 27. And focus on taking care of his daughter Emilie.

Later he made a comeback in 2000, recording with the new album “Keep It Turned On”. He continued to release several albums and singles. And has worked with various greatest artists.

Rick Astley Personal Life

Astley is married to a film producer “Lene Bausager”. They together have a daughter “Emilie”. He and his wife currently live in the Surrey town of Molesey and Emilie lives in Denmark. 

He has a collection of guitars and maintains a home studio.

How Does Rick Astley Make Money?

Here are his main sources of income through which he has accumulated a net worth of $20 million.

  • Earnings as a singer
  • As a songwriter
  • As a musician 
  • As a radio shows
  • Tours and events
  • Endorsements

Rick Astley Social Media Profiles

Major Highlights

Here are some of the main highlights of his career.

  • Whenever You Need Somebody – 1987
  • Hold Me in Your Arms – 1988
  • Free – 1991
  • Body & Soul – 1993
  • Keep It Turned On – 2001
  • Portraits – 2005
  • 50 – 2016
  • Beautiful life – 2018
  • The Best of Me – 2019

Rick Astley Famous Quotes

“I’d been bumming around in bands since my school days.”

Rick Astley

“I started as a drummer, and now play with a back-to-basics rock band called the Luddites. I’m happiest when I’m behind the kit.”

Rick Astley


Rick Astley is an English singer, songwriter, and musician. He started his career as a drummer and now he has sold 43 million records worldwide and is continuing. 

I hope his journey has inspired you to take some action.

Also as per the recent updates, the net worth of Rick Astley is $20 million…!


Here are a few of the questions that are frequently asked, related to Rick Astley.

What age is Rick Astley?

He was born on February 6, 1966. According to his date of birth, he is 55 years old.

What country is Rick Astley from?

He is from England, United Kingdom.

Who wrote Rick Astley’s songs?

Apart from singing, he is also a songwriter. He wrote most of his songs himself. But some songwriters wrote for him, including Ian Curnow, Phil Harding, Rob Fisher, and Andrew Frampton.

What is Rick Astley’s most famous song?

He has released several famous songs, but “Never Gonna Give You Up” and “Whenever You Need Somebody” were highly successful.

Is Rick Astley Married?

Yes Rick Astley is married to a film producer Lene Bausager.

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