Top 10 Best Pooh Shiesty Songs You Will Love To Listen 2023 (Updated)

Make your ‘Icy Summer’ from ‘Monday to Sunday’ with some Shiesty Songs

Pooh Shiesty is an amazing American rapper. He has been grooving the entire world with his recent singles. His real name is Lontrell Donell Williams.

No Pooh Shiesty song went without making a big hit in the music world. Especially among rap fans! 

Pooh Shiesty was #3 on US Billboard 200. 

Considering the time of his debut (2019), he made success his everyday thing. No wonder he has got so many listeners. 

I am not a rap fan. But I am all for Pooh Shiesty songs. And I also think that despite all the fame he got, he is still underrated. 

That’s why today I have prepared a list of the 10 best Pooh Shiesty songs you must listen to. Even if you are not into rap, his singles will definitely make you feel cool and sassy.

1. Back In Blood (2021) 

Let’s start the Pooh Shiesty songs list with the recent release: Back in Blood. 

Pooh Shiesty isn’t the kind of guy you want to get into a fight with. His smash tune “Back in Blood” with Lil Durk proves the line. 

As per Shiesty, the rhythm for the track was made for him by renowned Memphis artist Moneybagg Yo’s composer.

Pooh Shiesty cautions his opponents that if he steals anything from them, they may get it back. Although not without a struggle.

The song is very much self-explanatory too. 

The rappers discuss the recent killings in their community, as well as pay respect to the late Chicago rapper King Von

2. Switch it Up (2021)

The song has been composed by Pooh Shiesty along with G Herbo and No More Heroes.

The group goes active in both negative and positive aspects of the laws. There goes a respectable effort into the video. 

They do some mild showoff all through the video. Pooh Shiesty also offers viewers a glimpse into their less-than-savory activities.

I would particularly say that this Pooh Shiesty song is quite special. Since the project’s release coincided with a series of bad points for the Memphis locals.

The rapper was arrested and jailed in the days after for two different gunshot events in Miami. 

He was even denied bail and had to remain in jail. 

3. Neighbors (2021)

The third one on the list of Pooh Shiesty songs too is composed by Big 30. This one, too, is self-explanatory. 

Over an “uptempo synth beat,” Pooh Shiesty and Big30 rap about maintaining and utilizing their firearms, as well as their affluence.

Shiesty promotes his perspective on the trap rap mainstays of planes and helicopters, racks, and work. 

They are bragging that he carries his pistol closer than a neighbor. And threatens whoever talks gangster over the net. 

4. 7.62 God (2020)

Shiesty’s “7.62 God,” is an upbeat look at his existence on the streets. 

The track has a swing to it that reminds me of Boosie BadAzz and Webbie’s golden days. 

Shiesty’s self-assurance and instinct for songwriting are refined. It felt as if his moment had always waiting to arrive.

The MV for “7.62 God” has approximately 3 million Spotify plays and has been seen over 16 million times.

5. See Red (2021)

One of my favorite songs on the master list of Pooh Shiesty songs is ‘See Red.’ So, like the rapper. 

This is the kind of song you would like to play in the car. Giving you a full-on Fast and Furious vibe. 

To be honest, if you watch the MV, you will realize he has blessed us with the ultimate visuals. 

Nobody will ever be able to ‘one-up’ Shiesty since he tends to monitor his environment and watches intently.

6. Guard Up (2021)

Pooh Shiesty is having a fun time in the video with his pool party scenarios. 

The song is hinting towards his archenemies to ‘guard up’ since he is back with more power. 

I will let the lyrics do the rest of the explanation:

“I just crossed another n***a over, tell ’em, “Guard up”

Double-tap the button upon the key, the car gon’ startup

I lost some members at a early age, it left me scarred up

Chopper gang, the bands and sticks and drums when we march up”

7. Murder Skool (2021)

In “Murder Skool,” Pooh Shiesty sneaks in with a smooth banger. 

The 1017 group has evolved into a strong unit, yet the army is led by Pooh Shiesty. 

Amidst a worldwide epidemic, the rapper has had a huge measure of luck over the last year.

Shiesty uses chilling keys and menacing 808s created by FlemDawg and pablomcr to paint a gloomy picture of the neighborhoods of South Memphis.

8. Welcome to the Riches (2021)

This sassy song has been composed by Pooh Shiesty along with Lil Baby. 

“Welcome To The Riches,” is a standout from the current “Shiesty Season Spring Deluxe,” featuring Pooh Shiesty and Lil Baby.

With the first stanza, Shiesty switches to a piano and chord accompaniment. 

Lil Baby shows up for the last stanza, delivering his trademark lyrical flow and presentation.

It was just a question of time until the two rappers reunited, having originally collaborated on Big30’s “Money To Sunday.”

9. Main Slime Remix (2020)

Pooh Shiesty has composed “Main Slime Remix” along with Tay Keith and Moneybagg Yo. 

Tay Keith, who has previously collaborated with Moneybagg Yo on multiple occasions, produced the tune.

On vinyl, Pooh Shiesty and Moneybagg Yo have an excellent rapport. 

10. At It Again (2020)

The last on the Pooh Shiesty songs list is the OG one. 

Hence, I will let the lyrics do the job of describing. 

“I’m out on bail, I let them crocs catch me, won’t happen again

And I was taught to get the last lick, I gotta get revenge

Count a brick up in the bed while this hoe rubbin’ on my skin

‘Bout that dough, we get it in, just the front gleamin’, Benjamin

In the ocean on the jet ski, who thought I would level in?”


Pooh Shiesty had some ups and downs legally. But no one knows what’s the truth. Whether he was involved in the shooting cases or not stays a mystery. 

But here’s the thing. Those incidents didn’t let his spirits go down. 

2021 was the greatest year for Pooh Shiesty songs. His hard work made him the greatest and hottest rising rapper last year. 

The shooting scandals drew more attention to his art, making Shiesty Season rank #4 on the Billboard 200. 


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