Nick Uhas Net Worth: Bio, Girlfriend, Age, Earnings (Updated 2022)

What is Nick Uhas’ Net Worth?

Net Worth$1.1 Million
Born March 30, 1985
Age36 Years Old
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Source of WealthActor, Writer, Youtuber
Last Updated2021

Nick Uhas is an American Youtuber, TV Host, actor, writer. And former professional inline skater. As of 2022, he has made an estimated net worth of $1.1 million.

He got into the limelight after hosting and producing for DreamWorksTV, The Weather Channel, and Fox’s show Fablab. He was also a part of CBS’s “Big Brother 15”, an American reality TV series. 

Uhas is best known for creating science-related content that is uploaded on his Youtube and broadcast on national TV channels. He is also a founder of the brand Nickipedia.  Now he is getting popularity on TikTok.


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How Was Nick Uhas Early Life & Education?

Nick Uhas was born on March 30, 1985, in Hilliard, Ohio, US. He grew up in Hilliard and went to Hilliard Davidson High School for his studies. Where he was part of the Wrestling team. 

After his school, he and his dad took the world journey in less than 80 days. Later he attended Miami University and during his college time he pursued a career in aggressive inline skating in San Diego. 

He also participated in the North American World Championships in the Aggressive Skating Association and placed in 7th position. Later he became a professional skater and skated for Razor Skate Co, and Team Rollerblade USA.

How Did Nick Uhas Start His Career ?

He started his YouTube channel named “Nickipedia” on 3 November 2008. He began with uploading science-focused videos. His channel was unique and started growing gradually. His channel also got featured in “Buzzfeed” for his unique experiments contents. 

Later he changed his channel name to “Nick Uhas”, and has gained over 698k subscribers. He also runs some other YouTube channels such as “NickUhasNext”, and “Nick Uhas Short”. 

In June 2013, he was the participant in the 15th session of CBS’s reality TV Show Big Brother. The following year he produced and hosted a science show called “Brainstorm” for The Weather Channel in collaboration with BASE Productions. 

He has appeared on several other science experiment shows such as “The Today Show” with Karl Stefanovic, FabLab TV show, and The Dr. Oz Show. He also appeared in “America’s Got Talent”. 

He hosted a Netflix show called Blown Away. which premiered on Netflix on July 12, 2019. 

Nick has got 234k followers on Instagram and 7.3 million followers on TikTok. 

How Does Nick Uhas Make Money?

These are the major sources of income through which he has accumulated worth $1.1 million…!

  • Earnings as a YouTuber
  • Earnings through Tik Tok
  • Paid ads
  • Host
  • Tv Shows
  • Writer
  • Actor

Nick Uhas Social Media Profile

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube 
  • Twitter
  • TikTok


Nick Uhas is an American TV host, Youtuber, actor, writer, and former professional aggressive inline skater. He is best known for his science-focused content.

Also as per the recent updates, Nick Uhas Worth is $1.1 million…!


Frequently Asked Question

These are a few of the questions that are frequently asked about “Nick Uhas such as Wikipedia, marriage, worth, biography, height, Weight, and more…

What is Nick Uhas’s age?

He was born on March 30, 1985. He is 36 years old.

Where does Nick Uhas live? Where is his House?

He lives in Hilliard, Ohio, in the United States of America.

Is Nick Uhas Married? 

There is no information about his wife and personal life. 

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