Nick Eh 30 Net Worth (Updated)

What is Nick Eh 30’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$4 million
Date of BirthMarch 14, 1995
Age26 Years
Birth PlaceNova Scotia, Canada
OccupationYoutuber, Gamer 
Last Updated2022

Nick Eh 30 is a popular Canadian YouTube channel launched in 2014, created by Nicholas Amyoony, which has 6.32 million subscribers. His current net worth is approx $4 million. He is best known for his Fortnite Gameplay.

His content is mainly about gaming which also includes funny & epic moments, montages, tips & tricks, top 10s, reactions, reviews, let’s plays, playthroughs, gameplay, and many more.

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Early Life & Education

Nick Eh 30’s real name is Nicholas Amyoony. He was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on March 14, 1995. Information about his parents or siblings is still not available on his socials. He is of Lebanese descent.

He has shared various images of him in his high school, Prince Andrew High School. After graduating from high school he wanted to become a doctor and enrolled in Dalhousie University.

However, he was unable to maintain his grades as he started playing video games during his college years and started his Youtube Channel.  


During Nick’s pre-med years in college, he started uploading video game content to his YouTube channel. Nicholas wanted to become a YouTuber because of which he took a year off from the University. Fortnite was released during this time Nick made the most of this. Apart from uploading videos he also began live streaming on YouTube.

Nісk began hіѕ YоuТubе career as a gаmеr. He started with a series called “Тhе Lаѕt Оf Uѕ”. Не also got plenty of viewership from his МLG раrоdіеѕ and funny mоmеntѕ vіdеоѕ. Nick also released “Uncharted 4” аnd “Rеѕіdеnt Еvil 7” vіdеоѕ in 2016. 

Nісk became quite famous when he received a shoutout from PewDiePie, one of the most subscribed channels on Youtube. Nick went from 15К tо 24К subscribers in a short period.

Nick recently signed an exclusive contract with Twitch and has begun streaming on the platform, since September 2020. Where he has gained 3.7 million followers, he also does live streaming every day. 

Personal Life

Nick 30 Eh has kept his personal life quite private and we continue to remain in the dark about his past or present relationships.

How Does Nick Eh 30 Make Money?

His major sources of Income are:

  • Earnings from Twitch streaming
  • Earnings from Youtube
  • Sponsorships
  • Gaming 
  • Brand Deals
  • Fan Donations
  • Merch

Nick has over 3.7 million followers on his Twitch channel and over 6.32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he uploads about twice per week. 

Nick Eh 30 Social Media Accounts

Nick Eh 30 Biography/ Wikipedia

Full name / Real NameNicholas Teddy Amyoony
Channel NameNick Eh 30
Birth DateMarch 14, 1995
Age26 Years
Height5 feet 6 inches, 170cm
Weight78 kg, 174 lbs
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girlfriend NA
Worth/ salary/ Income$4 million
ProfessionYoutuber, Gamer


Nick Eh 30 is a famous Canadian YouTube channel launched in 2014, by Nicholas Amyoony, which has 6.32 million subscribers. He is best known for playing Fortnite video games, creating YouTube videos, and Twitch Streaming.

I hope you found his story inspiring. And following some of these tactics to apply in your endeavour. 

Also as per the recent updates, the net worth of Nick Eh 30 is $4 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions of Nick Eh 30 such as biography, age, height, weight, wife, etc…!

Who is Nick Eh 30?

Nick Eh 30 also goes by the name Nicholas Amyoony is a famous Youtuber and Gamer, who has 6.07 million subscribers on Youtube. Since September 2020, has also started live streaming on Twitch.

What is Nick Eh 30(Nicholas Amyoony) Net worth?

Nick Eh 30 has a net worth of $4 million as of now. He earns from his Twitch live streams, Youtube ads, his merch, fan donations, etc. 

How old is Nick Eh 30?

Nick Eh 30 is 26 years old. He was born on 14 March 1995 and his zodiac sign is Pisces.

How tall is Nick Eh 30?

Nick Eh 30 is 5 foot 6 inches or 170 cm tall.

Who is Nick Eh 30 dating?

Nick Eh 30 is currently single and isn’t dating anyone as of 2022.

What is Nick Eh 30’s salary?

Nick Eh 30 makes around $1.4 million per year from YouTube.

How Much Money Does Nick Eh 30 Make from YouTube?

The Estimated amount of money Nick Eh 30 makes from YouTube is around $6,400 per day ($2.4 million a year) including ads. 

Please Note: This is not the exact net worth of Nick 30 Eh. It may vary according to time. It is the estimated worth collected from various web sources

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